09/04/2009 Amanda Makes A Decision

"JR walked unnoticed into the Chandler living room just as Adam asked Scott to be his best man. Scott tried to decline, but Adam said that there was no worthier substitute for Stuart than Stuart's son. When Scott continued to balk, JR spoke up and said that Scott shouldn't reject Adam's offer to spare JR's feelings. At that moment, JR got lightheaded and had to sit down. Everyone thought that JR was actually drunk, and bashed him for it.

After his head cleared, JR fought back and said that Scott's beliefs were no longer valid, since Scott had supported Annie. Scott tried to dispute JR's claim, but JR announced that he no longer cared about the Chandler family, and walked out. Adam told Scott not to be concerned, because JR had gone down the path of alienating his family before. The doorbell rang, and Adam went to answer the door.

Annie took the opportunity to admit that she had suggested Scott as a best man. Scott still believed that JR needed to be included, but Annie pointed out that the long-standing feud between JR and his father poisoned the family. She said that everyone deserved to be happy, and that life might be better if JR moved away. Annie then suggested that she, Scott, and Adam made the perfect family unit.

The front door slammed, and Adam instructed the visitor to take things into the living room. Annie was delighted when she realized that her wedding dress had arrived. Adam and Scott stepped out into the parlor, and Adam revealed that he'd also wanted Scott as his best man. Adam said that because Scott had helped him through one of the darkest times of his life, it made the most sense. With that, Scott accepted the honor.

An invitation to Adam and Annie's wedding arrived at the Slater residence. Zach believed that Annie's guard would be down while planning the wedding, and he told Kendall that he would use that to his advantage. Erica received a phone call, which pierced their conversation, and Zach and Kendall heard Erica say that Zach had been acting irrationally. As Zach left the safe room, Ryan asked Erica if she'd been able to figure out the cause. Erica said that she was still in the dark, but wouldn't give up. Zach startled Erica when he asked her what she wanted to know.

Erica said that she and Ryan were concerned about Zach. Zach escorted her out of the nursery so that Kendall couldn't overhear the conversation. Downstairs, Erica pointed at the loan Zach had taken from Adam and Zach's lack of protest when Ryan took Spike out of the house as strange behavior. Zach thanked Erica for her help with Ian, but said that his life was off-limits. He walked out. Moments later, the doorbell rang, and Erica found Ryan on the other side. She briefed him on her conversation with Zach, and both agreed that they needed to find out what Zach had to hide.

Erica told Ryan that she believed Zach was having an affair with Liza. Ryan didn't care and said that they should both stay out of Zach's personal life. Erica said that she wouldn't stand by while Liza preyed on Kendall's husband. Erica's phone rang as Ryan prepared to leave, and she was delighted to receive another phone call from Kendall.

Kendall asked her mother if any progress had been made in getting Spike moved back to the Slater house, but Erica didn't have any additional news on that front. Erica decided to tell Kendall that she suspected that Zach was having an affair, but Ryan took the phone from Erica before Erica could complete the statement.

Although Kendall didn't want to talk to Ryan, she took the moment to demand an explanation for his removal of Spike from the house. Ryan said that he didn't want to have the conversation over the phone and promised to visit her. Kendall said she didn't want visitors and that she needed Ryan to be honest. Ryan refused to get wrapped up in the suspicions and accusations, and said the only thing he would do wa s take care of his son.

The call ended, and Erica realized that she had missed the broadcast of her visit to Africa. Ryan was certain that the special was amazing, and then remarked that the visit had changed Erica. Erica hoped that she had changed for the better, and Ryan told her that she had a whole new glow about her. As Kendall watched, Ryan tenderly caressed Erica's face.

After Marissa delivered David's contract to the Martin household, Tad and Liza debated whether or not Amanda should agree to David's terms. Krystal jumped in and said that the only opinions that mattered were those of Amanda and Jake. Tad then considered the possibility that Jake and Amanda had already gone to David with a deal of their own.

Liza hoped that Amanda and Jake had gone for a drive to think things over. Tad said that since Jake's worse nightmare had become reality, Jake felt like he had nothing left to lose. Marissa was rattled by that admission and raced out of the house. Krystal asked Tad what he thought Jake would do, and Tad said that Jake went to Wildwind to kill David.

Amanda arrived at Wildwind and found Jake with a gun trained on David. She begged Jake to put the gun down, but Jake wanted to remove the control that David held over them. Amanda told Jake that she had changed her mind and would move into Wildwind so that she could see her son. Jake didn't believe that things would be that easy. Instead, Jake stated that with one bullet, they could remove the problem from their lives.

Jake continued to assert that the only way they would have their lives back would be if they took David out of the equation, but Amanda used the love she and her husband shared to dismantle that reasoning. She finally got through to Jake and he lowered the gun just as Marissa arrived. Marissa asked what she'd walked in on, and David told her that Jake was headed home to help Amanda pack.

