03/28/2007 Hannah Applies For A Position At Cambias

"Bianca was already at Fusion when Zoe arrived. Bianca told Zoe that Miranda was over the moon with her birthday present. So, Zoe said she was feeling the same way and slyly smiled at Bianca. Meanwhile, Kendall was trying to reach Zach, but Lily would not put her call through. Kendall tried to explain that even though Zach asked to not be interrupted, Lily could make an exception for Kendall. However, Lily would not budge. Then, Josh entered the office and asked if Babe was there. Kendall said Josh should care about his sisters and not just Babe. So, Josh asked if they needed anything. Then, his sisters pleaded with him to forgive Erica, but Josh refused. Zoe also told Josh to cut Erica some slack, but Josh still held a grudge against his mother. Then, Bianca, Kendall, and Josh went into another room to finish their conversation. While they were gone, a customer entered that needed help with an order he placed. However, when the customer saw Zoe, he was appalled and questioned Fusion's integrity. At this point, the Kane clan returned. Kendall told the man to leave because they did not want to do business with a bigot. So, Zoe went to thank her, but Kendall stopped Zoe and demanded that she find three orders to replace the ones they just lost. Then, Kendall left. Zoe declared that she realized why Bianca loved Kendall so much.

Zach realized that the mystery woman was Hanna, Ethan's mother. They hugged and Zach stated that he tried to find Hanna many times. Hanna said Zach was not the only person that was good at hiding. Then, Hanna admitted that she had been in town for a few days and was checking up on Zach. Hanna also said that she knew about Ethan's death. Zach apologized, but Hanna was glad to hear that Alexander was behind bars. Hanna then explained that she was living in China and working in the import business. By the time she heard that Zach and Ethan were alive, her hopes of a reunion were ruined because of Ethan's untimely death. Zach apologized again, but Hanna said she did not hold anything against Zach. So, Zach asked why Hanna was in town. Hanna said that Zach invited her. Then, Hanna showed Zach her resume, with her changed name on it. Hanna explained that she was invited for an interview for a position at Cambias. Zach said that she could have the job. However, Hanna wanted to get to know everyone that knew Ethan before she accepted the position. Then, Kendall came in and Zach introduced Kendall to Hanna. Kendall looked shocked!

Erica and Jack waited for their lawyers to come. As they waited, Erica remembered happy times she spent with Jack. Then, Erica asked Jack if they could proceed with their divorce without any drama and Jack agreed. Then, Livia and Erica's lawyer arrived. Erica's lawyer wanted them to sell their house, but Erica refused. Erica insisted that Jack keep the house because his family still lived there. Then, they discussed their yacht. Erica wanted Jack to keep this as well, but Jack refused. So, they decided to sell it and split the profit. Finally, the division of assets ended and Erica went to leave. However, Livia stopped her and asked if Erica and Jack were truly ready to end their marriage. Erica said yes and left. Next, Jack stood alone in his house. He had a drink in his hand, while he looked at Erica's picture. Then, Barbara came home and Jack asked her to stay with him. Barbara comforted Jack and they kissed! Meanwhile, Erica went to her office and found Jeff inside. Erica immediately told him that their relationship was over!

Krystal's stomach was cramping, so Jeff examined her. Jeff assured Krystal that it was indigestion and that she needed to walk around. Then, Babe and Tad went outside to talk. Babe told Tad that he should not threaten to take the baby. Tad said there was no way he would allow his daughter to grow up in the mansion. Babe stated that Krystal was an excellent mother. However, Tad could not get over Krystal's betrayal. Tad also said that he resented Babe and JR for keeping the secret as well. Babe said she understood that it was hard for Tad to forgive because she was having a hard time forgiving JR. Meanwhile, JR and Krystal were talking inside. JR admitted that he was glad Krystal decided to stay because this meant Babe would stay too. JR then proposed that he and Krystal team up to win back Babe and Adam.

Amanda went to visit Janet, but was shocked to see Adam in a straitjacket. Janet tried to talk with Adam, but he coldly dismissed her. Then, Jamie entered and Janet and Amanda left. Jamie demanded that Adam leave Tad, Krystal, and his new sister alone. Adam laughed as he stated that Jamie would lose this battle. Then, Jamie went to speak with a nurse. However, Colby was already talking to the nurse because she wanted to see Adam. Colby told Jamie to stop messing with Adam. Jamie ignored her plea and told her to go to school. Meanwhile, Amanda saw Adam again. Adam said that Amanda owed him for unleashing her crazy mother on Pine Valley. So, Adam asked Amanda for information on Jamie. Amanda refused and proceeded to warn Jamie. Then, Adam saw Janet and apologized for being rude earlier. Adam then proposed that he and Janet help each other.

Colby ditched school and went to the park. Sean ditched too and met up with Colby. Sean apologized for having sex with her on the yacht. Sean also advised Colby not to do anything like that again. Colby was confused. Sean explained that Colby might have kids one day, so she should not tarnish her image. Colby was still confused. Finally, Sean announced that Erica cheated on Jack and that Barbara was after him. Sean said the only way to stop Barbara was to leave town. However, Colby begged him not to leave because he was the only person she could depend on."

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