03/27/2007 Lily's First Day At Cambias

"At Fusion, Erica showed Kendall and Bianca how much she had done to keep Fusion alive during the serial killer fiasco. Bianca thought it was a good idea for Erica to be helpful at Fusion, but Kendall was skeptical. Kendall was afraid of the Erica Kane shadow and wanted to stand on her own. In the back room of Fusion, Sean tried to talk Erica out of a divorce. Erica told him that if Jack had chosen Barbara there was nothing she could do. He told her he wished they could stay together and no matter what she had made Jack happy. Sean went to Kendall and Bianca and told them to get Erica to change her mind about the divorce. Erica came back and her girls told her that she really needed to think about this divorce. Erica told them that she has always loved Jack and that he was the one determined to go through with the divorce. Kendall explained to Erica that she wanted a company she could call her own. Sean went to his mom and said it was time for them to go back to Seattle. Barbara saw through the suggestion and knew it was to keep her away from Jack. Barbara said some less than kind things about Erica and that she had slept with Jeff Martin. Jack came in and Sean asked if it was true, Jack told him it was true. Barbara told Jack that Sean blamed her for his divorce and continued on about Erica, but Jack told her to go. Erica went to see Jack.

Zach stopped by to get Lily on her first day of work and Jack was very amicable toward him. Lily ran by them, opened the door and was looking for a woman who had peeked in the window. Lily did some detective work and said that the woman was wearing four inch heels. At Zach's office, Lily saw footprints on the carpet and said that they matched the prints at her house. Lily said she would figure out the mystery when a woman came into Zach's office. Zach asked her who she was and she asked if she had changed that much.

Krystal's room was locked and J.R., Babe and Colby couldn't get the door unlocked. Tad had a smile on his face. Adam woke up in the board room stark naked. Security tried to remove Adam, but Jamie and Aidan came to take him home. Adam told everyone to leave, Jamie called Tad and the security guard brought him a fur coat to wear. They got Adam home and two nice young men in white coats came to take him away. (Ha-Ha) Krystal told Tad that he would not get away with this. Now dressed, Krystal told the men that Adam was not crazy but Adam wouldn't listen to any of them. J.R. said that maybe the men in the white coats could help Adam. He then disowned J.R. Adam went off on Jamie and amid the commotion, Jeff came in and said he had heard Adam had some sort of psychotic episode. Tad told Adam to take the jet and go on vacation but Adam said that if they didn't leave his house, he and Krystal would be very sorry. Krystal told Tad to stop this whole thing but he said he could not. They took Adam away and he swore revenge on all the Martins. Tad said after she had the baby he would have Adam released. At the sanitarium, in a straight jacket, Adam was greeted by none other than Janet Dillon."

- Soap Central