05/15/2009 Zach, Kendall, & David Take Aim

"Kendall and Zach were horrified when Ian flatlined. Kendall begged the nurse to save her son, but the nurse couldn't help Ian. Jake and Angie rushed into the room then tried to resuscitate Ian. When Ian failed to respond to efforts to save his life, Zach stormed out of the room, with murderous intent.

Jesse stopped Zach from leaving the hospital. Jesse reminded Zach that killing Adam wouldn't bring Ian back. Zach returned to Ian's room as the doctors continued to work on the boy. Ryan stood nearby.

As time passed, it became more difficult for Zach to watch as the doctors worked on his son. Zach walked out when it became too much for him to bear. Moments later, Jesse asked Ryan where Zach had gone. Ryan told Jesse that Zach had joined Kendall in the chapel.

Ryan suggested that Jesse leave the grieving parents alone for awhile. Jesse returned to Ian's room. Jake refused to give up on Ian. His stubbornness paid off when Jake managed to get a weak pulse from Ian. Jesse asked Ryan to fetch Zach and Kendall; their son was alive.

When Zach and Kendall failed to arrive in Ian's room, Jesse realized that Ryan had lied. Zach and Kendall had not been in the chapel. Jesse suspected that the Slaters had gone to Adam's home. Jesse assigned a police officer to Ian's room then headed over to the Chandler mansion.

Annie decided to spirit Emma away. Aidan tried to persuade Annie to let him go, to no avail. Anne didn't trust that Aidan would not to interfere with her plans to snatch Emma from the Chandler mansion. After Annie left, Aidan managed to free himself by cutting through the ropes that had bound his hands.

At the Martin residence, Tad decided to go to the Chandler mansion when he failed to reach Adam by phone. Opal begged Tad not to go, but Tad ignored his mother's warnings.

Stuart caught Annie lurking at the front gates of the Chandler mansion. Annie assured Stuart that all of the charges against her had been dropped and her troubles were behind her. Stuart believed Annie. As Stuart headed to the house, Annie pretended to leave.

When Stuart was out of sight, Annie snuck back onto the estate. Once she was inside the mansion, Annie found the main breaker box. She flipped the switches until the mansion was plunged into darkness. Upstairs in his bedroom, Little A was frightened when the lights went out.

JR found David skulking around the front gates of the mansion. JR hit David from behind, and then picked up David's gun. David regained consciousness minutes later. As David stumbled towards the mansion, Kendall approached the gates. She recalled her promise to Zach to kill Adam if Ian died.

Krystal confronted Adam in his living room. She refused to let Adam answer his phone when it rang. When she spotted a gun on the wet bar, Krystal grabbed it. Krystal aimed the gun at Adam while she accused him of ruining her life. Krystal was livid because Adam had told David about Marissa. Krystal blamed Adam for Marissa and David walking out on her.

Adam had little sympathy for Krystal. He accused Krystal of ruining her own life. Adam reminded Krystal that it had been her choice to sell one of her children. Adam dared Krystal to shoot him. Adam kept pushing Krystal until she finally pulled the trigger.

Adam laughed when the gun failed to discharge. Stunned, Krystal dropped the gun. JR sauntered into the room seconds later. It was clear, by his slurred words, that JR was drunk. Adam wanted JR to call the police, so that he could press charges against Krystal for attempted murder. JR chuckled as he suggested that it was his turn to take a shot at Adam. JR assured Adam that his gun was loaded, so JR had nine opportunities to hit his target. The men barely paid attention to Krystal as she ran out of the room.

Adam scoffed at the idea of JR committing patricide. Adam accused JR of being a "pathetic drunk" who couldn't hit "the broadside of a barn." JR ignored his father's insults. JR wondered if Adam thought he had gotten away with Dixie's murder. Adam ridiculed JR for suspecting him of murdering Dixie. JR was undaunted. JR speculated that Babe, not Dixie, had been Adam's intended target.

Adam switched tactics; he suggested that JR didn't really want Adam to die. Adam revealed that Krystal, as well as others, wanted to kill Adam. Adam hoped that JR would help him; Adam was certain that people, who meant Adam harm, were on their way. JR laughed as he told Adam that his money was on David being the first to arrive. Adam appeared rattled as he asked JR why he thought David would show up at the mansion. JR's response was to ask, "Where do you think I got the gun?"

