11/08/2005 Ryan To The Rescue

"Di and Zach continued kissing on the beach but they realized it wasn't what they really wanted. Zach told her that she was a beautiful woman but Di said that she still wanted Tad and he still wanted Kendall. Zach offered to take Di home but she said she was going to stay at the beach for a while longer. Just then, Zach's phone rang and Anita told him that Kendall was in a fire and on her way to the hospital. Del found Di and she told him that she had a revelation and had the answer all along. Del told her that she should go to New York with him and share the wealth from the book deal he made. She told him there wasn't enough money to make her forget the people she loved.

A very drunk J.R was handcuffed for drunk driving, but Babe told Derek that she was driving the car and she swerved to try to avoid hitting Amanda.. Derek told Babe and J.R. that if Amanda died, someone could be charged with manslaughter. At PV hospital, Jamie was working the emergency room and walked in and saw Amanda. Anita realized that Amanda was dying and called for the crash cart. She and Jamie followed emergency procedures to save her. J.R., still considerably drunk, tried to remember what happened. Derek said he didn't believe Babe and wanted to know who really put Amanda in the E.R. Babe continued to try to convince Derek that she was in fact the driver and that she was really sorry that the accident happened. Derek then turned to J.R. and told him that they needed to talk in private. Babe tried to follow, but Jamie grabbed her arm and told her she wasn't going anywhere. Jamie told Babe that he knew she wasn't driving the car.

Aidan said that he was going to call the police but Erin said no. She said Jonathan wasn't the same person now. Again, Aidan picked up the phone to call the police as he gave Erin a litany of Jonathan's sins. He told Erin nobody would be hurt by a Lavery again. As he was on the phone with the police, Erin hit him with a vase and knocked him out.

Lily went completely out of control when she opened the door and saw Jonathan. She asked him if he was a ghost and he told her no that he was real. Jonathan tried to explain that he was fixed now but Lily was still in a bad state. Sam came in and Lily told him that the bad man was there. Sam wanted Lily to tell him where Jonathan was but she couldn't. He called Jack and told him he needed to get home now. Sam went back to Wildwind, opened the wall safe and pulled out a gun.

Erica told Jack that Kendall was carrying the "Rylee" baby. Erica told him that Greenlee wanted to hold on to Ryan forever. Jack blamed Kendall for the pregnancy and Erica told Jack that Greenlee was the one who so desperately wanted this. He asked Erica how long she had known about the pregnancy and wanted to know why he didn't tell him. Erica told Jack he had to step back and give Ryan and Greenlee a chance. Jack told Erica that the Laveries had tried to destroy his family, but no more. Jack left and when Erica answered the knock at the door, it was Jonathan.

Ryan freed Greenlee from the equipment that trapped her as the fire raged around them. Greenlee begged Ryan to save Kendall and the baby first. He assured Greenlee he would be back to save her. When Ryan returned for Greenlee, he took her outside and laid her next to Kendall. At the hospital, Greenlee kept asking for them to get Dr. Madden to treat Kendall. Greenlee asked Ryan why he hadn't said anything about the baby. He told her that he wanted her to tell him everything and she filled him in on how this baby came to be. She told him that he could run as fast and as far as he could because nothing was more important than their baby. He told her he wasn't leaving again. Erin and Ryan told Greenlee that Jonathan got away. With a same story, second verse look, she told him to go find Jonathan just as Zach came into the room.

Dr. Madden arrived at the hospital and told Kendall that he would do whatever it took to keep the baby safe. Anita told Zach that he would have to wait to see Kendall, but in her room she wondered where he was."

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