05/06/13 AJ Comforts Miranda

"Jesse paced nervously back and forth waiting for his phone to ring. Zach coldly told Jesse that Cassandra's abduction had nothing to do with ransom or Jesse's position on the police force. Jesse demanded answers, prompting Zach to grab Jesse and tell him that it was "not about a kidnapping."

Some time passed, and Jesse made a few phone calls. His face was ashen as he confirmed that what Zach had told him was true: the Koslovs dealt in human trafficking. Zach urged Jesse to tell Angie was had happened, but Jesse remained hopeful that Cassandra would be quickly found and that Angie would not need to be told.

Later, Jesse made another phone call to get some assistance in finding Cassandra. He was furious when the person on the other end of the line declined to help, stating that the FBI was handling the matter.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie pulled Cara aside and prepared to break the news to her that David had been released from jail. Angie was more than a little surprised when Cara interrupted and stated that she'd already seen David. Cara added that she was "baffled" by Angie's constant defense of David. Angie quickly dispelled any notion that she was blind to David's past misdeeds. Angie pleaded with Cara to remember that Cara wasn't the only one who had lost a child -- David had, too. "He can find his own way forward," Cara snapped, stating that she refused to be any part of David's closure on the matter.

When things calmed down, Cara asked if it would be possible for her to find a more permanent position within the hospital. It had been Cara's plan to leave Pine Valley, but one of her patients, Mackenzie, was not responding to chemotherapy, and Cara wanted to stick around until the patient's condition improved. Angie offered to see what she could do. A nurse appeared and alerted Dr. Hubbard to an incident in JR Chandler's room.

Dixie walked into JR's room and found David towering over JR with his hands on JR's neck. "Get your hands off of him," Dixie screamed. As Dixie accused David of trying to kill JR, David issued a torrent of denials. When Angie and Cara arrived in the room, David insisted that he was checking JR's carotid pulse. Cara quickly noted that there was no reason for David to be checking JR's pulse because JR was not one of his patients. David sighed deeply and said that JR's hand had moved, and, with a tone of disappointment, David suggested that JR might be emerging from his coma.

Angie cleared the room, but she was unable to properly examine JR over the drone of David and Dixie arguing outside in the hallway. Dixie placed a phone call to Jesse and demanded that he head to the hospital and arrest David for violating the terms of his parole.

In her room at Bramwood Hall, Celia prepared for her date with Pete. Before leaving, she tucked the iPad he'd given her under her mattress so that no one would see it.

Later, as Celia and Pete drank coffee, Celia worried about having sneaked out. "That's the best part about rules -- breaking them," Pete replied with a laugh. Despite enjoying Pete's company, Celia said that she felt bad for lying to Evelyn, the woman who had been like a mother to her. Celia's voice grew soft as she revealed that both of her parents had been killed in a car accident when she was just a child.

Pete pressed for details about Celia's mysterious guardian, but Celia had little to offer. She explained that she'd never met her guardian, spoken to him, or even seen a picture of him. As for her parents, Celia smiled and said she kept photos of them in a locket. Celia panicked when she realized that her locket had broken and that one of the halves was missing. Pete explained that he'd found the piece of the locket after their first meeting and had it safely put away for her.

After their date, Celia returned to her room, fighting a smile, and she looked at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, an older man appeared behind her. Celia gasped and flipped on the lights to her room, but when she turned around, the man was nowhere to be seen. Celia slowly slid down the wall to the floor, her eyes darting nervously around the room.

As Hunter lay on the floor of the coffeehouse, AJ hovered over him, taunting him. Hunter vowed that AJ had messed with the wrong guy. The two young men were set to tangle again, but Jane stepped between them and ordered them to stand down. AJ turned to check on Miranda, but she had run off.

Jane nabbed one of the teenager's phones and watched the video playback of the altercation and the events leading up to it. Jane quickly realized that every one of the amassed teens had known what was going to take place in her establishment. "What the hell's wrong with you?" she asked the group of about a dozen teens. Since Sally was 18 and Miranda was still a minor, Jane threatened to ban from her coffeehouse anyone who even thought of posting a video of the incident on the Internet. Jane also threatened to call the teens' parents and the police, if necessary.

