03/11/96 Vivienne Tries To Get Taylor Help

"Edmund planned a night out with Maria to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the occasion completely slipped Maria's mind. Mateo showing up and telling his big sister that Julia had made contact put even more on Maria's plate. Edmund and Maria finally managed to go out, leaving Sam under the watchful eye of one of the housekeepers. Nervous and wanting to be sure that everything was A-Okay, Maria placed a phone call to Wildwind to see how Sam was doing. Kelsey answered the phone and made Maria believe that the baby was totally miserable and to make him cry, she pulled the pacifier from his mouth so Maria would hear a frantic baby and rush home. Taylor overheard her mother's phone call to Dr. Clader and knew that she had to get her mother out of her hair. Vivienne told Taylor that going to see a mental health profession would help her immensely. Taylor put on an act and asked her mother to help pack her suitcase so she could get ready to travel to a mental hospital. But when V had her back turned, Taylor stole one of her mother's credit cards and slipped Louie's gun into her suitcase and tried to sneak off. Vivienne caught her in the middle of her escape and tried to wrestle the suitcase away, causing the suitcase to open up and expose the gun in the process. When Liza heard how Tad wanted her job, she stormed over to Tad and Dixie's to lash back. Dixie had just been talking about how "vulnerable" Liza was now when Liza hit the fan. Liza told Tad that he'd be sorry if he even thought about trying to steal her job. So much for that kinder, gentler Liza, huh? Liza returned to the studio and told Adam that he cannot get rid of her because she has yet to turn up the heat and show what she can really do. Noah carried a fallen Julia back to Corinne who said that she could help Julia with some herbs and potions. Julia refused, saying that it might harm the baby. With the cat out of the bag, Julia had to go on and tell Noah about how she might be pregnant. Corinne came under fire for what Noah and Julia consider her "hocus pocus," but Corinne said that she does have a gift and can prove it. But she also warned that trouble was coming to the island and it would seek out Julia."

- Soap Central