02/17/2006 Babe Is Missing

"Josh asks Erica to repeat what she said, so once again she says, "You can't be my son." Erica is taken aware on the stretcher, but Greg is unaware of what she said. When Josh asks his father is Erica ever had a son, Greg says they both know she only has two daughters. Josh admits that he thought he heard Erica say something odd, but immediately dismisses the issue when Greg wants more details. Di tries to help outside too, but gets clumsy and knocks over water bottles. Julia suggests that she go home and get rest. When Di arrives home, she is shocked to find Dixie standing in her living room.

Ethan goes into shock, unable to recognize Simone and Zach. Ethan tells his "mother" that she will love Simone. Simone realizes her fiancé is dying and tells Zach that similar events happened to her grandmother before she passed away. Simone pretends to meet Ethan's mother as tears flow down her eyes. Ethan asks her to tell his mother about their wedding plans, but Zach pipes in that he will be center stage at the wedding. Zach taunts that he might steal a dance from a bridesmaid or even the bride, because after all, he is supposedly such a bad guy. Zach tells Simone the only way to keep Ethan alive to keep fighting with him. Simone agrees to let Zach continue to taunt Ethan, which keeps him talking and conscious. Zach also apologizes for denying his son and coming in between him and Kendall. He begs for Ethan's forgiveness, but Ethan ignores him and turns his attentions to Simone. Before Ethan loses consciousness, he tells Zach he will never forgive him.

The rest of the group, JR, David and Joe, hear sounds below the debris. Adam begins calling out when he realizes Krystal is not breathing. JR tells his father to hold on as Adam tells Krystal not to leave him. Both are rescued and as David performs CPR on Krystal, Adam throws a fit because he thinks David will not save her. Josh goes inside to help, where he patches up a small wound on Joe. Joe praises Josh for saving Erica, as medical crews take Krystal out. Adam rushes after her as David tells Tad that Krystal has a slim chance of making it. Jamie and Tad continue to haul out debris so they can rescue an unknown Dixie. When they get the hole big enough, they look down and Dixie is gone. Tad finds a mask and remembers the woman wearing it refused to take off her mask when everyone else did. Jamie wonders JR is trying so hard to find Babe when he finally has the chance to get rid of her, but JR just tells his brother to shut up.

Babe can hear JR above, but no one hears her yelling. She says that just when she had JR where she wanted, this has to happen. She even admits that the marriage could have worked, but knows she pushed to far by pulling her own pre-nup agreement out. Babe throws a piece of material against the wall in frustration. Babe hears someone from the other side of the wall, then humming. Babe continues yelling for help and when she pulls out away the rocks, light shines through. On the other side, Babe is horrified to see Janet.

Ryan is shocked when Kendall suggests they give their relationship another go round. Kendall thinks the idea could work, but Ryan thinks it's a plot to get revenge on Zach. She claims that is not the case. She just wants to have a family - a mother, daughter, and child - together. Ryan says she doesn't love him or even like him. Kendall thinks that does not matter and they should get married before the baby is born. When Ryan asks her if she wants to keep the baby, Kendall does not know. She is afraid because she does not know whether to keep him, give him up and being alone. Ryan takes Kendall hand and promises her that she will not be alone because he is there to protect her. They hear sounds from above and start yelling. Kendall and Ryan are rescued, but Kendall is not happy about going to the hospital. They hear Zach yelling for help as Ethan continues dying.

Erin begins to lose hope as she and Aidan can't find Jonathan and Ryan. Aidan assures Erin they will find her brothers, but Erin is skeptical. When Jonathan asks Lily to marry him, she starts calculating numbers, but does not give Jonathan a straight answer. Lily says that likes Jonathan, but people get married because they love each other and she doesn't love him. Despite that, Lily admits she would rather marry him than be forced to leave Pine Valley. Lily and Jonathan hear Aidan and Erin from above, but Lily tells him not to ask for help. She is worried about what will happen to their relationship once found. Jonathan promises to come up with a plan so they stay together and Lily starts to yell for help. Erin and Aidan immediately rush over and begin removing debris. Outside of the building, Greg starts to put a bandage on Lily, but pulls back when he remembers she does not like to be touched. Lily tells Jonathan that she trusts him to put the bandage on. She asks about Erica and Jackson and Greg offers to take her to the hospital. Jonathan tells Lily to go, but will make sure to see her again. In Jackson's room, Greg tells Lily that her father suffered several fractures to his neck, but will be fine. After Greg leaves, Lily sits next to her father. She tells him she loves him and does not want to fight anymore. Greg goes to visit Erica in another room, but all she can hear in her head is Tad announcing Josh is her son. When he walks over to her bedside, she spits out that Greg took her child.

At the hospital, Reggie rushes over when he sees Erica brought in. She asks about Kendall, Lily and Jack and Reggie tells her they are all probably fine. Brooke finds Adam, who is searching for Krystal. Reggie finds Lily, who directs her to Jackson's room. Adam tosses his name around to find Krystal, but the nurses are preoccupied with too many other patients. He stops a doctor, who tells him Krystal did not make it. Palmer rolls up in a wheelchair, telling Adam that he is probably happy Krystal is gone. He insults Adam for using Krystal as Brooke yells at him to stop. Adam goes into the mortuary, where he finds Krystal covered under a sheet. He admits that although she has been nothing but trouble in his life, she has been the most fascinating woman. Adam promises never to forget her and their last lovemaking session. Under the sheet, Krystal says, "It was good for me too.""

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