07/22/2008 Ryan Goes To See Dr. Cooper

"Angie was worried about Frankie, who skipped work and was not answering his cell phone. Jake said that Frankie could handle Randi, but Angie was scared Frankie would get in trouble. Angie asked Jake why his marriage ended, but Jake would not answer. Angie was troubled when she overheard a few nurses talking about how "hot" Frankie was. Angie pulled one of the nurses aside and invited her to dinner with the family

Randi refused to answer any personal questions from employees. She threatened to leave until Frankie showed up. Frankie said he was volunteering with the facility and wanted to help her with the form. On the application, Randi claimed she was 22 years old, had no living relatives, and lacked any job skills. Frankie asked Randi how she got involved in prostitution. Randi said she just kind of got into the gig, but Frankie found that hard to believe. Randi said she had a rough childhood, which Frankie took to mean that she had been sexually abused. Frankie told Randi she was not to blame for the abuse. He told Randi what a wonderful woman she was, and for once, she did not argue back. Randi thanked Frankie for his kind words before Frankie left. Fletcher showed up to see Randi. He told her that Frankie was filling her head with lies, because she was nothing more than trash.

Greenlee told Amanda that Annie was pregnant. Amanda was shocked when she heard the news, especially since Ryan was supposed to be unable to produce children. Amanda asked Greenlee if it upset her that Annie was pregnant, because Greenlee never had children with Ryan. Greenlee said she was in love with Aidan and had no interest in Annie's pregnancy. Plus, Greenlee said that Annie loved Ryan. Amanda told Greenlee she was tired of being alone. When Amanda got a pain in her neck, Greenlee suggested Amanda visit a single and handsome doctor-Jake. Amanda went to the hospital and found Jake on his break. She told Jake that she fell asleep while reading and injured her neck. Jake tried to relax the muscles in Amanda's neck by massaging them. Suddenly, Amanda's neck felt much better.

Ryan told Annie he was going to speak to Dr. Cooper about the vasectomy he performed on Ryan. Ryan said he wanted to find out what went wrong with his surgery, but Annie insisted Ryan was making too much of the matter. She even reminded him that they always talked about having a big family. Annie wanted Ryan to consider the baby a "miracle baby" and a sign of their renewed love for each other. Ryan insisted on getting answers, so Annie went with him to see Dr. Cooper. When Ryan arrived at the office, the secretary told him that Dr. Cooper was a fraud. He never performed the surgery on more than 20 patients, and was being sued. The secretary said efforts to contact Ryan were unsuccessful. Annie scooted Ryan quickly out the door before he could ask the secretary any more questions. Ryan went to Fusion to tell Greenlee about the botched operation. He asked if Greenlee was happy, and she told him yes. Ryan said he was happy, too. He kissed her cheek and told her good-bye. When Ryan said good-bye, Greenlee laughed because she told him they would see each other again soon. So instead, Ryan muttered, "Hasta la vista," and left.

Annie tossed Richie's ashes into the river. She told him he no longer had any power over her.

Colby, Pete, Dre, and Cassie went to the pool to get their minds off Richie's death. Pete and Colby wanted to have fun, but Dre was too busy comforting a worried Cassie. Pete suggested they all take a road trip, but Cassie said the police were watching them closely and dashing off was not a smart idea. Pete took a sip of Colby's drink, but spit it out when he tasted the rum. Cassie scolded Colby for drinking again, but Colby did not see any problem with having one drink. Dre told everyone to keep their cool or else the police would get suspicious. Cassie said she needed to find peace with the situation if they were going to lie about being responsible for Richie's death. Annie was shocked when she heard the teens blaming themselves for Richie's murder."

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