05/02/13 David Threatens JR

"AJ knocked on the door to his bedroom, and Miranda requested his help from the other side. He entered and found Miranda on the bed, wearing only unbuttoned jeans and a bra. She complained that she didn't have anything to wear on her date with Hunter, and Brooke had allowed her to raid Colby's closet. AJ helped Miranda wiggle into a pair of Colby's old jeans, and Miranda asked if she looked hot enough for Hunter. AJ grumbled that Hunter would pick up anything with a pulse, but Miranda wanted AJ's honest input. AJ assured her that she looked hot, and Miranda asked him to help her select a top.

Miranda tried on shirts, and AJ warned her not to get into trouble on her date with a "walking man ho." AJ visibly reacted to seeing her in a skimpy halter top, and he noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. He forbade her from wearing the top on her date, and Miranda jokingly thanked "Sister AJ" for his advice. AJ said that the trailer park called and wanted their trash back, and Miranda angrily replied that it was the meanest thing he'd ever said to her. AJ apologized, but he didn't want Hunter to think that Miranda would put out on the first date.

Miranda wondered if AJ was trying to ruin her first date, but AJ contended that he and Miranda had been on millions of dates. AJ looked disappointed when she referred to the time they'd spent together as "just hanging out." Bianca arrived, and she mentioned that Miranda had wanted AJ's stamp of approval. Bianca looked Miranda over and asked if her daughter could breathe in the tight jeans. Miranda swore that she could, and Bianca was glad, because she thought that Miranda looked awesome.

Bianca presented Miranda with a new blouse, and Miranda loved it. AJ gave the shirt a thumbs-up, and he noted that it matched Miranda's eyes. Miranda hugged Bianca and called her a lifesaver, and as Miranda left to change, Bianca ordered her to put on a bra. AJ expressed his gratitude for the save, and Bianca departed.

Miranda emerged after she'd changed back into her bra, and she freaked out because Hunter had just sent her a text message to inform her that he was running early. AJ suggested that Hunter pick her up at the Chandler mansion, and Miranda thanked him for the idea. AJ swore that he hadn't meant his earlier comment about the trailer trash, and Miranda remarked that even when she hated AJ, she still loved him. They hugged.

Celia returned to the Chandler mansion, and Brooke informed her that Pete had retrieved the file. Celia seemed unenthused, and Brooke asked what was wrong. Celia revealed that her guardian didn't want Celia to associate with the people at the Miranda Center, and her guardian would cut her off if she continued to work there. Celia didn't feel right leaving Brooke, but Brooke assured Celia that she'd been a big help. Celia proclaimed that she was 18 and that she could make her own decisions, and she wanted to keep volunteering.

Miranda introduced Hunter to Brooke, and he courteously greeted Bianca. He suggested that he and Miranda head to the mall to check out what movies were playing, and he asked when he should have Miranda home. Bianca told Miranda to use her judgment, and AJ looked worried as Miranda and Hunter left.

At Jane's Addiction, Hunter asked Miranda if it was cool to blow off the movies, because he wanted to find out more about her. She mentioned that she liked drawing, and he got a pencil and a napkin and asked her to draw something. While she began to sketch, he repeatedly glanced at the door.

AJ arrived at the coffeehouse and ordered his usual drink from Jane. Miranda joined him at the counter and asked if he'd followed her, but AJ pointed out that she and Hunter had said that they were going to the movies. Miranda excitedly relayed that Hunter seemed to be into her, and AJ observed that a trashy-looking blonde had sidled up to Hunter in Miranda's absence. Hunter introduced Miranda to Sally, who had graduated the prior year. Hunter pulled up another chair for Miranda.

Hunter mentioned that Sally was in a band, and Miranda nervously asked if Hunter wanted to grab some ice cream. Hunter suggested that they party at Sally's place, and Sally bragged that she had ecstasy and weed. Hunter said that Sally thought that Miranda was hot, and he added that Sally was a "switch-hitter" who preferred ladies. Hunter wanted to get wasted and see if Sally liked Hunter or Miranda better.

Miranda jumped out of her chair in shock, and Hunter huffed that he thought that Miranda would be into experimentation, since her mother was a lesbian. He taunted Miranda for being afraid to "get [her] freak on," and an offended Miranda raced out. AJ confronted Hunter, who surmised that AJ was hoping to have sex with Miranda. AJ punched Hunter.

