11/09/2005 Zach Tells Kendall He Loves Her

"Jamie doesn't believe Babe when she tells him that she was the diver of the car that struck Amanda. He is convinced that Babe is once again lying this time to cover up for JR. Babe asks Jamie what possible motive she can have for covering up for JR of all people. Jamie believes it's an attempt to gain JR's gratitude. Just then JR stumbles into the room, still visibly drunk. After a few off color comments about Amanda and the accident, Jamie leaves. Babe tries to talk some sense into JR but JR is much too drunk to listen. When he starts threatening Babe with testifying against her, Babe reaches her limit. She reminds JR that he was the one who ran Amanda over. When JR completely dismisses the idea, Babe realizes that he has no memory of the accident. Certain that he is going to eventually remember when he sobers up, Babe tries to caution him about what he says. Later, they end up at the Chandler Mansion still arguing about who was driving. JR is belligerent and refuses to accept the possibility that he was the one responsible for the accident. He challenges Babe to explain why she would even want to cover for him. Babe tells JR that she took responsibility for the accident because she didn't want her son growing up with a father who is in prison. She reminds him that, unlike himself, she is not drunk and therefore the legal consequences, if there are any, will not be as severe for her. JR continues to drink heavily until he eventually passes out. While unconscious, Babe vows to JR that she will not be separated from their son. When Krystal walks in and lends Babe a sympathetic shoulder, Babe admits that she fears she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

Sam steals a gun from the safe at Wildwind. He lies about it, claiming he took cash for a satellite radio, when Julia walks him and questions him. As Sam prepares to leave, Julia stops him. She asks him if he would consider moving back to Wildwind and living with her. Sam is touched but admits that he still has difficulty dealing with Edmond's murder. Just then Di and Del enter. Di asks Julia if she would permit Del to move in. As a favor to Di, Julia reluctantly agrees. Later they discuss the mess that their lives have become and both find humor in the revelation that each attempted to seduce Zach. The conversation turns serious when Julia confesses that she's concerned about Sam. She also tells Di that she is haunted by Garret. Di is sympathetic and listens as Julia explains that while she wouldn't change anything if given the chance, it's something that she wouldn't wish on anyone. Del enters the room and announces that he just learned from a news report that Jonathan Lavery is alive. Julia quickly realizes that Sam didn't get money from the safe. She goes over to the wall safe and confirms that Sam had actually taken a gun. She instantly realizes why Sam would want a gun.

Lily is distressed after seeing Jonathan. Jack patiently clams Lily down and then tries to call the police. Lily becomes quite upset and pleads with her father to leave the police out of it. She explains to him that Jonathan told her that he had recently had brain surgery that fixed him. She then asks Jack if she too can have brain surgery to fix her problems. Jack gently explains that there isn't any surgery that can undo Lily's disorder. He goes on to remind her how special, unique and wonderful she is, letting her know that he loves her just as she is. Jack goes on to tell her that she has taught him much. They are interrupted by the arrival of Reggie and Aidan. Concerned for Lily's safety, Aidan assures himself that she's fine and begins to question her. Lily becomes upset and flees the room. Realizing that he's not helping matter, Aidan leaves to tighten up security around the building. Jack asks Reggie if he's heard from Greenlee. His concern for his daughter grows when Reggie tells him that he hasn't talked to Greenlee.

Erica is surprised to see Jonathan at Greenlee's penthouse. Uncomfortable with his presence, Erica tries to get Jonathan to leave but Jonathan is too star struck by seeing Erica and walks into the apartment. Erica offers to give him an autographed picture but Jonathan declines the offer. He asks instead for her to help him with a new beginning. Not certain what is wrong with Jonathan and anxious to get away from him, Erica picks up her purse and pretends like she's late for a meeting. Jonathan seems to realize that Erica is nervous around him. He explains that he had a brain tumor removed and that he's no longer dangerous. Erica believes him and tries to get him to rest on the sofa. Once Jonathan is comfortable, Erica calls Ryan. Shortly after the call, someone pounds on the front door. Frightened, Jonathan sits up as Erica opens the door. The moment Aidan sees Jonathan, he advances on him. As Aidan tries to physically overpower Jonathan and take him into custody, Erica does her best to get Aidan to release him. Distracted by Erica's efforts, Aidan loses his grip and Jonathan is able to escape out of the penthouse. Later, Erin and Ryan arrive. Both are worried because Jonathan is once again missing. Erin is furious that Aidan interfered in something that did not concern him. She is interrupted when Julia walks in and confronts Ryan. She feels betrayed that he never once warned her about Jonathan and now she is terrified that her nephew Sam is intent of killing the man who murdered his father.

Zach wonders why the Lavery men can't stay dead. He warns Ryan that Jonathan isn't safe in Pine Valley. Erin tries to defend Jonathan but Greenlee points out that Erin can't possibly appreciate their fears and reluctance given that she did not see Jonathan at his worst during the murder spree. Ryan tries once again to convince Greenlee to give Jonathan a chance but to no avail. Frustrated with Zach's jabs, Ryan turns the tables on him. He confronts him about the phone call Zach made to Ryan asking him to stay away. Greenlee is disgusted with Zach over the new piece of information and asks him why he would do such a thing. Ryan answers for Zach, telling Greenlee that Zach's motive was to keep Ryan from learning about the surrogacy plans. Zach doesn't defend himself. Instead, Zach observes that in his view Ryan is much more dangerous than Jonathan because people believe Ryan is sane. After Zach walks out of the room, Anita enters. She gives Greenlee the good news that Kendall and the baby are fine. Ryan steps out into the hallway to take a call from Erica about Jonathan.

Kendall remains unconscious in her room. Zach stands by her bedside and gently takes her hand in his before he confesses his love to her. After softly kissing Kendall's forehead, Zach leaves the room. Greenlee sees him as she comes around the corner and then enters Kendall's room. Kendall slowly opens her eyes and seems surprised to see Greenlee standing at her bedside. She tells her that she was certain Zach was standing there and talking to her. Kendall stops short of telling Greenlee what Zach says but it seems she heard what he said. Greenlee lies. She tells Kendall that it must have been a bad dream because Zach had not been in the room."

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