02/11/2008 Angie Sees Jesse At The Cemetery

"Ryan went to see Kendall at her home but found Zach and Annie there instead. Annie was upset to discover that Ryan was seeking out Kendall's company again, so she left. Zach told Ryan that he was being insensitive to Annie's feelings. Zach asked Ryan to sit and talk with him. Zach explained that they were good friends and that he wanted to help.

Ryan accused Zach of wanting to keep Kendall away from him. Zach admitted that he was protective of Kendall, just like Ryan had been protective of Annie in the past. Then, Rachael carried Spike into the room. Zach introduced Ryan to his son. Ryan held Spike and instantly connected with the baby.

Zach asked if his paternal interaction was as instinctual with Emma as it was with Spike. Ryan sheepishly answered that he had not had a chance to spend time with Emma yet. Zach encouraged Ryan to make his relationship with Annie work. So, Ryan went home to see his wife. He promised her that he would try to make things right between them. However, when Annie left the room, Ryan stared at a picture of Kendall.

Greenlee was surprised to hear Kendall answer Aidan's cell phone. Kendall nervously explained that she and Aidan had randomly ended up on the same plane to Chicago. Soon, Aidan returned and got on the phone. Greenlee inquired why Kendall had sounded weird. Aidan claimed that she was nervous about the book tour. He then told Greenlee that he loved and missed her.

After Aidan hung up, Kendall became frantic with worry that Greenlee suspected they'd had an affair. Aidan assured her that Greenlee was not suspicious. Kendall again ran to the bathroom because she was nauseous. When she returned, she said that Spike seemed to have given her a "bug."

Aidan urged Kendall to stop stressing out over their tryst. Kendall could not relax because she dreaded losing Zach over the affair. Aidan suggested that they make a vow to never tell their secret. Kendall agreed, and they shook hands. Then, the flight attendant announced that the flight was canceled.

Jack visited Greenlee in the hospital. Greenlee admitted that she was jealous of Kendall and Aidan. Jack asked if Greenlee worried about the nature of their relationship. Greenlee said no. She explained that she was upset because they were both living exciting lives while she was stuck in the hospital. Greenlee said that she could not wait to return to her normal life.

Jack left, and a nurse entered. Greenlee told the nurse that she wanted her aesthetician to visit her in the hospital. The nurse laughed and stated that was not allowed. Greenlee said that she wanted to be beautiful for when Aidan returned. Just then, Aidan entered with a bouquet of flowers. Aidan told Greenlee that she was beautiful already and did not need a makeover. She joked that he did not understand women. So, Aidan indulged Greenlee and painted her toenails.

Kendall waited in the airport for the next flight to Chicago. A pregnant woman saw Kendall and instantly detected that she was not feeling well. The woman gave Kendall antacids and stated that they had saved her during her first trimester. Kendall looked horrified as she realized that the woman thought she was pregnant.

Kendall clutched her stomach and recalled having sex with Aidan. Kendall immediately bought a pregnancy test. Then, Zach called her. He told her about Ryan's visit to their home. Kendall felt sorry for Annie because she had essentially lost her husband. Kendall hoped she would never lose Zach. Zach promised he would never leave her.

Jesse stood by his grave when Tad approached him. Tad asked why he had not left town yet. Jesse said that he was about to leave. Tad urged him not to go. Tad asserted that he was no longer the "screwup" Jesse had known. Tad said he could help his old friend out of the predicament he was in. Jesse stated that his situation was hopeless, so he made Tad swear to keep his secret.

Angie was about to leave the hospital when Joe paged her. Joe needed her to sign some papers. As Angie did that, Joe tried to persuade her to work at Pine Valley Hospital. Angie said that she could not live in Pine Valley without Jesse. Then, Angie left to visit Jesse's grave.

When Angie arrived, she was stunned to see Jesse standing in front of his own grave. Angie cried out, "Jesse," and fainted. Jesse caught her and held her in his arms. Jesse immediately called 9-1-1. As he waited for the ambulance, he kissed Angie. Jesse cried as he professed his love for her.

Jesse heard the ambulance's siren and left. The paramedics arrived and took Angie to Pine Valley Hospital. Joe examined her and diagnosed her with hypoglycemia. Angie looked dismayed as she told Joe about her encounter with Jesse. Joe assumed that Angie had conjured up Jesse's image because she was so desperate to see him. However, Angie insisted that she had truly seen Jesse.

Jesse accosted Tad in the hospital's parking garage. Jesse explained what had happened at the cemetery. Jesse begged Tad to convince Angie that she had hallucinated what she had seen at his grave. Tad was doubtful that Angie would believe it. Nevertheless, he promised to try. Tad then invited Jesse to stay in his basement. Jesse agreed to stay there until he was certain that Angie was healthy and safe."

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