06/17/13 Billy Clyde gets a makeover of a lifetime

"Billy Clyde thanked a tailor for meeting him in his hotel room, and the tailor replied that he'd made an exception, since Billy Clyde had mentioned Palmer's name. Billy Clyde revealed that he needed some "fancy-ass duds," but the tailor huffed that he catered to an exclusive clientele, and Billy Clyde bragged that he was moving up in terms of exclusivity. The tailor directed Billy Clyde to a department store, but Billy Clyde insisted upon having the same kind of custom suits that Palmer had worn. Billy Clyde ordered the tailor to get the fitting started.

Billy Clyde pressed the tailor to reveal details about how Palmer had lived his life, but the tailor replied that his clients valued their privacy. Billy Clyde pointed out that Palmer was "in the bosom of Abraham," and he continued to push for specifics about what Palmer had preferred to eat and drink. The tailor haughtily stated that Palmer had been a gentleman with sophistication and impeccable taste. Billy Clyde thanked the tailor for his insight, and the tailor handed Billy Clyde a quote for a single suit. The tailor asked if Billy Clyde needed time to think about it, but Billy Clyde presented the tailor with an envelope stuffed with cash and ordered a half-dozen suits, one of which he needed by that evening.

A sleeping Celia dreamed about kissing Pete, but she saw the creepy man, and she screamed. Heather rushed in and woke Celia up. Celia confided that she had also seen the man when she had been awake, and he had appeared out of nowhere but had suddenly vanished. Celia feared that she was losing her mind, and she divulged that she had researched that other people had experienced similar visions.

Heather mentioned that she had studied hallucinatory visions in psychology class, and she questioned whether Celia had seen the man during stressful situations. Celia estimated that her visions had started around the time she'd begun dating Pete, and Heather theorized that Celia was freaked out about what Pete expected from her. Celia grumbled that she had been worried for nothing, because Pete was already getting it from someone else.

Pete and Colby woke up together, and she struggled to find a word to describe the night before. He called it mind-blowing, overwhelming, and staggering, and she agreed with all three adjectives. She purred that it was funny that she wasn't tired yet, and she kissed him passionately. Pete remarked that Colby had learned a lot in Paris, and they continued to frolic in bed. Opal was shocked when she entered to drop off some coffee for Pete.

Colby seductively noted that Pete was already up, and Opal turned away in disgust. Pete said that he'd be down in a few minutes, and Colby instructed Opal to leave the coffee. Opal testily inquired whether there was anything else she could get for Colby, and Colby requested organic strawberries. Opal told her to hurry back to the Chandler mansion for them. Opal exited, and Colby teased Pete for being afraid that he'd be grounded. Colby realized that he was just as turned on as she was, and they kissed.

JR worked out in the Chandler living room, and AJ asked if Miranda was downstairs yet. JR offered to make them breakfast, but AJ replied that he and Miranda were going to Jane's Addiction. AJ hesitantly requested that JR give him the steroids back, and JR recalled that AJ had told him to get rid of them. AJ said that he needed to return the drugs, but JR claimed that he had thrown them out.

AJ explained that the teammate who had given him the steroids was "being a prick about it," and JR demanded to know the kid's name. AJ balked, but he eventually admitted that it had been Kyle. JR recognized the name as one of AJ's childhood friends, and he couldn't believe that Kyle was using, but AJ responded that everyone was. Miranda descended the stairs, and she and AJ left.

A man named Randy entered the mansion, looking for Colby, and JR informed him that she wasn't home. Randy said that he'd wait, and JR reported that Colby wasn't answering her phone, but he'd let her know that Randy had stopped by. Randy insisted upon staying until she got back, and he plopped down on the couch. JR claimed that Colby wouldn't be back, but Randy refused to leave, because Colby had taken something of his, and he wasn't leaving until he got it back.

Colby tried to sneak out, but Opal caught her and demanded to know what she was up to. Colby swore that she wasn't working an angle, but Opal noted how quickly Colby had wormed her way into Pete's bed. Opal remembered when Colby wouldn't give Pete the time of day, and she suspected that Colby's feelings had changed since Pete had become a hotshot with a fat wallet. Opal accused Colby of trying to jump on the Cortlandt gravy train, and Colby barked that Opal had done exactly that when Opal had attached herself to Palmer. JR called Colby and informed her that Randy was there.

Colby returned home and dragged Randy into the foyer, where she threw cash at him and ordered him out. He warned that it been a stupid move for her and her "boy toy" to hit up Randy's stash, and he left. JR entered and inquired whether Randy's visit had been connected to the $20,000 Colby had requested earlier. She snapped that it wasn't any of his business, because he'd let Brooke roll over him and take control of everything. JR argued that he was doing everything he could to get up to speed, but Colby snapped that he wasn't doing it fast enough, and she'd only listen to him once he found "the balls to stand up to that bitch."

