01/11/2006 Krystal & Palmer Taunt Adam

"Di woke up in the hospital following her near death drowning to find Tad sleeping in her hospital bed beside her. Confused, Di asks Tad how she got there and what happened to her. Tad fills her in on all the details once she explains that she does not remember anything after she had the fight with Tad about Dixie. When Tad informed her that she had been talking about Dixie when she was really out of it, Di mistakenly believes that she let it slip that Dixie was alive. She began frantically apologizing to Tad but stopped herself just in time when she realized that she didn't spill the beans after all. Jonathan entered the room and Tad introduced him to Di as the man that had saved her. Jonathan mentioned to her that Tad had helped save her too by giving her mouth-to-mouth. Before Jonathan departed, Tad quizzed him as to whether he had seen anything or anyone unusual on the ice prior to Di's accident. He assured him that he hadn't. After Jonathan left, Tad asked Di if she thought it was possible that Jonathan pushed her into the frigid water. Di said she didn't know because she could not remember. As Tad stepped out of Di's room, Amanda entered. Amanda laughed at her because she felt that Di was now the one that everyone hated and she added that "It sucks to be on the outside, doesn't it?" She went on to tell Di that she wished Di would have drowned and that Di didn't deserve to live because it was Di that she blames for her getting kicked out of the Chandler mansion and for almost losing Jamie. Just then Jamie stopped outside the door and heard "the new Amanda" telling Di, "I will never let you hurt me again."

After Jonathan had left Di's room he ran into David in the hall performing his janitorial duties. David accused him of being responsible for Di's accident. He went on to torment Jonathan about his murderous past (prior to his brain operation). He told Jonathan to leave town before he found out how everyone in Pine Valley really felt about him. Although Jonathan stood up to him and denied that he was a bad person, he was left shaken and upset following the run-in. A bit later Jonathan ran into Julia. She asked him what was wrong and he told her about everyone hating him and calling him a killer. She empathized with him and explained that she too had killed somebody. She told him that she thought he was very brave and that she liked him. She then told him that she had also killed somebody and knew how he felt. She explained to him that they couldn't change what they did but they can try every day to be better people. Julia offered that maybe they could help each other.

Dr. Madden stopped in to see Di mentioning to her that he had come by earlier to check on her but had not done so because he had seen that she had company ... Tad Martin. He told her that he didn't want to intrude since they had been holding hands and looking very comfortable which looked pretty odd for such admitted arch enemies. He then fired her and abruptly left the room almost bumping into Tad on his way out. Di then filled Tad in on what Dr. Madden had said and how he had suspected that Tad and her where in cahoots. Tad said that she had done some pretty great work for him and that if he ever needed an assistant, that she would make a good one. She said she just might take him up on that.

Later, David ran into Joe while he was mopping the hallway. He asked Joe if he had found out who had almost performed unnecessary heart surgery on him. Joe assured him that they had a full investigation going on and that when he found out the person responsible that they would be punished to the full extent of the law. (It was shown that Janet was listening in on the conversation from a nearby room.) As Joe continued on his way, David chastised him for walking on the wet area of the floor. Minutes later, as Joe turned the corner, David heard a thud-like noise but didn't think much of it. He proceeded to leave with his janitor's cart in the opposite direction. The camera then panned to where Joe had disappeared and it was revealed that Joe's shoes where in the hallway minus Joe.

Amanda and Jamie were filled in by Joe about Di's condition. Joe explained to them that it was touch-and-go for a while there but that she will be okay. He also let on that Jonathan was responsible for saving Di though Amanda didn't believe that Jonathan was the hero and instead believed that he was the one that pushed Di in and then saved her for the attention.

Julia and David ran into each other at the hospital and he asked her what happened to her that morning. He said he woke up following a passionate night of lovemaking only to find her not there. She explained that she had to go home and cool off. David told her that women don't usually run off in the morning after spending a night with him until after they try his French toast. Julia made it clear that she enjoyed their night together but wasn't looking for a commitment but that she did promise to call him again sometime. Julia then went to visit with Di and check on her. Di was excited to find out that Julia had spent the night with a man and asked her if it was anyone she knew. Julia didn't let on that it was David but did hint to Di that she herself was surprised of who it was that she had ended up in bed with which left Di wondering who it could be.

Adam, hospitalized in the mental ward in restraints thanks to Krystal, was not amused when Krystal towered over him taunting and teasing him about various things. She told him that JR and Babe went off to the islands with Little Adam and that they would be gone a long, long time. She went on to suggest that they may even tie the knot again. His mood further soured when in walked Palmer ... camera in hand. Palmer took pictures of Adam in his restraints to show to the board members of Chandler Enterprises hoping to oust him and convince the board members that Adam was crazy. Krystal and Palmer boasted in front of Adam about how great a team they would make taking over Chandler Enterprises together. Krystal suggested they would change the name of Chandler Enterprises to "Krystal with a K" Enterprises -- or KWAK! After Palmer and Krystal took more pictures, Joe entered just in time to catch the ruckus and immediately accused them all of abusing the hospital facilities. He told them that they can all take their little squabbles back to their mansions and leave the rest of them in peace. He then untied Adam and told them all that he expected them off the hospital premises within five minutes or that they would to meet up with his security team. After Palmer and Joe left the room, Adam told Krystal to be prepared for his "return volley."

Kendall, hospitalized herself since she started "spotting", fears the worst for her unborn baby. As she waits to get news of the test results that Dr. Madden is running, she explains to Zach how she can't explain her protective maternal feelings for the welfare of her baby as she never expected to feel them. She worries that she is going to lose the baby because of something she might have done that will cause a miscarriage. Ryan dropped in unexpectedly and wanted to know what had happened to Kendall. Kendall asked Zach if she could speak to Ryan alone, Zach excused himself to the cafeteria. Kendall went on to tell Ryan of her unexpected maternal feeling for their baby and they shared some positive thoughts together. Dr. Madden reappeared to give them good news ... the baby appeared to be doing well. Later, Dr. Madden approached Zach and informed him that he was pretty sure that Kendall and the baby were going to be just fine but, just as a precaution, they should not make love for a while until he is absolutely certain that things were going to be okay with Kendall and the baby.

Aidan, Ryan and Erin tried to convince Jonathan that they believed he was not responsible for Di's plunge into the icy water. Later, Tad and Aidan discussed whether or not they thought Jonathan was responsible for Di's accident. They both came to the conclusion that they didn't think it was Jonathan. Aidan offered that he thought a more likely suspect was Amanda. Jamie approached them and said that Amanda had left her job about the same time and had plenty of time to push Di into the icy water. He also told them about overhearing Amanda threatening Di in her room and that Amanda genuinely hated Di. Jamie told them that he would try to get into Amanda's head and try to find out if she was in fact responsible. Tad told him that Amanda's head wasn't a very safe place to be and not to stay too long. Jamie told them that if anybody was going to nail Amanda for trying to hurt Di, Little Adam and Babe, that it was going to be him. Tad told him his mother (Brooke) would be proud and pointed out that he would tell her himself but that it was strange he hadn't been able to locate her since he saw her at the hospital the prior evening. A few minutes later a nurse was holding a pair of boots that were found by the elevator and, not knowing that they belonged to Brooke, asked another nurse to take them to the lost and found."

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