01/19/2007 Zach Finds His Mother's Letters

"JR searches through Krystal's purse as Adam walks in. When Adam asks JR what he is doing, JR says he needs a phone to hire more security guards at the home until the Satin Slayer is caught. Adam thinks JR is lying, but Dixie asks to speak to JR alone before Adam can get any answers. Dixie tells JR he was looking through Krystal's purse because he still believes she has some secret. Dixie insists no one is hiding secrets from him, but JR says she is a terrible liar. JR asks Dixie if she is protecting Tad because he is in trouble. Dixie says that Krystal knows something that will help Tad, but Tad does not know what it is. JR pleads with Dixie to tell him the truth because it is torturing her. Dixie tells him if she reveals the secret, it will hurt too many people. JR promises to let the issue go for Dixie's sake. After Dixie leaves, Adam comes back in looking for answers. JR says he was looking for evidence to prove Babe and Josh were having an affair. JR tells Adam about Babe rescuing Zarf, but Adam thinks that in itself is enough to give him full custody of Little Adam.

At the police station, Derek, Jackson and Tad try piecing the murder investigation together. Jackson and Tad want to get more information on Kevin Adler, but Derek thinks they should focus on Zarf, who is already pegged guilty in his eyes. Erica walks into the station with Jeff on her arm demanding answers in order to save Kendall and Bianca. Jackson tells Erica about Zarf's arrest, as Derek walks over announcing that Zarf is the killer. Jackson tells Erica he will do what he can to find the real killer, but Erica says that it may be too late by then. Erica apologizes for doubting Jackson's abilities to bring down the killer, but is so scared for Kendall and Bianca. To help the girls, Jackson encourages Erica to ask Bianca and Kendall to shut down Fusion, but Erica disagrees.

Tad pulls Jeff aside, scolding him for parading around with Erica in front of a sorely hurt Jackson. Jeff claims that he is more than happy to take Jackson's place if Erica wants him too. Tad reminds him that Jackson and Erica have been working on their relationship for years, so Jeff shouldn't get his hopes up. Jeff thinks that the divorce papers are a good sign their relationship is over. Tad reminds him the same situation happened with Erica and Jeff. Jeff escorts Erica out of the station as Jackson and Tad get back to the investigation.

Babe tells Ryan, Kendall and Josh about the white ribbon being tied to the gate at home as they stare at the present from the killer. She tells them that the gesture will prove Zarf is innocent because he can't send flowers from jail. Ryan updates everyone on Kenny's arrival to town, but Kendall says Kenny is not a threat. Ryan and Josh beg the Fusion girls to shut down the business until the killer is caught, but Kendall refuses. Bianca agrees that Kendall needs to be safe, but Maggie begs Bianca to take Miranda and leave too. Babe insists on staying with Kendall to finish the campaign. When Kendall is alone on the roof, Ryan leaps out to try to show that she is not safe anywhere. The body guard rushes in to check on Kendall and leaves at her permission. Ryan pushes Kendall to leave town and Zach, but she refuses. When Ryan storms out, someone watches Kendall with binoculars.

Zach starts going through all of the boxes at the storage unit after seeing the painting the killer left for him. Zach talks out loud, asking the killer what he wants from him, as a camera records his every move. As the killer look on from a secret room, Zach pulls out a batch of love letters written to his mother from her secret lover "R." Zach wonders if the killer blames him for Amelia's death. He screams that he did not kill his mother and Kendall cannot be next on the list."

- Soap Central