Celia returned to her room, and she discovered a huge bouquet of flowers and a laptop computer that displayed the words "touch me." She did so, and a video message from Pete began to play. Pete reintroduced himself, and he swore that he wasn't a stalker, but he didn't want to miss the chance to talk to her. He urged her to look out the window, and Celia found Pete waiting with a red rose outside.

Bianca put flowers on Marissa's grave, and she reported that Miranda was on her first big date. Bianca wished that Marissa could see what a beautiful woman Miranda had become. Bianca said that AJ was strong and confident, just like Marissa had been, and Bianca was proud of their kids. Bianca cried that she and Marissa were supposed to have watched their kids grow up together, and it would never be the same without her. As tears streamed down her face, Bianca swore that she would never stop missing Marissa.

Angie sympathized that the years had been difficult for Zach and Kendall, and Zach stated that sometimes things couldn't work out, no matter how much two people loved one another. He added that the important thing was that Kendall and their kids were happy and safe. Jesse asked why Angie was home early, and she replied that she had news that neither of the men would like. She announced that David was out of jail and back in Pine Valley.

Jesse snarled that David should have gotten life in prison, but Angie reminded him that she'd still be blind without David's help. Jesse refused to let David off the hook for "that night," but Angie asked him to find forgiveness in his heart, because David had lost everything, including his baby with Cara. Angie believed that David had been punished enough.

Angie cautioned Jesse and Zach against trying to get David put back in prison, because she had testified on David's behalf to the parole board. She felt that the whole town had convicted David, even though Marissa's death had been JR's doing. Angie declared that she had been through enough, and she asked that Jesse find it in his heart to let David be. Angie stalked out, and Jesse vowed not to let Angie find out that her daughter had been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Vlad ordered a bloodied, bruised Cassandra do as he said, and he reached for her inner thigh.

At the hospital, David confronted Cara about what she'd kept from him, and Griffin started to call security. David revealed that he had been paroled, and he asked to talk to Cara. Griffin refused to leave David and Cara alone, but Cara pulled Griffin aside and said that she had to face David. Griffin protested, but Cara implored him to trust her to handle it. Griffin walked away, and Cara asked why David had returned. David stated that he wanted to know what had happened to their baby.

Cara asked if David had received her letter, and David replied that he hadn't been able to stop reading it. He couldn't believe that she'd told him about her miscarriage in a letter instead of in person, and she apologized. He asked if she'd gotten the dozens of letters he'd sent to her over the past five years, and she explained that after "that night" and the miscarriage, she hadn't been able to deal with his pain, too. Cara revealed that after the miscarriage, she'd rejoined Doctors Without Borders, and she'd burned his letters to erase the bad memories.

Cara reiterated that she'd had to put the loss behind her, but David noticed that she was still wearing his necklace. He couldn't forget what they'd lost, and he needed to know what had happened. David gently inquired whether the baby had been a boy or a girl, and Cara wiped away tears. She claimed that she'd told the doctor that she hadn't wanted to know, and she rushed off. David spotted JR's name on a placard outside a hospital room. He opened the door and found JR hooked up to a bunch of machines.

David looked at JR's chart and noted that JR's neurological responses had been good. David understood why no one had pulled the plug, and he recognized that it wasn't as simple as it sounded. David silenced the alarms that would go off if someone unplugged the equipment, and he removed the backup battery from the circuit breaker. David explained that it was the only way to turn everything off without a major commotion. David noticed that the plug itself was already loose, and he ominously stated that maybe he should take a look at it. He placed his hand on the plug.

David pushed the plug into the socket, and he remarked that JR couldn't die before his time. David admitted that he had tried to end JR's life five years earlier, but the outcome had been better than he had hoped for. As David replaced the battery and turned back on the alarms, he crowed that JR was in prison as much as David had been, but David was free, and JR had it much worse. David snarled that JR didn't deserve any better after what JR had taken away, and he hoped that JR never left his "living hell."

David wondered who JR had really intended to kill, and he contemplated what would have happened if David hadn't spotted JR in the Chandler tunnels. In a flashback, David had confronted JR, and they had struggled as JR's gun had gone off. David said that he'd almost put the gun to own head when he'd seen that Marissa had been shot, but he'd realized that JR had still been alive, and he'd done the only thing he could have -- David had shot JR. David stated that he'd had no qualms about doing so, and he wished that he'd been a better shot. David was stunned to see JR's finger twitch. David refused to let JR wake up, and he began to reach for JR's throat.

Griffin warned Cara not to leave town, because David would suspect that she was hiding something. Cara wondered if she'd done the right thing, but Griffin insisted that she'd had no other choice."

- Jenny Smith