For the first time, Adam appeared concerned. His hands were shaking as he reached for his bottle of pills. JR noticed Adam's reaction, but had little sympathy for his father. Tad walked into the living and stopped short when he saw JR with the gun.

Tad pleaded with JR to hand the gun to Tad. Tad promised that justice would be served. Tad intended to take Adam to the police station so that Adam could be questioned about Dixie's murder. JR handed his gun to Tad. Tad advised JR remain at the house with Little A. JR walked out of the living room while Tad led Adam to the front door.

Adam managed to evade Tad. The two men struggled briefly before Adam overpowered Tad. Tad was knocked unconscious. Adam insisted that he had not killed Dixie then he slipped away.

Kendall ducked behind some patio furniture when she heard someone approach. While Kendall huddled out of sight, a mystery woman walked past the patio. When the coast was clear Kendall crept into the mansion. Kendall found the gun, which Krystal had dropped earlier, on the living room floor. Kendall picked the gun up then made her way to the foyer.

Kendall saw Tad, unconscious, on the floor. As she approached Tad, he slowly came to. His vision was fuzzy as Kendall leaned over him to check his injury. Tad called out her name, but Kendall did not respond. Instead, Kendall continued looking for Adam.

Zach gained access to the Chandler mansion through the patio doors. When Zach stepped into the foyer, Tad was gone. However, the gun he had taken from JR was on the ground. Zach picked the gun up then left the foyer.

Ryan walked into the Chandler home a short time later. Ryan called out Kendall's name when he thought he saw her standing in the shadows.

Krystal ran into David as she fled Adam's house. David was surprised to see Krystal. Krystal told David about her encounter with Adam. She admitted that she had tried to shoot Adam, but discovered that the gun had not been loaded. Krystal realized that David intended to find Adam.

Krystal begged David not to go to the house. She told him that JR was drunk and armed with a gun. According to David, JR was too much of a coward to kill Adam. Krystal realized that David wanted Adam dead. David didn't deny it. He reminded Krystal that Adam had hurt everyone David had cared about.

Later, David found Little A wandering in the foyer. David scooped Little A into his arms then carried his grandson to the child's bedroom. David was surprised to find Emma in the room. He told the children to stay together and to keep their door closed. David explained that he had to talk to Adam, so he wanted the kids to stay in the bedroom. After David left, Annie slipped into the bedroom.

Emma was delighted to see her mother. Annie confided that she had plans to run away with Emma. Annie was startled when the bedroom door suddenly flew open. Little A called out, "Grandpa?" when he saw Adam standing in the doorway. Adam and Annie's eyes locked for a moment before Adam turned away. Annie quickly gave chase.

Krystal was alarmed when she encountered Tad on the grounds of the Chandler estate. Krystal noticed that Tad was bleeding from a head injury. Tad explained what had happened and confided that he was worried about JR. Tad believed that Adam behaved as if someone wanted to kill him.

Krystal revealed that she had tried to shoot Adam. Tad was stunned; he noticed that Krystal seemed a bit dazed. He asked her if she was on drugs. Krystal admitted that she had taken a couple of pills. Tad suggested that she go home.

Krystal refused to leave because she was worried about David. Tad realized that David had access to two guns: the one that Krystal had dropped and the one that Tad had left in the foyer. Tad decided to return to the house.

JR was drinking heavily when someone with a flashlight approached him. The light temporarily blinded JR, so he had no idea who stood before him. JR was unprepared when the person suddenly threw water into his face. By the time JR recovered, the person was gone. JR staggered through the halls of his home until he spotted Annie. Annie tried to get away from JR, but JR managed to catch her.

Elsewhere in the house, Adam stood in the center of the living room. He had no idea that three guns were aimed at him. Zach, Kendall, and David stood in hidden locations, unaware of each other, completely focused on their target: Adam. Tad lurked nearby.

Opal, Krystal, and Aidan were gathered at the gates of the mansion when they heard a shot ring out.

Inside the living room, Adam collapsed to the ground. As his eyes slowly closed, he was haunted by all of the recent accusations and threats against him. The last words Adam heard were his own, "I must die for all I have done to all of you.""

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