Tad started to head out to Wildwind in an attempt to stop Jake from doing something that couldn't be undone. Liza stopped him and said that it was about time Jake handled his own business. They were all relieved when Jake and Amanda walked in the door, but the relief was short-lived. Amanda announced her move to Wildwind, and Jake hoped someone would explain why it was a bad idea.

Krystal told Amanda that when she lived at Wildwind, David took everything that Krystal had and then some. Amanda insisted that she would be fine because she wasn't scared of David and had Jake on her side. Amanda urged Jake to battle with her against anything that David could throw at them, and to believe that they would be victorious. Jake apologized for failing Amanda, but she told him that he had given her exactly what she wanted -- a family -- and said that one day soon, they would all be together again. Jake agreed, and asked Liza to accompany them to Wildwind to make sure that David stuck to his word.

David used Marissa as a sounding board about what to change in the house for the baby. Marissa appeared more uncomfortable as David continued to gush over his son. The final blow was when David asked Marissa to move out of the room next to the nursery without a second thought as to how his son's arrival would affect his daughter.

JR stopped by the Martin house and when Krystal asked after his well-being, JR thanked her for not making the assumption that he had been drinking. Tad asked Krystal to check on Jenny, but JR knew that it was a distraction. JR said that he needed to be truthful with Krystal. Without too many details, JR made Krystal promise that if anything happened to him, she would take care of Little Adam. Although Krystal was taken aback by the grim tone of the conversation, she agreed to JR's request and thanked him for trusting her with his son.

Krystal left the room, and Tad asked JR if he'd changed his mind about fighting. JR replied that he wanted to be realistic, in case something happened to him. He went on to say that Tad was the only similarity he wanted between his childhood and his son's, as Tad had always been a good father to JR. Tad promised to always be there for Little Adam and JR.

Annie changed back into her clothes after she tried on her wedding gown, and then talked the assistant's ear off with her random thoughts. The assistant's phone rang but Annie's chatter covered up the assistant's exit to take the call. She realized that the assistant hadn't zipped up her dress in the same moment she noticed someone else was in the room. When she turned around, Annie was startled to see Zach.

Zach told Annie that Ryan had taken Spike and moved him into the penthouse. Annie pointed out that Ryan's actions would not make her join forces with Zach. Zach said that he wanted to keep her in the loop since she wanted to take revenge on Ryan, as well. Zach also said that given the way things had played out, they could be useful to each other. Annie told Zach that he could be useful by zipping up her dress. Scott walked in on Zach doing as asked, and Zach left abruptly so that Annie would have to explain what happened on her own.

Scott demanded to know what had gone on between Annie and Zach, and Annie told Scott not to worry. Scott thought that Zach was pulling a number on Annie but Annie assured Scott that she could handle things. She shared the news about Spike and said that because Zach was known for getting things done, she might have a way to get Emma back from Ryan.

Amanda, Jake, and David met with their respective lawyers at Wildwind. David confirmed that he would not press charges against anyone involved in the kidnapping of his son, and in exchange, David would assume full custody. Amanda noted that she would move into David's residence to be close to her son, and both lawyers agreed that it was the best decision for everyone. David looked over at Jake and decided to drive home the point that Jake had no connection to David's son.

A short time later, the social worker showed up with Trevor in tow, and Amanda was delighted to reunite with her son. Jake was pleased, as well, but the joy was tempered by the situation. David allowed a few loving moments and then demanded that Jake leave. Amanda protested, but Jake assured her that he would see her soon. Jake started to leave, but before he got too far, David told Jake that he should be happy that Amanda and the baby were back together.

Zach returned home and asked Ryan and Erica if they had found any incriminating evidence in the house. Ryan maintained his neutral position and started to exit the house. Zach said that since Ryan had his son, there was no reason for Ryan to return. Erica spoke up, but before she could say anything of substance, Zach said that Erica would be the next to be kicked out.

Marissa showed up at the Martin house and ran into Krystal outside. Marissa told Krystal that while everyone was still standing at Wildwind, she was amazed that Amanda had actually moved herself and her son into the house. Krystal said that David got what he wanted, but Marissa said that Amanda wouldn't crumble under David's rule. Marissa was dismayed that she hadn't been able to help, and said that she couldn't go back. Across town, Amanda cuddled her son in the living room of Wildwind. When David walked up and gently touched his son's head, Amanda demanded that David stay away from her and her son.

Liza found Jake drowning his sorrows at ConFusion and tried to commiserate. She thought that Jake had thoughts of being a parent on his mind, but Jake told her that he was consumed with thoughts of pulling the trigger the next time he got a chance to aim a gun at David.

Annie decided to give Scott a sneak preview of her wedding gown, and Scott was duly impressed. However, when Adam wandered into the living room and was equally appreciative, Annie was horrified. She asserted that the wedding was ruined, and ran out of the room.

Outside of the Slater house, Ryan defended Erica against Zach's words and tone, and while grateful, Erica assured Ryan that she was okay. Upstairs, Kendall confronted Zach about her mother's suspicions. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but Zach defended himself again. Kendall apologized and said that she continued to act out because she felt alone. She thanked Zach for all he did for her, and said that she would be lost without him."

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