01/09/2007 Zach & Ryan Meet With Derek

"Babe and Erica traded one-line zingers as Babe demanded Erica keep her son away from her. Erica simply claimed Babe had to stop leading Josh on. She refused to believe Babe tried to push Josh away. In the midst of their spat, Babe watched as Erica received another visitor: Jeff, who greeted La Kane with a smooch. After Jeff left, Erica opted against explaining her actions to her enemy. Then she nearly tossed her lunch when Babe painted what could be a lovely picture of her future in the Kane family. "You really should be nicer to me, because with very little effort, I could be calling you Mom," grinned Babe. Erica agreed to help keep Josh away from her — but only because it would leave Babe alone and miserable. After Babe left, Jeff returned and the two set a lunch date.

Josh told Kendall he would take her deal: He'd keep Emma's paternity a secret if she'd help him get Babe back. When Kendall had second thoughts about helping her little brother woo Babe, Josh played on her insecurities regarding Ryan/Spike/Emma. Finally, she agreed to the deal. Meanwhile, at the police station, Zach and Ryan were shocked when Derek presented them with new information: a picture of Zach's mom that was found in Zarf's London apartment. "What the hell does your mother have to do with Zarf?" Derek demanded. Zach didn't have a clue, but did clue the police chief in on the fact that his mother did seem to be tied to the murders. Derek was furious Zach had been withholding information and warned him to tell the cops everything in the future. As the men were leaving the station, Kendall arrived and assumed Zach had told Ryan about Emma. "No, I didn't," Zach cryptically replied, with Ryan by his side. "But you can."

Tad found Dixie playing with Jamie, Little Adam and Kathy in the nursery. After using his charm to make little Kathy laugh, Tad requested a moment alone with Dix. After telling her he was investigating Zach per his request, Tad picked Dixie's brain looking for any information she may have. Unfortunately, Dixie knew nothing of Zach's mother. Tad then warned his ex-wife that she needed to stay safe, especially now that Zach was related somehow to the killings. At the hospital, Linda knew she didn't have much time left. Julia's heart broke as Linda asked her to be Kathy's "mother" after she died. When Tad, Dixie and Jamie brought the little girl to the hospital to say goodbye, Julia fled to the chapel in tears. She felt responsible for Linda and Jim's accident, because she wished for a child of her own. Tad found her and tried to comfort her.

At the end of the episode, Dani became the latest victim of the Satin Slayer. As she collapsed, the person who had been stalking her walked out of a closet. She got a look at him/her before falling unconscious."

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