09/02/2009 David Offers To Drop The Custody Suit

"JR and Tad went to the hospital for JR's first chemotherapy treatment. The doctor explained that JR would receive the treatment through a small catheter near his collarbone. JR was nervous, so the doctor gave him a sedative. As JR fell asleep, he called out for Marissa. JR then recalled all of the happy times he had shared with Marissa.

When JR woke up, he was out of sorts. Tad told JR that the treatment was over. Tad then revealed that JR was talking about Marissa in his sleep. JR could not believe that he fell in love again. Tad encouraged JR to fight for his life and for Marissa.

Amanda visited Krystal at Tad's house. Amanda was a mess and said that she did not know where else to go. Krystal inquired why Amanda was distraught. Amanda explained that Jake was in jail and there was a good chance David would raise her baby. Krystal reminded Amanda that her baby was dead, so Amanda revealed the truth. Krystal was shocked to learn that Jake and Amanda had faked Trevor's death to keep him from David. Amanda assumed that Krystal thought she was a sick, twisted person. Krystal said that she understood Amanda's actions. Krystal added that she had made many bad decisions in her life, so she could not judge Amanda.

Liza arrived at Tad's. Liza apologized to Amanda for telling David the truth about Trevor. Liza explained that David kidnapped her and held her at gunpoint. Liza said that she had no choice but to tell David the truth. Amanda was furious. Krystal told Amanda that Liza was not the enemy. Liza announced that she had a plan.

Marissa entered Wildwind and found David speaking with his lawyer. David was excited to see Marissa. He told Marissa that her baby brother was alive. She looked shocked, so he explained that the Martin family faked the baby's death, like he suspected. David was very confident that he would gain full custody of the baby. Marissa warned him that Pennsylvania usually awarded sole custody to the mother, but David was not worried. Marissa then got a text message from Liza and left Wildwind.

Marissa arrived at Tad's home. Liza, Krystal, Amanda, and Tad tried to convince Marissa to spy on David while she lived at Wildwind. Marissa was reluctant to spy on her father. Amanda said that Marissa was her last hope. Amanda wanted Marissa to find dirt on David, so he could not win custody of Trevor. Tad told Marissa that it was her decision, and she had to live with the consequences.

Tad apologized to Krystal for not telling her about Trevor. Krystal understood why Tad could not trust her with the truth. She apologized to him for ruining their marriage. He said that they both played a part in their failed marriage.

JR arrived at Wildwind to see Marissa, but ran into David instead. David told JR the news about Trevor. JR assumed that David would seek revenge. David said that JR would do the same, if their roles were reversed. JR claimed that he had changed, but David did not believe it. David urged JR to stay away from Marissa.

Marissa entered Wildwind. She announced to David and JR that she planned to stay at Wildwind indefinitely. David was pleased and then left the house. JR was annoyed by Marissa's announcement. Marissa explained that she was helping Amanda. Marissa said that she wanted to make sure David fought fair in the custody battle.

Marissa told JR that she was tired of his erratic behavior. She assumed that he did not want to be with her. He corrected her and exclaimed, "You're all I think about! I can't get you out of my heart!" Marissa looked surprised, but happy. Then, they kissed.

David found Amanda and proposed a deal. He said that he would drop the custody suit, if Amanda moved into Wildwind and raised Trevor with him. Amanda was shocked by the proposition, and said she would never leave Jake. David urged Amanda to put Trevor's needs before Jake's. David then offered to drop the charges against everyone involved, if Amanda moved in with him.

Kendall was furious with Zach for letting Ryan take Spike. Zach said that he could not hide Kendall and prove Annie's guilt with Ryan lurking around. Kendall did not care, because she wanted both of her sons to be together.

Erica and Ryan stood outside of Zach's house. Erica urged Ryan not to take Spike. Ryan said that Zach had changed, so Ryan did not trust Zach around Spike. After Ryan left, Erica tried to get back into the house, but the door was locked. Zach eventually let Erica back inside.

Erica received a call from Kendall. Kendall pretended that she was in prison. Erica was elated to hear from Kendall. Kendall asked about her sons. Erica informed Kendall that Ryan took Spike. Kendall begged her mother to change Ryan's mind.

Erica visited Ryan at his penthouse. Erica said that she had spoken to Kendall, and Kendall wanted Spike to move back home. Ryan refused, because he did not want Spike near Zach. Ryan thought that Zach's actions were suspicious, and he wondered if Zach was up to something. Erica agreed that Zach was acting strangely, and assumed that Zach had a secret plan. Suddenly, Erica fainted.

Ryan took Erica to the couch and gave her water. He wanted to take her to the hospital, but she refused. She claimed that she was fine, and blamed her collapse on forgetting to eat. She then told him about her trip to Africa and how it changed her view on life. She reminded him that they shared an amazing goodbye kiss before her trip. She wondered if they would ever talk about the kiss. He stated that there was nothing to talk about. He noted that they shared a perfect night.

After Erica left, Ryan watched footage of Erica on his computer. He smiled the entire time he looked at Erica.

Kendall took a nap and dreamed about the night that Stuart was murdered. Kendall remembered dropping the gun and running away from the mansion, while Stuart was still alive.

Erica returned to Zach's house and found a glass with lipstick on it. Erica demanded to know if a woman was in the house. Zach told Erica that she was there to watch Ian, not him. Erica was frustrated with Zach, and decided to move out.

Kendall told Zach that she recovered memories from the night Stuart died. Kendall was certain that she did not kill Stuart."

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