12/21/2005 Adam & Krystal Search For Little Adam

"Erica went to visit Kendall only to have a great holiday surprise ... Bianca and Miranda were present having just recently flew in from France for a visit over the holidays. The Kane women had a nice catch-up session but mostly Erica did what she does best, meddle. Erica questioned Kendall about whether she was divorced from Zach or not yet and wanted to know how it went on her trip to get her divorce. Kendall filled in mother dearest about the unexpected visit from Ryan only to find out that Erica already knew that Ryan had shown up and assisted in the match-making meeting between Kendall and Ryan for the sake of Kendall's unborn child. Kendall left the room to "check on Miranda" as Erica then questioned Bianca about further information into Kendall's activities. Erica left in the hopes that Bianca could find out more from Kendall in her absence. Erica only went across the courtyard, however, straight to Zach's front door to confront him and question him as to whether he actually filed the papers for the divorce. Zach zinged one to Erica accusing her of "missing her annual divorce" as the reason for her meddling into his. Bianca urged Kendall to tell Zach that she loved him as she had nothing to lose. Later, Zach showed up at Kendall's door as Bianca looked on with a knowing smile.

The Chandler Mansion was full of excitement since they found out that Little Adam was missing. Each had their own assumptions of Little Adam's fate. Adam blamed Krystal believing it may have been somebody from her "traveling truck stop show" that had appeared earlier for her Christmas party. Later, Adam ran into a crying Krystal who was searching in the nearby park for Little Adam and apologized to her for the mean things he had said to her earlier. He then comforted her in a very touching scene. They then resumed the search for their grandson together. On the flipside, JR (with Babe in tow) zoomed straight over to the Lavery residence to assault and accuse Jonathan, who was dressed in a Santa suit, of kidnapping Little Adam citing the earlier incident in the mall earlier that day when he had brought Little Adam into the mall to have a picture with Santa, only to find out it was Jonathan dressed up as Santa. After much arguing and threats from JR, Ryan stepped in and urged JR to leave Jonathan alone and offered his assistance to help find Little Adam explaining that there were a lot of other people that had the ability and the motive to kidnap Little Adam. JR, still suspecting Jonathan was behind his son's disappearance, left with Ryan to search for Little Adam. During the search together, JR reflected on what it was like to feel for a missing child and his love for his child to Ryan, insinuating to Ryan that he should step-up-to-the-plate and help Kendall care for his own son who Kendall is carrying.

Babe left the Lavery's separately in her own vehicle to hunt down Amanda and find out where she had been at the time her son disappeared. Jonathan (wanting to help find Little Adam also) accompanied his sister, Erin, and Aidan (whom Erin called to come and help) to help try to find the missing child. After driving around searching for the little boy to no avail, Jonathan suggested that they go to a church he knew of and pray for help to find Little Adam wherein they showed a clip of Little Adam sitting alone in front of a church in an outdoor nativity scene beside the baby Jesus mumbling over-and-over "I should have said no."

Amanda, dressed in her now soiled Santa outfit, showed up at New Beginnings after a 4-hour absence only to be scolded by Josh for missing almost the entire day at work when in fact he had sent her on a simple contract delivery mission. She then presented him with a gift and said that she had been out gift shopping. After some prodding from Josh, Amanda admitted to him that she had another blackout and begged him not to fire her. Babe showed up and accused Amanda of taking her child. Amanda denied any contact or wrongdoing with Little Adam. After much mudslinging banter between Amanda and Babe, Jamie appeared and warned Babe to leave Amanda alone."

- Soap Central