01/22/2007 Erica Makes Kendall An Offer

"Zach was still locked in the warehouse when he found a note that said, "She's dead." Zach went wild and began to throw boxes around and pound on the door. As Zach did this, he remembered being locked in a closet as a little boy and pounding on the door to get out. Then, he came across a rifle and tried to shoot the door open with it. This did not work, but Zach realized he could make a small explosive from the gun powder in the bullets. So, he made an explosive device and blew open the lock.

JR went to the police station. JR called Zoë a pervert and demanded to see her. Jack and Tad asked JR not to use slurs. Jack then explained that they might have to release Zoë soon because they had no evidence against her. Derek and JR were annoyed by this. Then, Derek allowed JR to see Zoë. Tad assumed Derek allowed this because the cell was wired and Derek hoped that JR could get Zoë to say something incriminating. So, JR went to see Zoë. As JR asked Zoë questions about her relationship with Babe, JR secretly recorded the conversation. Zoë explained that Babe took a big risk by sticking by her side. Zoë said Babe was the only person who did not pass judgment on her. Then, Babe walked in and was shocked to see JR. Babe asked why her husband was there.

Tad got a phone call from Aidan at the hospital. So, Tad went there and Aidan explained the plan to bait the killer. Tad then ran into Julia. Julia looked distraught and stated that Linda just died. Tad consoled her and stated that Kathy was very lucky to have her Aunt Julia. Tad also offered to go with Julia to tell Kathy the news. So, they went to the boathouse where Jamie, Amanda, and Jonathan brought Kathy to go ice skating. Everyone was having a great time, especially Jonathan and Kathy who were getting along very well. Amanda was glad to see Jonathan happy. Then, when Julia and Tad got there, Amanda and Jonathan realized that Linda died. They consoled Julia and left. Then, Julia began to explain to Kathy that her mommy had died. Tad further explained that Kathy's parents were in heaven. Kathy asked if her parents missed her. Tad said yes, but that they would always be with her. Julia then promised to always love and take care of Kathy.

Kendall was on the roof at Fusion alone. The killer was watching her with binoculars. The killer then loaded a rifle with a dart and aimed it at Kendall. Then, just as the killer was about to pull the trigger, Ryan came out and stepped in front of Kendall. The killer then went to leave, but made a noise. Ryan turned and saw a shadow and climbed up the roof to try to find the killer. Kendall went back inside. Meanwhile, Erica had arrived at Fusion and saw Maggie and Babe with Bianca and Josh. Erica was appalled by Maggie's presence and chastised Babe for not leaving Josh alone. Bianca and Josh told Erica to calm down. Then, they were all distracted by Kendall coming back in with word that Ryan thought he saw someone. Then, Derek and Jack came to check out the scene. And, Ryan finally returned, but found nothing. Still, Ryan wanted to close down Fusion. Kendall was enraged and felt Ryan was overreacting. Then, Erica proposed that Fusion move to her New Beginnings offices, so that they could still run their business, but at a safer location. Erica also offered to give Fusion a loan to take care of its money problems. Babe, Bianca, and Kendall agreed and thanked Erica. Then, Zach came in and hugged Kendall. Zach saw the police and asked what was wrong. Ryan explained what he saw on the roof and proceeded to ask if Zach found anything at the warehouse. Zach recalled the portrait of Kendall and the ominous note, but denied finding anything. Then, everyone left except for Ryan and Josh. Ryan believed Zach was not telling him everything. So, Josh stated he could help Ryan get the truth out of Zach.

Maggie and Bianca went to the boathouse. Maggie was happy to be there because it was the place where they could always escape their troubles. Then, they heard Jonathan fighting with the bodyguard. Jonathan was trying to get into the boathouse because he forgot his gloves. Maggie saw him and looked horrified.

The killer was in the warehouse. The killer pointed the rifle at Kendall's portrait and shot a dart at it!"

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