06/19/13 JR plays Prince Charming

"At the hospital, Jesse, Zach, and Lea congregated outside of Cassandra's hospital room. Jesse was upset about everything that his daughter had gone through. Lea wondered how Cassandra, with no money or resources, had made her way to Jesse's house, but Jesse acted as if he had no clue about how it had happened.

Lea and Zach went to Jesse's place. Lea checked the front door but found no signs of forced entry. She asked if Zach thought Cassandra had used a key or had been in any condition to arrive there on her own. Zach asked if Lea thought someone had dumped Cassandra there.

Lea doubted the Koslovs would leave witnesses lying about, so she wondered who else would have dumped Cassandra off. Zach concluded that it had to have been someone who'd benefit from Uri's death. Zach noted that he'd been with Lea the whole time, so she'd have to look somewhere else for Uri's killer.

Back at the hospital, Dixie, Angie, and Jesse spoke to Dr. Anders about the long road ahead for Cassandra, who'd have to detoxify and undergo therapy. Anders didn't think it was wise for Dixie to be on the case, but Dixie asserted that her relationship with the family would benefit everyone involved.

Anders explained that they'd have to run a battery of tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, but Cassandra was lucky not to have suffered any broken bones or vaginal tearing, which was common in sex trafficking cases. Dixie advised getting Cassandra into therapy as soon as possible, and Angie wondered if her daughter would ever be the same.

Angie went into Cassandra's room, and as Jesse left to make a call, he ran into David, who asked if he could check on Cassandra. Jesse thoughtfully nodded and thanked David for saving Cassandra's life. Nodding, David entered Cassandra's room, and Angie thanked God that David had found Cassandra.

In another part of the corridor, Jesse called Uri and said he could kill Uri for what he'd done to Cassandra. Uri replied that he'd expected gratitude for delivering Cassandra home. Jesse asserted that he was ready to tell the Feds everything. Uri suggested that Jesse rethink that for his family's sake.

Uri relayed that Frankie and Randi had gone out to dinner the other night, and Randi had looked lovely in pink. Uri also remarked that Natalia and Brot were outstanding police officers, working their ways up in the ranks. Uri figured that Natalia and Randi could make him tons of money. Jesse called Uri a "bastard," but Uri advised Jesse to never forget that Uri owned him.

At the nurses' station, Dixie asked Anders what his problem was with her being on the Hubbard case. Anders murmured that she was close to the family. She guessed he thought she couldn't be objective, and she insisted that she merely wanted to help the family heal.

Anders asked if Dixie were married, and she said she was engaged. "Ah. How nice," Anders responded. He noted in Cassandra's file that Dixie was the therapist on record and remarked that Dixie had been highly recommended. Dixie asked if he'd checked up on her.

Ignoring the question, Anders said Cassandra would need a lot of therapy. Dixie reasoned that was why she and Anders needed to work closely together. She asked if he could do that, and he stiffly responded that he looked forward to working with her. Dixie stared at him with confusion as he left.

In Cassandra's room later, Angie comforted Cassandra as she sobbed and told her mother and Dixie about the pills and the injections that her captors had forced upon her. Cassandra said she was sorry, and they'd forced her to do things. Angie replied that Cassandra had nothing to be sorry for.

Jessie, Lea, and Zach entered, and Cassandra cried that her captors had been about to ship her somewhere. She said that she'd heard Jesse's voice, and she'd known that she'd be okay. Angie flashed a questioning look at her husband.

At Cortlandt Manor, Opal opened her door to find Gretchen Seager, a realtor, on the doorstep. A client of Gretchen's wanted Opal's house and was prepared to pay a hefty sum for it. Surprised, Opal said it was her family home, and it wasn't for sale. Gretchen began to speak, but Opal shut the door.

On the set of Talk Tempo, Brooke introduced Celia to Dimitri and suggested that Dimitri take Celia on as an intern. Celia jumped at the chance to take the position but then murmured that her guardian probably wouldn't let her take it. Dimitri doubted the guardian would deny Celia the opportunity. "You'd be surprised," Brooke replied, but she offered to work on it for Celia and Dimitri.

As Dimitri, Celia, and Brooke prepared for their interview with David, Pete and Opal arrived. Brooke was surprised to see Pete because her interview was with David. Remarking that David was his partner, Pete asserted that he was there to make sure the show's desire for ratings didn't wind up sliming his company. He refused to let his business be a casualty of people's grudges against David.

