08/04/2009 Adam Proposes To Annie

"At the courthouse, Jesse asked Liza if she had any part in Kendall's escape. Liza swore that she was not involved. Liza stated that she told Kendall she would have her day in court and she would win. Jesse replied that Kendall would still have her day in court, but her odds of winning were very slim.

After Jesse left the court, Liza took her frustration out on her briefcase. She smashed the briefcase against a desk. Then she hurled it into the air; however, she did not realize that David was behind her and accidentally hit him in the face. He looked surprised by the assault. She apologized profusely when she saw he had a bloody nose. He told her not to worry.

Liza told David that Kendall escaped. He was pleased and commented that Adam should be on trial, not Kendall. Liza said that Adam knew how to control the law and use it to his advantage. She admitted that part of the reason she became a lawyer was to take the control away from Adam. She noted that Kendall's case made her feel powerless, and she did not like it.

Kendall told Zach and Ryan that she did not want to flee the country. Zach affirmed that she needed to go. She noted that Zach's life was devoted to their sons and she did not want to take them away from Zach. Meanwhile, the police were closing in, so Zach ordered Kendall to run and promised to get their sons to her. She kissed her sons goodbye, and left.

Jesse and two officers entered the warehouse and found Ryan, Zach, Spike, and Ian. Jesse demanded to know where Kendall was. Ryan and Zach played dumb and claimed that they had not seen Kendall. Jesse informed Zach that Kendall had made things worse by running away. Zach urged Jesse to let Kendall run, but Jesse refused. Jesse stated that Kendall would be caught, regardless of whether or not he personally looked for her.

Jesse told the two officers to watch Ryan and Zach while he searched for Kendall at the marina. Ryan and Zach exchanged nervous glances. Ryan asked the officers to get Spike's diaper bag. When the officers turned to get the bag, Zach secretly called Rich, the captain of Kendall's getaway boat. Rich informed Zach that Kendall had not yet reached the boat. He further noted that cops were swarming the marina.

Marissa saw JR and Little Adam fishing at the marina. Marissa informed JR of Kendall's escape. JR was glad, and opined that Annie was the real killer. Marissa asked JR if he was bitter because he missed living with Adam. JR admitted that he missed his father. Nevertheless, he stated that they had a dysfunctional relationship. JR hoped that he would always have a good relationship with Little Adam. JR wanted his son to be proud of him. She affirmed that she had faith in him.

Kendall hid in the marina, but could not get to the boat because of the police presence. Then, Kendall saw Natalia and Marissa talking. Kendall emerged from hiding and surrendered to Natalia.

Jesse took Zach and Ryan to the police station. Liza met them there. Just then, Natalia entered the station with Kendall.

Jesse questioned Kendall. She pretended that she escaped on her own and that Ryan and Zach had no part in it. Jesse accepted Kendall's statement and saw no need to question Ryan and Zach. Then, Kendall asked to see Zach.

Kendall apologized to Zach for not escaping. She explained that she could not take their sons away from him. Nor did she want to leave her sons or Zach. He understood and vowed to get her out of prison. Before the police carted her off to a cell, she told Zach that she loved him.

Ryan visited Kendall at her cell. He encouraged her to fight, especially for her sons' sake. He grabbed her hand and urged her not to give up.

Kendall sat alone in her cell and recalled the night of Stuart's murder. She then cried and screamed that she could not fight any longer. An officer informed Jesse and Ryan that Kendall was "cracking up." When Jesse and Ryan reached her cell, she proclaimed, "I did it! I killed Stuart!"

Zach told Liza that she had to get Kendall acquitted. Liza was fed up and wanted to quit the case. He begged her to stay on the case. He told her that, if she remained on the case, he would do anything she wished in return.

Adam apologized to Annie for doubting her. He declared that they should start from scratch. As they kissed, Scott arrived. Adam was happy to see his nephew and asked him to move into the mansion. Scott seemed surprised and unsure. Adam explained that he appreciated Scott's support of Annie. Adam felt that Scott's presence in the mansion would help protect Annie.

Adam told Annie to convince Scott and left the room. Annie stated that, if Scott moved in, they could watch movies together and give each other foot massages. He wondered if she was hitting on him. She laughed and affirmed that she loved Adam. She noted that Scott looked embarrassed. She asked if he was embarrassed because he found her attractive. He stated that he thought she was beautiful, but he had no romantic feelings for her. Adam returned and Scott said that he would consider the offer.

Adam told Annie that he had a surprise for her in the bedroom. She went to the room and put on a gown that Adam had laid out for her. When she returned to the parlor, she saw candles all over the room. He then handed her a rose and they danced.

Adam called Annie his angel. He stated that she was his life as he got down on bended knee. He revealed a huge diamond ring and proposed. She was elated and said yes. As they kissed, Scott entered the room.

Jake and Amanda played with Trevor in Taylor's condo. Amanda dreamed of the day that she could be with Trevor in public. Jake was looking forward to it, as well. She called him the best husband in the world.

Amanda put Trevor down for a nap. Once the baby fell asleep, Amanda wondered why Tad and Taylor were gone for a long time. Jake assumed that they were fine, but Amanda had a bad feeling. Amanda begged Jake to find them.

JR and Marissa went to ConFusion. JR began bad-mouthing Annie as Scott approached them. Scott urged JR to give Annie a break. Scott then revealed that Adam had asked him to move into the mansion, so he could help protect Annie. JR was disgusted. JR assumed that Adam wished Scott were his son. JR then snidely warned Scott, "My father will kill all of the Stuart in you." Scott looked upset and walked away. Marissa scolded JR for being cold, and left the table. Meanwhile, David had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

David sat at JR's table. David rubbed it into JR's face that Adam asked Scott to move into the mansion. JR told David to take a hike. David asked JR if he needed a drink. JR told David to go to hell. David felt that JR should be pleased to have Adam out of his life. David stated that life without Adam was good for Little Adam.

Tad told Taylor that they should get back to the baby. Krystal overheard Tad's comment and inquired about the baby. Tad and Taylor looked nervous. Tad pretended that he was referring to a song, not a real baby. He noted that he and Taylor already had their own song. He said it was a new country song titled, "I Got to Get Back to My Baby." Krystal seemed confused, and commented that she did not know the song. Tad then asked Taylor to dance. As he dipped her, Jake arrived at ConFusion. Jake informed Tad that David was also at the club. Tad, Jake, and Taylor rushed off.

David asked Krystal how she felt about Tad and Taylor's relationship. Krystal claimed that she was fine with it. Nevertheless, she looked sad as she revealed that they already had a song. She told David the title of the song that Tad made up. David looked intrigued.

Tad and Taylor confessed that Krystal overheard them mention the baby. Amanda and Jake were worried. Taylor assured them that Tad covered it up brilliantly. Jake chided Tad for being careless. Jake was concerned that David would get suspicious. Tad apologized.

Taylor regretted talking about the baby in public. Tad swore that he would keep his lips sealed and never mention the baby again. She smiled and reminded him that he claimed to have a way of "unsealing lips." He offered to show her his method. He then grabbed her and kissed her."

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