02/12/2008 Angie Doubts What She Saw

"A team of professionals sat around the table at New Beginnings. Erica showed the gentlemen a piece of ice to represent her assets being frozen. She said that she had learned her funds had been frozen when she'd tried to buy a home. Erica threw the chunk of ice across the table and demanded answers. The professionals explained the federal government was conducting its own investigation.

When Erica asked how to fix the problem, the men were silent. She said they were all fired. She called Jackson, but he did not answer. Moments later, Samuel Woods and Pam, the producer, entered the room. Pam said Samuel would like to be a guest on the show. Erica suggested she interview Samuel that afternoon, but he had made other plans.

Samuel got into the elevator but returned seconds later. Samuel said he could rearrange his plans to appear on the show. Once the show began, Samuel said he was not on the show to announce his candidacy for the Senate because "that's already been discussed." Erica then asked if Woods wanted to keep her and the viewers guessing about the reason for his talk show visit. "Miss Kane, when I want something from you, you'll know it," Samuel responded suggestively, "I will never, ever keep you guessing."

Jesse had a nightmare that Angie was being held hostage while he was pinned in a chair. He immediately woke up, dripping in sweat, and promised Angie he would never let anyone hurt her. Tad took Jesse some supplies and updated him on Angie's condition. Tad begged Jesse to be honest with his family, but Jesse insisted revealing the truth was too dangerous.

Angie told Frankie she had passed out from being exhausted and tired. But Frankie said he knew Angie had seen Jesse at the gravesite. Angie said her vision of Jesse had not been real, but Frankie insisted his father was alive. Frankie said that he'd smelled Jesse's aftershave, and someone had called the paramedics after Angie had passed out. Frankie claimed that Tad knew something about Jesse, but Angie did not want to hear his myths anymore. Angie begged Frankie to accept that Jesse was dead. After Angie was released from the hospital, she went to see Tad. Jesse hid in another room before Angie could see him.

As Aidan packed up Greenlee's belongings, Greenlee had trouble saying goodbye to the hospital. Greenlee wanted to be her old self -- partying with friends, making Fusion better, and traveling -- but worried her experiences over the past several years would make that task difficult. Aidan assured Greenlee she was not the same person anymore. He joked that her taste in men had improved.

Kendall's pen ran out of ink at the book signing. After digging through her purse, she looked up and saw Zach standing in front of her. Zach took a seat beside Kendall, who quickly moved her purse so he wouldn't see the pregnancy test inside the bag. Kendall got back to signing books for her fans while Zach went to another part of the bookstore. Greenlee called Kendall to make sure Zach had arrived safely.

Kendall was surprised that Greenlee had known her husband was heading out for a visit. Greenlee said that their lives were finally spinning in the right direction. Kendall rushed to the bathroom after she began to feel sick. Zach told Kendall that he knew something was bothering her. She said she wanted Zach to stay with her because they hadn't had much alone time. As Zach changed his flight, Kendall knocked her purse over.

Greenlee told Aidan that she appreciated his support through all the good and bad times. Aidan promised they would be together for a very long time. Joe took a wheelchair to Greenlee, but she refused to be seen in the contraption. Greenlee walked out with Aidan following behind.

Krystal told Babe she was worried about Tad because he had been acting strangely. Krystal said Tad was not cheating, but Babe said he wouldn't be breaking the rules if he had another woman on the side. After all, their marriage was more of a business arrangement, Babe added. Krystal said that she and Tad were not an item, but both wanted to make the marriage work.

Babe found Richie, who said he had been getting blood transfusions regularly. Doctors had found a possible bone marrow donor, but the patient was not interested in helping, Richie said. Babe asked who the donor was, but Richie said the doctors wouldn't reveal the name. Richie said jokingly that Babe could break into Joe's office to find out who the donor was.

After Richie left, Babe explained that doctors had found a donor for Richie, but the name was not being revealed for privacy reasons. Krystal could see Babe had already hatched a plan. They hacked into Joe's office and found Richie's records. Babe was shocked when she learned that JR was the match for Richie.

Adam noticed the ring was missing from JR's hand. JR claimed the ring had accidentally fallen down the sink. As Adam got up, an earpiece fell from his lap. He said the device was part of a new security system and rushed from the room to get some paperwork for JR. While JR took a call, Adam muttered to himself that he knew his son was a liar. Later, Colby walked in with JR's ring that her friend had managed to salvage from the sink. JR looked closer at the ring and saw a microphone implanted inside."

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