07/21/2008 Annie Gives Ryan The News

"Jesse was interrogating Adam about the car he reported stolen. Adam claimed that the car was stolen before any of the Chandlers had a chance to drive it. Jesse found it odd that the tire marks found on Richie's body were from the same type of tires that were on Colby's car. Just then, Krystal entered. Jesse announced that Colby's car was missing. Krystal gave Adam a confused look, but soon realized that Adam was up to something. So, Krystal proceeded to pretend that Adam informed her of the theft already. Adam was relieved.

Adam brought Jesse to see his garage. Jesse was impressed with the security and wondered how anyone could steal a car from the property. Adam commented that there were many possible culprits, like the technician that installed the security system.

After Jesse left, Krystal demanded to know what was going on. Adam refused to give Krystal any details because she was no longer a member of the Chandler family. She affirmed that she loved Colby as if she was her own daughter. Adam let on that the car was not really stolen. He confessed that he was trying to protect Colby. Krystal quickly realized that Colby ran over Richie. Krystal looked horrified. Adam asked Krystal if she could keep the secret. She was not happy because she would have to lie. He urged her to help Colby, like she helped Babe many times in the past. Krystal was torn. He stated that she would not be lying; instead she would be keeping a secret. She agreed not to tell anyone, but affirmed that she was doing it for Colby, not Adam.

Colby, Cassandra, and Dre were at Cassandra's house. They were talking about the hit and run. Cassandra felt very guilty because they took a life. Colby snapped that Richie was a bad person that no one would miss. Colby reminded Cassandra that they were each protecting their families by not confessing. Then, there was a knock at the door-it was Pete. Pete announced that Adam was evil, just as Palmer claimed. Pete explained that Adam threatened to frame him for rape, if he did not keep his mouth shut about the accident. Cassandra was appalled by Adam's behavior, but Colby affirmed that Adam was trying to protect them.

Jesse came home and saw all of the teenagers in the living room. He asked why they were not enjoying the summer day outside. They all acted nervous and pretended that they were about to leave. Pete introduced himself and stated that he had experience with forensics. Jesse turned to Colby and said that he was "on her case." All of the teenagers looked anxious and inquired why. Jesse replied that he was trying to find Colby's car.

After Jesse left, the teenagers became panicked. They feared that Jesse might be suspicious of them. Meanwhile, Jesse made a call to a fellow officer. He asked the officer to watch Colby and Cassandra.

Greenlee and Zach were outside of Annie's hospital room. Greenlee wanted to go into the room to support Ryan, but Zach stopped her. Zach urged Greenlee to mind her own business. Greenlee retorted that Ryan saved her life, so she needed to help him, if he needed it. Kendall and Aidan then arrived.

Annie informed Ryan that she was pregnant. He looked upset. He said that he knew she was keeping a secret. He then asked who the father was. She stated that he was the father, but he did not believe it. He reminded her that he had a vasectomy. She proclaimed that the baby was a miracle, but he was still skeptical. He suggested that they get a divorce. She looked horrified and adamantly affirmed that he was the father. She encouraged him to have a test done.

Ryan went into the waiting room to see Greenlee, Kendall, Aidan, and Zach. Ryan announced that Annie was pregnant. Kendall blurted out, "Who's the father?" A doctor entered the room, so Aidan recommended that Ryan get an exam to determine if he could father a child. Ryan thought that was a good idea and left to have a test done.

Greenlee and Kendall were furious with Annie over her suspected infidelity. They stormed into Annie's room. They bluntly asked Annie who the real father was. Annie snidely commented that she was not a cheater, like Kendall. Annie then sarcastically said that she felt bad for Greenlee since she never had a chance to have a child with Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall were disgusted with Annie, so they charged out of the room.

Kendall saw Ryan in the hallway. Kendall explained that she told Greenlee he retrieved his memory, but she did not divulge his romantic feelings for Greenlee. Ryan seemed distraught, so Kendall asked if she should tell Greenlee the truth. He said no.

Aidan asked Greenlee if she wanted to leave the hospital. She wanted to stay. She said that she needed to be there for Ryan. She then assured Aidan that she loved him.

Ryan received his test results. After he read them, he went into Annie's room. Ryan was stunned to learn that he was not sterile. Annie reaffirmed that the baby was a miracle. She believed that the baby could save their marriage and reunite them as a family. He still looked shocked. She promised him that he would welcome their baby eventually.

Meanwhile, Greenlee was eavesdropping and heard that Ryan could have children. She looked sad, but did not let anyone see her melancholy emotion. Instead, she told Kendall, Zach, and Aidan the news as she flashed a big smile.

Ryan revisited the waiting room to see his friends. They admitted that they already knew he was able to have children. Ryan stated that he was going to take Annie home.

Greenlee, Kendall, Zach, and Aidan went to ConFusion. As Kendall and Zach ordered drinks at the bar, Kendall confided in her husband that Ryan loved Greenlee. She also commented that Annie could not have trapped Ryan any better if she had planned it. Zach looked enlightened by the comment.

Aidan asked Greenlee how she was feeling. Greenlee admitted that Ryan's vasectomy ruined two years of her life. Nevertheless, Greenlee insisted that she was happy for Ryan."

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