01/12/2006 Jonathan Does His Homework

"Babe wakes JR at their island retreat, hoping to continue forging the connection they recently rediscovered. Instead, JR tells her that she can't possibly believe that getting together again would work. Babe is amazed that even though they are in a gorgeous locale with their son, JR can still find a way to be cold to her. JR tells her that things have sped up so fast between them, and he doesn't have any reason to believe that she isn't trying to con him again. He questions why they are there, and Babe tells him that she is going to give him exactly what he deserves. JR wastes no time in running down a list of horrible things she could do to him, but Babe cuts him off. She tells him that her motivation might be something other than sex or revenge - something like love, hope, and fear. JR doesn't buy it, and mocks the reality she tries to create for them. Having had enough, Babe tells him that she is booking her own room, and that she will spend the mornings with their son, while he has the afternoons. Further, she tells him that if the only thing he plans to do is mock her, she would rather not speak to him for the duration of their vacation.

On the beach, Babe plays with her son and helps him build a sand castle. JR approaches, holding a covered tray, presumably with breakfast underneath. Babe halfheartedly tries to blow him off, but JR admits that he had been unnecessarily rude earlier. JR plants himself in the sand and they use their son to have a conversation that will get them back to good. He then asks if she booked her own room. She admits that she did, and he asks her to cancel it. She wants to know why and he simply says that he wants her to wake up next to him.

Erin and Aidan take turns playfully teasing each other for a moment before Aidan asks her out to dinner. Obviously delighted, Erin says that since Jonathan's class is over soon, she will let him decide what will be on the menu. Aidan thinks that Erin is trying to tell him that she isn't interested, but she clarifies and says that she doesn't date in a traditional sense, where there is an expectation of something couple-like afterward. Aidan thinks that while that's a heavy load, it's also a fair assessment. She then asks if he wants to reconsider the invite. Sidestepping her question, Aidan notes that the man who turned her off to dating wasn't a very good man at all. She starts on a mini-rant about the culprit, and Aidan quickly figures out that she is referring to her father. She tells him that years of watching her parents' miserable relationship provided enough reason for her to remove dating as an option. Aidan decides to look at the situation as a case, the objective being to find out what could make Erin want to see the up side of dating. She doesn't think there is an answer, and walks off the find her brother. He is only alone for a minute, as an orderly soon approaches him with a pair of shoes. He asks Aidan if he knows who the owner of the pair is, but Aidan is forced to tell him that he has no idea.

In the Life Skills class, Jonathan questions Julia about personal space in regards to making people not afraid of him. She gives him a ready answer, and in turn unknowingly encourages Lily to broach the subject of her own: how to conduct herself so that boys will know she isn't ready to have sex. Lily explains that she has analyzed all of the data related to sex, and she knows that it's not something she wants to do. She also knows this means that she will probably never get married like normal people. Both Julia and Jonathan assure her that her decisions do not make her weird. Jonathan goes on to tell her that while he'd had sex plenty of times, and while it was fun, it did nothing to make him more normal, and it didn't fix what was wrong in his life. Julia takes this opportunity to introduce a new topic: just how much personal information is okay to share. They merge into discussing the rules of love, and how more often than not, people don't follow any particular order. Ryan and Greenlee, and Kendall and Zach are mentioned by Lily and Jonathan as examples. Lily then asks Julia if anyone follows the rules. Uncomfortable for a moment, Julia manages to eke out an acceptable answer: that sometimes people just follow their hearts. Julia tells the group that she wishes there was a book that everyone could read with all of the answers, but sadly, one doesn't exist. She concludes the group for the day, telling them that their homework is to say something they wouldn't normally say to someone they wouldn't normally say it to. She reminds them to always be kind, honest and respectful of boundaries. As the group disbands, Jonathan blurts out a surprising question for Lily: he asks her to be his girlfriend. He says he will understand if she said no, but she tells him that she doesn't understand why he wants her to fill that role for him. She cites her failed experiences with Aidan and Sam, but Jonathan doesn't care. He tells her that she is smart, beautiful and that he is just happy when he can look at her hair. He also tells her that it made him feel good when she made up her mind all by herself about the good person he is now. She reminds him that boyfriends and girlfriends spend time together, and that her father doesn't want her anywhere near him - so it could never work. She then glimpses her father through the window in the door, and tells Jonathan to quickly hide. He does so, with only seconds to spare before Jack enters the area. He asks if she is ready to go home, but she tells him that a classmate has a question that they need help with, and she gives him a revised schedule for arriving home. Jack is pleased that she is reaching out again and making friends, noting that he wants her to be happy more than anything in the world. He leaves then, and Jonathan comes out of hiding. He thinks that he did something wrong and is confused when Lily says yes. She then clarifies by saying that she will be his girlfriend. He asks her how it would work since Jack hates him, but Lily repeats Jack's sentiment about wanting her happy - which implied to her that he wants that more than he doesn't want them to be together. She also cites Erica's distaste for Zach as a model for them, and how they could survive against the odds.