Pete showed Opal an online photo of some loft apartments across from Cortlandt Electronics, and he said that he was thinking about renting one, since he would be staying in Pine Valley longer than he'd expected. Opal argued that Cortlandt Manor was his home, but he asserted that he was too old to share a place with her forever. Opal promised to respect his privacy the next time he was with Colby, but he said that it wouldn't happen again. Opal mentioned Celia, but Pete remarked that things were over between them. Opal expressed relief, because she thought Celia had a dark aura, and she revealed that a hug from Celia had sent a shiver up her spine. Opal advised Pete to steer clear of Celia.

Miranda and AJ met Celia and Heather at Jane's Addiction, and Heather excitedly mentioned that she had the same Velvet Underground shirt that AJ was wearing. Heather and AJ gushed over the band's music, and Heather asked Miranda what her favorite Velvet Underground album was, but Miranda wasn't familiar with the group. AJ asked whether Heather would like to see Lou Reed at his next concert in Philadelphia, and he suggested that Heather swing by his house to listen to some tracks that weren't available online.

While on their way to school, Miranda noted that AJ had invited Heather over, and he asked if it had been weird that he had done so. Miranda remarked that Heather was nice and totally into him, but AJ hadn't thought about Heather in that way. Miranda questioned why not, because Heather was smart and funny, and AJ added that Heather was hot and had excellent taste in music. He thanked Miranda for having his back, but she was clearly not thrilled about AJ and Heather's growing closeness.

Angie arrived at the police station, worried because she'd been unable to reach Jesse. She asked an officer if something had happened to Cassandra, and he reported that Jesse had been out looking for Cassandra all night. He added that Jesse had vowed not to return until he'd found her. Meanwhile, Jesse anxiously checked his phone, and he crumpled onto a bench in exasperation.

Cassandra remained motionless on the floor. David arrived at the Hubbard home, and he found the front door ajar. He discovered Cassandra, and he checked for a pulse and dialed 9-1-1 to report a possible heroin overdose.

Jesse returned to the police station, and Angie figured that he was ready to drop, but he wanted to grab some coffee and continue the search. An officer rushed in and told Jesse to listen to the police radio, and they heard David's voice on the 9-1-1 call. Meanwhile, David performed CPR and begged Cassandra to stay with him. The ambulance arrived, and David explained what had happened. One of the paramedics felt for Cassandra's pulse, and another told David to step back.

David said that he was a physician, and he noticed the track marks on Cassandra's arm. Angie and Jesse raced in, and David recounted how he'd found Cassandra. Angie tried to go to Cassandra's side, but Jesse held her back as the paramedics worked on Cassandra. Cassandra regained consciousness, and Angie assured her that Angie was right there. An EMT told Angie that she couldn't ride with Cassandra in the ambulance. "I am not leaving my child!" Angie bellowed.

Lea heard the door to Zach's hotel room open, and she burst in from her adjoining room with a gun. He indicated that he had only ordered room service. Over breakfast, Zach was surprised to learn that Lea had never been to a hockey game. She inquired what else he enjoyed besides watching grown men on skates, and he admired what she was wearing. She asked if his wife was a hockey fan, and he clarified that Kendall was his ex-wife.

Lea mentioned that she'd just learned that Kendall was Erica Kane's daughter, and she asked why Zach and Kendall had split. Zach clammed up, but he ultimately revealed that what had happened to Cassandra had almost happened to his sons, and Kendall had rightly thought that he'd put his family in danger. Lea realized that Zach still loved Kendall, and she observed that he seemed a little tense. She urged him to talk, and she assumed that it had been a tough breakup.

Zach stated that all breakups were rough, but Lea thought that they weren't hard if the people involved had stopped loving one another. He questioned whether she was speaking from experience, and she wouldn't give him a straight answer about whether she had been in love before. Zach complained that Lea had pushed him to talk about his private life, but she wouldn't discuss hers. She asserted that he was under investigation, and she agreed to drop the subject, but he thought that she was covering up something big. Lea received a call, and she reported that Cassandra had been found.

The paramedics rushed Cassandra to the hospital, and Angie tried to enter Cassandra's room, but the doctor refused to let her in. Joe intervened, and he advised Angie to wait. Joe assured her that Dr. Anders was the top doctor in his field, but Angie pleaded that her daughter needed her. David assured Angie that he'd known Dr. Anders for years, and he would trust with his own child in the doctor's hands. Angie calmed down, and she gazed through the window at Cassandra.

Dr. Anders announced that Cassandra was breathing on her own, but her recovery had a long way to go. Angie wanted to see Cassandra, and the doctor allowed her and Jesse to go in. Angie held Cassandra, who murmured that the men had done hurtful things to her. Angie assured Cassandra that they couldn't hurt her anymore, and she promised that they never would again."

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