05/12/2009 David Blames Adam

"Erica interrogated Adam's nurse, Gayle. Erica accused the nurse of working for David. Gayle denied the allegations and stated that she was a professional. Erica warned that she was watching Gayle.

Zach demanded to know what was wrong with his son. David gave Adam a dirty look and told Zach to ask Adam for answers. Zach said that he wanted to hear the news from David, so David revealed that the heart valve was defective and that the Chandlers knew all along. Adam quickly tried to cover his tracks and put the blame on David. Adam declared that the valve failed due to a surgical error.

Zach walked over to Scott. Zach inquired why Scott could not look him in the eye. Zach asked Scott if he knew that the valve was defective. With a sheepish look on his face, Scott said nothing. Zach and Kendall realized that the Chandlers allowed a defective valve to be put into their son. Zach lunged at Adam and threatened to kill him. Jesse removed Zach from the room.

David assured Kendall that he would help Ian. She asked if he could remove the valve and replace it with another. He explained that Ian was too weak for another surgery. He said that Ian would be put on a machine to operate the boy's heart and lungs for him. David said that once Ian was strong enough, he would perform surgery on the boy and fix the valve issue. David reminded Kendall that he saved her life and he hoped to do the same for her son.

Kendall was distraught and felt guilty for Ian's predicament. Ryan assured her that she was not to blame. She explained that she wanted Ian to have the new valve, but Zach was against it. She stated that if Ian died, it was her fault.

Zach told Kendall that he was tired of praying for Ian to be healthy. He felt that his prayers did not matter because Ian continued to face fatal dilemmas. Tears ran down Zach's face as he told Kendall that he could not wait around for his son to die.

Kendall told Ryan that she needed to do more to save Ian. Ryan felt that she did everything in her power to help her son. Kendall revealed that she wanted to do more to help Zach, as well.

Kendall entered Ian's hospital room. She was surprised that Zach was not there. A nurse explained that Zach had been holding his son's hand and then suddenly left. The nurse stated that Zach had a weird look on his face. Kendall looked worried.

Annie broke into the Chandlers' mansion to see Emma. Annie found Emma asleep in a bedroom. Annie sat next to Emma and looked adoringly at the girl. Emma awoke and was excited to see her mother. Annie urged Emma to go back to sleep, so Emma shut her eyes. Then, Gayle entered the room to close an open window. Annie hid in the shadows, gun in hand. Gayle did not notice Annie and left the room.

Ryan went to the mansion to pick up Emma. Annie heard Ryan coming, so she climbed out of a window to escape. Ryan woke Emma and told her it was time to leave. Emma asked if her mother was coming, too. Ryan looked confused.

David found Adam in the hospital. David threw Adam into a chair and put a scalpel to his throat. David was furious with Adam because he turned Little Adam against him. Adam chuckled and told David that he lost. David reminded Adam that they had made a deal.

Adam advised David to forget about Little Adam and concentrate on his child. David wondered if Adam was referring to his unborn child with Amanda. Adam then revealed that Marissa was David's daughter. David looked stunned.

Erica saw David with a scalpel to Adam's throat and rushed to Adam's rescue. David put down the weapon and issued Adam a threat. David swore to kill Adam if Marissa was his daughter. David stated that Adam was through destroying lives. After David left, Adam asked Erica to take him home.

Adam admitted to Erica that he went too far with the heart valve. She assured Adam that Ian's complications were not his fault, since he did not know the valve was defective. He shot her a guilty look, so she asked him if he knew that the valve was defective. He explained that he did not know it was defective until it was too late.

Erica was furious with Adam. She could not believe that he would put Ian's life in danger. She was also stunned that Adam kept quiet when he discovered the valve was defective. He stated that he was trying to save his company and his family. She recalled being a good friend to Adam, but she regretted it.

Adam begged Erica not to leave. He said that she was all he had left. He revealed that he changed his will and made Erica the executor. She told him that she wanted no part of his will, since it consisted of nothing but debt and liabilities. He was certain that she would correct the errors he made.

Just as Erica was about to leave the mansion, she noticed Gayle bringing Adam his medication. Erica yelled for Adam not to take the pills.

JR and Scott met with their lawyer, Barry. Barry wanted to "spin" the heart valve debacle. Barry suggested that they pin the failed valve on David. Barry also wanted to downplay Dr. Chappell's suicide. Scott and JR decided to tell the truth, which surprised Barry. They told Barry to set up a press conference, so they could set the record straight.

Krystal sat next to Babe's grave and cried. Krystal told her dead daughter that she had made too many mistakes. Just then, Marissa approached Krystal and inquired why she was so upset. Krystal looked worried and tried to get Marissa away from the grave, but she was unsuccessful. Marissa saw the gravestone and noticed that she and Babe shared a birthday. Krystal nervously chuckled and noted that it was a "coincidence."

Marissa seemed unnerved and began to ask Krystal questions. Marissa inquired why Krystal visited her frequently throughout her childhood. Marissa also wondered why Krystal went to find her after her parents died. Then, Marissa's eyes widened and she asked, "Are you my mother?" Krystal cried as she admitted to being Marissa's parent. Marissa was shocked and confused.

Krystal explained that she could not take care of two babies, so she had to give one of them away. Marissa asked how Krystal decided to give her away, instead of Babe. Krystal said that she pointed to one of the babies, without looking, and chose which one to give up. Krystal wished that she could have kept both babies, but she stated that she needed the money. Marissa was even more horrified because she realized that Krystal did not just give her away, but her mother actually sold her.

Krystal explained that she and Babe led a rocky life. Krystal was happy that Marissa grew up in a loving, stable home. Still, Krystal missed Marissa, so she befriended her adoptive parents in order to spend time with her child. Krystal explained that her adoptive parents never knew that Krystal was Marissa's biological mother. Krystal swore that she loved Marissa just as much as she loved Babe. Krystal tried to hug Marissa, but Marissa wanted no part of it. Marissa exclaimed, "Stay the hell away from me!"

Krystal went home and found David sitting alone in the dark. Krystal assumed that David was upset because of Ian. David said that, even though so much was going wrong with his life, he was glad to have a loving and loyal wife. He hugged her and called her the "mother of his children." She looked alarmed to hear him say "children." He then stated, "I know."

David grabbed Krystal by the arms and she writhed in pain. He was disgusted that Krystal would keep his child from him. She admitted that she was wrong and wished that she had told him the truth sooner. She urged him to kill her because she deserved it. Suddenly, Marissa entered the room and yelled for David to let Krystal go."

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