03/14/2007 Kendall Learns of Ryan's Proposal To Annie

"Zach went to see his father in prison. Zach announced that he would take over Cambias Industries. Alexander was pleased to hear that Zach was taking over his legacy. However, Zach declared that Cambias would no longer be his father's legacy. Zach explained that he was going to rebuild Cambias completely, and it would have nothing to do with Alexander.

Alexander looked nervous and said Zach could never escape his legacy, but Zach smiled and stated that his father had no hold over him. Then, Zach walked out. Alexander screamed for Zach to return, but Zach kept walking.

Jonathan did not realize Kendall was in the room when he announced the news about Ryan's proposal. When Jonathan saw Kendall, he quickly left Ryan and Kendall alone. Ryan admitted that he had proposed to Annie. Kendall was surprised but said she was happy for him. Then, she ran out of the room and slammed the door.

Ryan was confused. However, when Kendall returned, she explained that she was sick. Ryan realized she was pregnant and immediately congratulated her. They reminisced about her pregnancy with Spike. Kendall recalled her cravings and weird dreams about belly button balloons.

Ryan and Kendall laughed together and wished each other the best. Then, Kendall commented that Annie was very understanding because she still wanted to marry Ryan, despite his vasectomy. Ryan got a worried look on his face as Kendall received a phone call.

Zach called Kendall and asked her to meet him right away at the casino. Kendall left, and Jonathan returned. Ryan expressed his worry that Annie did not know about the vasectomy. Jonathan explained that Annie had admitted she was in love with Ryan. Ryan was relieved and felt he just needed to make Annie realize he was worthy.

Kendall arrived at the casino, and Zach had the entire outside patio decorated. There was a poster that said, "We're having a baby!" Zach had even gotten balloons that had belly buttons on them. Kendall was shocked that Zach had remembered her dreams from her pregnancy with Spike. Zach stated that he remembered everything about Kendall, and they kissed.

Then, Zach gave Kendall a gift. It was a chain with a key charm on it. Zach said the key was for their future, their family, and his heart. Zach thanked Kendall for saving his heart. Zach showed Kendall baby clothes he had already bought. Kendall laughed and announced that she had thought of baby names. For a boy, it would be Zachary Ethan and for a girl it would be Amelia Bianca. Zach smiled and kissed Kendall.

Bianca had tears in her eyes when she saw Babe. Bianca was very happy and told Babe that she forgave her for everything. They both cried and embraced each other. Bianca said she wanted to be friends again, and Babe said she had never stopped loving Bianca. Bianca then asked if Babe planned to leave town. Babe said leaving was just a desperation move that she did not want make. Babe wanted to stay in town with her family and friends.

Babe explained that JR wanted her back. Babe then asked Bianca about JR's behavior while she had been "dead." Bianca explained about JR leaving Zoe at the cemetery. Bianca also stated that JR had sincerely apologized. However, Bianca warned that JR was broken and would probably revert to his old ways. Babe agreed and said her marriage was over.

Babe declared that she needed to get ready for a custody battle. Bianca asked about the blackmail. Babe said JR had promised not to use it against her. Bianca warned Babe again that JR might go back on his word and that her secret was bound to be revealed.

Adam had Colby meet him at the mall. Adam told Colby that Babe was alive. Adam then asked for Colby's help to buy baby clothes for Charlotte. Colby was very excited and promised to be the best sister, sister-in-law, and stepdaughter. Adam was very pleased and wished that the entire family could get back together, since Babe was alive.

Colby said she knew a way to get Babe and JR back together, but Adam told her to stay out of it. Colby wondered why her father had become so laid-back. Adam stated that Krystal inspired him to trust love, faith, and honesty.

Josh told Krystal that her secret was ammunition for JR. Krystal was annoyed with Josh because he was acting like JR. Krystal believed that Josh had used her secret to coax Babe into leaving town with him. Krystal also accused Josh of pressuring Babe, just like JR. Josh said he was nothing like JR. Josh also said Krystal was the threat to Babe, not him. Josh explained that Babe would sacrifice her life for Krystal's. Therefore, Babe would stay with JR forever because she feared JR would tell Krystal's secret.

Meanwhile, Tad saw JR outside and asked to talk with him. Tad asked about the blackmail and promised to stop JR from hurting Babe. JR swore on Dixie's grave that he would not use the blackmail and that he would never hurt Babe again. JR asked Tad to stop digging for information on the blackmail, and Tad agreed. JR went inside and heard Josh and Krystal discussing the secret. JR told Josh never to tell the secret, and Josh left.

JR told Krystal about his visit with Babe. JR said Babe wanted a divorce, but he vowed to stop at nothing to win her back. Krystal seemed distraught, so when Adam returned home, he asked her what was wrong. Krystal said she had never meant to hurt Babe and Adam and began to cry. Krystal also stated that she had made a mistake.

Krystal admitted that JR was blackmailing Babe with Krystal's secret. Adam looked worried. Meanwhile, Tad followed Josh after he left the mansion. Josh urged Tad to uncover the secret of the blackmail because it was the only way to save Babe from JR."

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