03/13/2007 Kendall Tells Zach She's Pregnant

"At Babe's bedside, Babe told JR that they were through for good, but JR pledged his undying love. Josh entered and told JR to leave, and JR thanked Josh for saving her. Josh asked Babe if she was going back to JR, and she said that she wouldn't be with either of them. Tad entered, and she told him that she wanted to visit, but she needed to talk to JR alone. Tad left and took Josh with him. JR told Babe how he had hated himself after she had died and had told Jamie that if he had a chance to do it all over again, he would do right by her. Babe had doubts about his intentions.

Erica was intent on finding out what secret Babe was hiding. She asked Tad to find out the secret, but he told her to back off. He told her that life was too short to ruin it for anybody. Erica went to Bianca at the Miranda Center and tried to convince her to leave with Erica to stop Josh. Erica said that she had told JR that Babe was alive and Josh had her hidden in the casino. Bianca was thrilled at the news and went to tell Zoe.

Ryan continued making a case to Annie for them to be together. She said that not too long before, he had loved Kendall. Ryan told her he had gotten over it and loved Annie. He said that she was a wonderful mom and would make a wonderful wife.

Zach was a bit shell-shocked at the news of Kendall's pregnancy. Zach was afraid and a bit uneasy but told Kendall that he wanted the baby. They began kissing and talking. He asked when it was due, and she said she didn't know yet. He said that he knew he could not take Cambias. Kendall told him to take Cambias and turn it into something good that his father would never recognize."

- Soap Central