08/05/2009 Kendall Confesses

"JR walked down an alley with a bottle of booze in his hand. He looked at the unopened bottle and grimaced. He threw the bottle against a wall and it broke into tiny pieces. Suddenly, he looked ill and fell to his knees.

Marissa saw JR on the ground and rushed to his side. He looked at Marissa, but he could not see her face because his vision was blurry. She asked if he was feeling well. He replied that he felt dizzy and hot. Finally, he was able to recover his strength and stood on his feet.

JR wondered why he felt sick. Marissa quipped that he was probably exhausted from ripping into Scott. JR showed no remorse and yelled out that Scott was annoying. She assumed that JR was taking his frustrations with Adam out on Scott. JR said that was true. He admitted that he was jealous and angry because Adam invited Scott to move in with him.

JR stated that Adam approved of Scott, not him. JR thought that Scott encompassed all of Stuart's good qualities. JR said that Scott genuinely wanted to make the world a better place; meanwhile, JR genuinely wanted to make the world a better place for himself. Marissa reminded JR that he loved Little Adam more than anything else.

Marissa asked JR if he was drunk. He admitted that he had purchased liquor, but did not drink it. He was proud that he stopped himself from relapsing. She was proud, too. She urged JR to make amends with Scott and Adam. She reminded him that he needed the support of his family to stay sober.

Scott entered the mansion and found Adam and Annie kissing amongst roses and hundreds of candles. Adam was glad to see Scott, and announced that Annie had accepted his marriage proposal. Scott congratulated the couple.

After Annie left to get champagne, Adam wondered if Scott thought he had lost his mind. Scott said that he was sincerely happy for Adam, but he did not think the other residents of Pine Valley would be as overjoyed. Adam affirmed that he did not care about the residents of Pine Valley, especially since many of them had tried to kill him.

Adam affirmed that he wanted to rebuild the Chandler family around Annie. Scott had reservations about moving into the mansion, because he did not want to be a third wheel. Adam assured Scott that he was welcome, so Scott decided to move in. Adam noted that he also wanted Scott to implement his altruistic mission statement for Chandler Industries. Scott was excited.

JR and Marissa entered the mansion as Scott, Adam, and Annie were drinking champagne. JR wondered what the special occasion was, so Adam announced his engagement. JR looked disturbed and snidely asked if he should call Annie his mother. Marissa discretely reminded JR that he needed his family. JR then refilled everyone's glasses and congratulated the couple.

Adam told JR that it meant a lot to him to have his son's approval. Adam stated that he wanted to rebuild the family. JR claimed that he was happy for his father.

JR announced that he had to go home to Little Adam. Annie told JR to hug the boy for her. JR quipped that Little Adam would be calling her "Grandma" soon. Annie shot JR a dirty look. Then, JR and Marissa left. JR exclaimed, "If my father marries that psycho, she'll destroy our family!"

Scott congratulated Annie on her engagement. She was very pleased that Scott was moving into the mansion. She stated that she was looking forward to seeing him a lot. He noted that JR was pleasant. She did not believe that JR was happy about the engagement.

Zach pleaded with Liza to stay on Kendall's case. He said that he would give her anything if she remained Kendall's lawyer. Liza felt that there was no way she could win the case, since Kendall tried to escape. He stated that Liza was capable of anything, including a fake pregnancy and birth. She affirmed that no lawyer would take Kendall's case, especially because Kendall was on the verge of confessing. He reminded Liza that Kendall was a mother and should not be separated from her sons. He begged Liza to empathize with Kendall. Liza agreed to stay on the case. He kissed her on the cheek.

Kendall declared to Jesse and Ryan that she had killed Stuart. Ryan told Jesse that he could handle Kendall, so Jesse left. Ryan urged Kendall to stop saying she was guilty. She was determined to confess. She explained that she saw Stuart's ghost and he helped her remember what she did.

Jesse told the officers at the station not to disturb him because he had to make an important call. Natalia asked one of the officers what was going on. The officer revealed that Kendall was "cracking up" in her cell. Jesse called Zach to let him know that Kendall was declaring her guilt to anyone that would listen.

Ryan urged Kendall to focus on her sons. He stated that Spike and Ian needed their mother, regardless of whether or not she was guilty. She said that her sons would never truly have their mother if she did not confess. She stated that she would be a shell of herself if she avoided a punishment. She felt that her personal guilt would eat her alive.

Kendall thought that Ryan should understand her need to confess. She felt that, if Ryan were in the same position, he would confess, as well. She commented that, if Zach were in her position, he would be able to drink a scotch and keep on living, without confessing. Kendall and Ryan did not know that Natalia was lurking near Kendall's cell. Natalia overheard Kendall's confession.

Natalia confronted Jesse. Natalia could not understand why Jesse did not take Kendall's confession seriously. He felt that Kendall was innocent. Natalia disagreed, and noted that innocent people did not confess to murder. Natalia assumed that Jesse called Zach to warn him. Natalia wondered why Jesse was working with Zach. Jesse urged his daughter to trust him. Jesse stated that he was trying to protect his family. Natalia called him a liar.

Zach arrived at the police station and met with Kendall. Kendall hugged Zach and commented that it was good to feel his strength. He begged her not to confess, but she would not listen. She was certain that she needed to confess. She reminded Zach of the first time they married. She recalled him saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to understand her heart. She pleaded with him to try to understand why she had to confess.

Ryan told Liza and Jesse that he thought Kendall should be allowed to speak her mind. Zach returned from Kendall's cell. Ryan tried to give his opinion to Zach, but Zach refused to listen. Zach stated that he did not need Ryan's help with his wife. Zach swore that he would not let Kendall go to jail.

Jesse and Liza listened to Kendall as she officially confessed. Jesse taped Kendall as she recounted the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall affirmed that she pulled the trigger. She explained that she was grief-ridden and wanted to kill Adam. She noted that she did not wish to make excuses, but wished to clarify why she committed murder. Kendall then stated that she wanted to apologize to Stuart, Scott, and Marian. Kendall hoped that her confession would bring them peace.

Kendall sat alone in her cell. Suddenly, Stuart's ghost appeared. He gladly accepted Kendall's apology. He then thanked her for doing the right thing. He also assured her that he was fine. He was excited because he would finally go to heaven, since Kendall confessed. Kendall said that everyone was going to love him in heaven.

Randi had a nightmare about killing Henry and losing her baby. Frankie could tell that she was having a bad dream and woke her. He wondered if she was thinking about the baby. She admitted that she felt guilty over losing the baby. He assured her that it was not her fault.

Natalia visited Randi and Frankie. Natalia told Frankie about her confrontation with Jesse. Natalia revealed that Jesse had been acting strangely since Henry died. She suspected Jesse of being on the wrong side of the law. She explained that Jesse was protecting the Slater family, but she did not know why.

Frankie refused to believe that Jesse was corrupt. Frankie was certain that there was a good reason for Jesse's actions. Meanwhile, Randi looked nervous. Randi interjected that Jesse might be protecting someone close to him. Natalia then remembered Jesse saying that he was protecting his family.

Frankie suggested to Randi that they try to have another baby. She stated that she was not ready to have another baby because she was still grieving the child she lost."

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