AJ found Miranda alone on a bench, crying. Miranda rolled her eyes upon seeing her friend and told him to get his "I told you so's" out of the way. "The whole school thinks I'm a freak... just like my mom," she sobbed. AJ reminded Miranda they she and he were "the good guys," and he argued that Bianca was one of the coolest moms he knew. AJ pulled Miranda close and comforted her.

Back at Jane's Addiction, Bianca was somewhat shocked to see Zach. They exchanged pleasantries, with Bianca revealing that Gabby was "growing like a weed" and had Zach's eyes. Zach asked about Kendall, and Bianca admitted that Kendall didn't get back to Pine Valley very often since Kendall and Zach divorced. "She is determined to move on with her life," Bianca stated.

Zach insisted that he wanted Kendall to be happy, but wished that it would include him. Bianca noted that it wasn't easy for Kendall to leave town, and urged Zach to move on with his life the way that Kendall had. Jane walked over to talk to Bianca, and Zach said that he had to be going. Jane decided that she needed to tell Bianca what had happened earlier in the day.

Zach left the coffeehouse for a meeting with a somewhat disheveled young man. Zach bluntly noted that the man owed his casino a large sum of money. Despite the somewhat veiled threat, the man said that he didn't have any information for Zach. Zach pressed for information about the Russian mob, but the man didn't blink. He then told Zach that it he wouldn't risk his life by divulging any information that he might know. The man then scurried away.

At Chandler Mansion, AJ arranged for Miranda to spend the night. AJ left his room briefly to send Bianca a text message informing her that Miranda would be spending the night. Alone in the room, Miranda started ripping apart the clothes that she had been wearing.

Later, the two teens lay atop AJ's bed, discussing what had happened. Miranda feared that she'd be the laughingstock at school. AJ assured her that it would pass and reminded her of an unfortunate incident he'd had with a zipper. He chuckled slightly as he recalled the numerous testicle jokes he'd had to endure. As a smile crept across Miranda's face, the door to the bedroom opened, and Bianca appeared.

AJ excused himself so that Miranda and Bianca could talk. Miranda tore into her mother, saying that she'd sought refuge at the Chandler Mansion because she didn't want to see Bianca. Miranda continued, saying that what had happened at the coffeehouse had been all Bianca's fault. Bianca was taken aback and asked for an explanation. Miranda accused her mother of putting her through the same things that Bianca had been forced to endure as the daughter of Erica Kane. "Instead of having Pine Valley's most famous celebrity as my mother, I got Pine Valley's most famous lesbian," Miranda snarled.

Bianca was dumbfounded and asked Miranda where her anger was coming from. Miranda accused Bianca of over-presenting her homosexuality and asked if Bianca had ever thought about how other people would be impacted by her being a lesbian. Bianca struggled to find a response and ultimately decided that it would be best for her to leave before she said or did something that she'd regret.

Back at the hospital, when Jesse arrived, he reminded David that per the terms of his parole, David was to remain at least 100 yards away from JR at all times.

A short time later, Angie exited JR's room and said that she'd seen no signs that indicated David had been trying to kill JR. She also admitted that there was no indication that JR was emerging from his coma. Dixie continued to press for David's arrested, but Angie reminded everyone that they had all done things that they were not proud of. Jesse agreed not to haul David to the police station, prompting Angie to turn to her former colleague and warn him, "Don't make me regret this." David smiled smugly and offered Angie advice on a course of action for JR. Angie shot David an icy glare and headed back into JR's room.

In the locker room, Cara placed a call to an unknown person with an update that she would not be able to get away from Pine Valley as soon as she'd hoped. "It's breaking my heart to stay away," she stated,

Elsewhere in the hospital, David was skulking about the corridor outside JR's room, unaware that Angie had her eye on him. Inside JR's room, his monitoring devices started to beep loudly as JR opened his eyes."

- Dan J Kroll