Ryan shows up at the Cambias offices, and Ethan informs him that he has an exciting offer that he can't refuse. Ryan tells Ethan that Kendall has decided to keep the baby, and that he will stay in Pine Valley to support both of them. Ryan also fills him in about the new union of love between Ethan's father and former lover/stepmother. Taken slightly aback, the two exes discuss what Kendall needs in a relationship, and how horribly hurt she will be in the end because Zach won't be able to fulfill those needs. Ryan admits that he is on to Zach's game of pushing his buttons so that Ryan will lob a punch at him, thus proving to Kendall that he hasn't changed. Ryan is willing to resist the urge for now, but notes that if Zach hurts Kendall - all bets are off. While Ethan finds the scenario slightly amusing, he proposes a different tack, a legal one - and one that would be more fun for them and would inflict more pain on Zach. Ethan offers Ryan a partnership at Cambias and tries to get Ryan on board as a way to stick it to Zach, but Ryan won't go down like that. Ethan reminds him that the job would make him rich - and this sits well with Ryan now that he has Jonathan to take care of and a baby on the way. Ethan promises that he will deal with all the boring things - stuffed shirts and contracts - while Ryan can handle all of the hot action that will put Cambias on the map. Ryan briefly considers this before agreeing. Simone walks in at this moment and, thinking that she knows what's going on, she starts to prattle on about ideas for the wedding and assumes that Ryan is the best man. Ryan maintains a confused look on his face until Ethan, an amused look on his own, tells him that he and Simone are engaged. Ryan faces dissolves into a happy expression, and he notes that he should have been able to guess. Simone then stops short, wondering what Ryan agreed to if he didn't already know about the wedding. They quickly fill her in on the change in personnel at the head of the company, and Simone immediately sees through her fiancé's actions. They try to tell her that it's to provide security for Kendall and the baby. Simone calls Ethan out on his true intentions, and realizing that he couldn't possibly pull the wool over her eyes, Ethan lets his latest idea of revenge go. They chat for a little while longer, but when Simone brings up the wedding again, Ryan takes that as his cue to leave. He congratulates her on the engagement and tells Ethan that they'll talk more later. Once alone with his fiancée, Ethan reveals that he finally got Simone a real engagement ring.

Zach shows up at Kendall's hospital room to spring her. Although she is more than ready to go, Zach takes a moment to revisit why PVH is "their place". He reminds her of how he showed up after the fire, and told her while she slept that he loved her. She tells him that she heard him then - but she also heard Dr. Madden more recently. With them both knowing that they aren't allowed to make love until the good doctor gives them the all clear, Kendall wants to know where that leaves them. They coyly dance around how difficult the coming months will be, but Zach finally tells her that they have already made love - with their romantic night, the candles, the wishes. Although he admits that his need to make love to her is more than strong, he also knows that it will be worth the wait. Trying to hide her embarrassment at his openly wanting gaze, she breaks eye contact with him several times before agreeing wholeheartedly. Shortly thereafter, as he helps her into her coat, Zach reminds Kendall of some upcoming appointments. He tells her that appointments will be much easier to keep track of once she moves into the casino. Suddenly irritated, she tells Zach that while his actions are insanely loving, they aren't working for her. Zach tells her that the doctor said that she needed to take it easy, but she retorts that his directives don't equal bed rest. She tells him with all of the changes in her life in the past two months - losing her best friend, having a business marriage and the idea of carrying someone else's child is now not being able to make love to the man she is in love with and having her own baby - is more than enough to deal with. She admits that she just wants to keep things as they are for a while...and enjoy what they now share.

Later, Pine Valley's latest lovebirds show up at Casa Kendall and she finds that Zach has filled the place with white roses. She is awestruck at the gesture and rewards him by confessing her love once again. He does the same, and then announces that he needs to bring his toothbrush over. Kendall isn't sure she wants that, but he notes that if she thinks he is so amazing, she should want to be around him all the time. She admits that she does, but also says that cohabitation is a completely different thing. Zach tells her that he is simply going to crash on her couch as a way to be as close to her as he can. She realizes that he wants to protect her from Ryan, and tells him that he doesn't need to. She knows he doesn't trust Ryan, but Zach knows that she does - and that's what worries him. Zach sees it as Ryan had it all, and still went over the edge. Now that he has drastically less and Kendall is carrying his baby, Zach feels he has a right to be concerned.

Del accompanies Opal on her rounds with the book cart at the hospital. She thinks that as a big-time writer, he must be bored with such a menial task. Del tells her that the experience (and the stories she tells) are exactly what he needs for his book. Delighted, she tells him to stick with her, because she has plenty of other stories ready to tell.

A few moments later, Erin runs into Del in another hallway in the hospital. He asks if she'd seen a tall, red-headed woman pushing a cart. Erin regretfully tells him no, and continues on her way. Del wonders aloud if he'd been ditched. He makes his way out to one of the nurses' stations and asks an attending if he'd seen Opal. He hadn't and he takes off with chart in hand. As the attending makes his way down the hall, he unknowingly passes a pair of shoes that had been tossed to the side.

Janet pushes an unconscious Opal through a darkened hospital hallway on a gurney.

At the same moment, Anita approaches Aidan, having not seen him since she left for California with Maria. He asks if she got his messages, and she admits as much, but tells him that she didn't call back because she didn't know what to say. Aidan thinks that various holiday greetings, or even a simple hello, would have sufficed - unless she had something more to tell him. She explains that she never thought that she would be able to trust another guy after Bobby, but that Aidan changed that. She thanks him for all he did to save her from herself, and notes that when she met him - she wasn't ready. She thinks that the opportunity has now passed both of them by, and they are both okay with going back to being friends. He wishes her a happy new year, and they hug before she takes her leave. He then turns to find that Erin had come back and had witnessed his reunion with Anita. She immediately launches into how she is a blathering egomaniac and says that next time, she won't wait outside for Jonathan's class to conclude - she'll go in with him and try to learn a thing or two. She goes on about how he couldn't have possibly asked her out in a dating way since he has a girlfriend. He lets her ramble on for a few moments before informing her that Anita is his ex. He also points out that since she didn't assault him, that must mean that he's not half-bad as far as guys go. He then tells her that he respects her dating policy, which she seems slightly deflated by. He goes on to say that he does, however, reserve the right to make a policy change, if there are no objections. Much happier with that comment, Erin happily agrees."

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