1993 Brooke Gets Caught In Quicksand

"Tom worries that Brooke may be protesting too much about her wonderful marriage. Brooke is fine with Dixie working with Ted, and therefore, by extension with Tad as long as Tad comes home to her. Dixie learns that Brooke is seeing a fertility doctor, and Brooke gloats that she and Tad are anxious to have another baby. Brooke then gets hammered back when she witnesses a smooch between Edmund and Maria. Brooke goes to Myrtle's dress shop, and sees a for sale sign in the window. Brooke decides to investigate Willow Lake Acres." - AMCthroughtheyears

"Edmund hides in the closet of Giles Westfall's hotel room as Brooke interviews him about Willow Lake Acres, but Giles claims he doesn't want to go on the record with Tempo because of confidentiality of his clients. Brooke heads up to Willow Lake to further investigate and ends up in quicksand." - AMCthroughtheyears

"As Brooke sinks in quicksand, she cries out for Edmund, even through she knows she is alone. Edmund, who followed Brooke up to Willow Lake, hears her desperate call, and comes to her rescue. As Brooke comes out of the quicksand, she falls into Edmund's loving arms, but by the time they make it back to Aunt Phoebe's cabin, they are screaming at each other. When Brooke suddenly realizes the fear that Edmund must have felt, she apologizes and thanks Edmund for saving her life. Edmund suggests that Brooke pull herself together before calling home. After cleaning up, Brooke and Edmund discuss Giles Westfall and Willow Lake Arces. Brooke wants to work together, but Edmund tells her that isn't possible because he would want to hold, kiss and make love to her like he does right now. Tad walks in the door." - AMCthroughtheyears