Dimitri introduced himself to Pete and said that, though Palmer and Dimitri hadn't seen eye-to-eye on many things, he'd respected Palmer. Dimitri conveyed that Brooke was only interested in the truth. Though Pete respected Brooke, he felt that the truth could be tricky. Dimitri stated that it was Pete's problem to learn how to deal with that.

Elsewhere, Celia retrieved some interview notes and encountered Opal, who asked how Celia was faring after the breakup with Pete. Opal said that it'd be hard, but Celia had to let Pete go. Opal added that at least Pete wasn't leaving Celia alone in a drafty mansion as he was doing to Opal.

Celia asked if Pete was returning to California. Opal said he was moving across town to a loft near Cortlandt because he needed his privacy for entertaining. Celia frowned and turned to leave with the notes for Brooke, but Opal offered to take them because she was headed into the studio.

Opal strode on-set and beamed with excitement to see Brooke in her talk show setting. Opal was even more excited to see Dimitri, who she said was as heart-stopping as ever. Opal plied him with questions, and laughing, Dimitri hugged her and said it was good to see her.

Opal figured that Erica would spitting mad that she'd missed Dimitri. Opal explained that last she'd heard, Erica had been on a plane to an exotic location, and no one knew when Erica would return.

Opal invited Dimitri and Alex to dinner. Dimitri accepted but said it would just be him. "You're single?" Opal stammered. Brooke sternly said that Dimitri was in Pine Valley to serve as her executive producer. Opal exclaimed that it was the best news she'd heard in a dog's day, and she hugged him.

Later, Opal was standing nearby when Pete and Celia encountered each other. Celia mentioned that she'd heard he was moving, and Pete said he needed to be closer to the business. She quipped that a grown boy needed his privacy for entertaining, and she was glad that he was having so much fun. Pete wondered why she'd care after breaking up with him.

When Celia strode off, Pete sprang from his seat to ask Opal if she'd told Celia that he'd wanted his own place so he could entertain. Opal said Celia had connected the dots herself, but he could prove it wrong by not moving out. Pete said that no one could take care of him like his mother, but his loft had everything he needed. Kissing Opal's cheek, he said it was almost as good as living with his mother.

Pete strode off, and Opal called someone to say she'd changed her mind about the matter they'd discussed earlier.

After the call, Opal found Pete and asked if he were upset with her for talking to Celia. Pete asked if Opal had told Celia about Colby. Opal promised she hadn't mentioned Colby but hoped Pete wouldn't date her. Pete replied that Colby was just a friend, but Celia was different. Opal asked if he were over Celia. "Totally," he replied in an unconvincing tone.

Outside the cafe later, Celia apologized to Evelyn for being late, and Evelyn asked if Celia was okay. Celia murmured that she'd seen Pete, but she added that, on the bright side, Brooke had offered Celia an internship with the talk show. Evelyn thought it was very exciting, but Celia figured that her guardian would find reasons to forbid it. Evelyn believed that the job was best for Celia and promised to convince the guardian of it.

At Opal's house, Gretchen welcomed Billy Clyde to his new home. She was amazed that the owner had decided to sell. As she handed Billy Clyde the paperwork, she asked if he wanted her to negotiate a better deal because he was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over market value for it. Billy Clyde replied that it was quite all right because he was still richer than God.

At the Chandler mansion, JR pulled out some steroids but hid them when Cara entered. Cara was fired up because JR was pushing himself too hard in his workouts. JR promised to take it easy, but he said that he was still determined to get back to work as soon as possible.

Cara's mother text-messaged Cara a picture of Oliver on the beach. Cara instantly smiled. She wished she could have just one hour with Oliver because he knew how to make things better. JR figured that Oliver had gotten that from Cara, his mother. Grinning, Cara suggested that she and JR take a walk.

As Cara and JR strode by the cafe later, JR remarked that Oliver and Cara had to miss each other. Cara said she didn't have a choice because she couldn't risk David learning that Oliver was alive. JR cited that she was losing time with Oliver that she'd never get back. She sadly stated that it was what it was.

Cara ducked into Jane's Addiction to get some brownies for Oliver's next care package. JR whipped out his phone and made a call to ask someone to do him a favor.

When Cara and JR returned to the mansion, Cara wished JR could meet her son. She saw an envelope on the table, and handing it to JR, she said it was for him. JR replied that it was actually for her. While she opened it, he said that she and her son couldn't go to each other, but they could meet at an amusement park.

Cara gasped, looking at the tickets inside the envelope, and JR said the Chandler jet was ready to travel. Cara replied that it was too much for her to accept, but he said she had to because it was for Oliver. Cara called JR incredible, but he said he'd merely known that she missed her son. With a hug, she thanked JR."

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