01/10/2007 Danielle Is Hospitalized

"Colby and Sean were in court when Jack, Adam, and Krystal arrived. Sean and Colby wanted the adults to get them out of trouble, but they refused. Adam explained that he could not influence this judge and that Colby would have to face the consequences. Then, the judge came in and read the charges. The judge then asked Colby and Sean to say something on their behalves. Sean said it was a mistake because they took the wrong limo. And, Colby said they were stupid to show the cops their fake identification and that they did not drink a lot. The judge was not happy that Colby and Sean were not remorseful. So, the judge explained that each of them could face jail time and Colby's sentence could be as long as seven years. The judge then took recess. Jack told Sean that he would probably just get probation because it was his first offence. However, Sean said that if Colby was going down, then he was too. Meanwhile, Krystal explained the hardships of prison to Colby and Colby looked very worried. Then, the judge returned and both Colby and Sean apologized sincerely. The judge stated that saying sorry was not enough and that they had to face the consequences. The judge then announced that he was ready to declare their sentencing.

Ryan demanded to know what secret Kendall was hiding from him. Kendall, however, avoided the question and looked at Zach. So, Ryan turned to Zach and assumed Zach was the one hiding a secret. Ryan then blamed Zach for Erin's murder because he did not come forward sooner with the information about his mother. Kendall protested Ryan's accusation and said Zach did not have another secret. Kendall then lied and said she finally realized that Spike was safer with Ryan. However, she still wanted to visit Spike on a regular basis. Ryan did not like this idea. Kendall said she had to see Spike and accused Annie of not allowing visits. Ryan said this had nothing to do with Annie. Ryan also said that he already lost his sister and would not put his son in danger. Ryan then went into Derek's office. While he talked to Derek, another cop came in. The cop said there was an emergency at Derek's house. Meanwhile, Kendall asked Zach if he was mad at her for not telling Ryan the truth. Zach said he thought Kendall was wrong. Kendall explained that she loved Zach only and that this was not a scheme to keep Ryan in her life romantically. Zach believed her and then Ryan returned. Ryan informed them that Danielle might be in trouble.

Babe and Josh were outside Danielle's house. Babe was annoyed that Josh was following her and told him to stop, but Josh refused. So, Babe asked the police to remove Josh because he was stalking her. The police, however, could not because Josh was not breaking any laws. Josh and Babe then decided to go into Danielle's house together and knocked on her door. There was no answer, so they began to worry. Then, Babe's bodyguard broke down the door. Everyone rushed in and found Danielle motionless on the floor with a gardenia and white ribbon in her hands. Josh and Babe performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Josh also gave the policemen the bottle of soda Danielle was drinking for evidence. Then, Josh and Babe hugged and proceeded to the hospital. Derek arrived shortly after and went in to see Danielle. Then, Zach, Kendall, and Ryan arrived. Babe announced that the killer was unstoppable and could get to them at anytime. So, Babe told her bodyguard to leave because his job was pointless. Josh then told her not to give up. Babe agreed to fight back. Meanwhile, Joe Martin announced that Danielle had complications and that they were doing all they could to save her. Ryan then asked Zach if he was actually going to take action. Kendall yelled at Ryan for blaming Zach, but Zach said he did need to do something and ran off. Kendall proceeded to become distraught and continually asked Ryan when this was going to stop. Then, the machines hooked up to Danielle made an alarming noise and Josh stated she was not doing well.

Zarf was in his hotel room. As Zarf dressed in men's clothes, Zarf recalled coming out to Bianca and how she rejected him. Zarf then left. Meanwhile, Di, Aidan, and Bianca were at Fusion. Bianca asked Di and Aidan what they thought of Zarf wearing a dress on New Year's. Aidan believed Zarf was just being a rock star, but also felt Zarf seemed afraid. Then, Zarf walked in and told Bianca that if she had any questions she should ask him. So, Bianca asked to be alone with Zarf. Di and Aidan hesitated, but finally left to do some legwork in the murder cases. They proceeded to break into Zarf's hotel room and search for evidence. Di found a syringe and vile of some kind of medicine in Zarf's makeup case. Aidan thought this was incriminating. Meanwhile, Bianca told Zarf about Josh answering a phone call from a transgender hotline in Zarf's hotel room. Bianca wanted to know if Zarf was transgender. Zarf then said he was an artist and used the transgender community's pain for his work. Zarf further explained that he had to be the character to truly understand. However, Zarf stated that he no longer needed the character, so he killed her. Bianca was not convinced. Zarf stated that he used Bianca to make the character even deeper because she was a lesbian. However, Zarf admitted that his feelings for Bianca were real. Bianca was infuriated and said Zarf was off the campaign and demanded he stay away from her and Babe. So, Zarf said he would leave, but would allow them to use his song. As Zarf headed for the elevator, he told Bianca that she was still the truest light. Then, the elevator door opened and Derek emerged. Derek grabbed Zarf with a gun pointed at his head. Derek said that Zarf was dead!"

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