04/08/2005 Greenlee & Kendall Get Sappy

"As Babe is cleaning around her and Jamie's apartment, she finds one of little Adam's toys. She hears baby noises and when she opens her front door, she is surprised to see Adam and little Adam standing before her. Babe invites him inside and asks him what he is up to. She thinks Adam is going to say she broke her visitation rules, but he assures that is not the case. Adam says that JR has no idea he is there and decided to come there himself. They sit on the couch and he allows Babe to hold little Adam. When she takes his jacket off, she sees his "daddy rules" shirt and looks at Adam. Adam notes that JR dressed him that morning. As Babe guessed, Adam was there to try to convince her to give up where Liza was hiding Colby. If she did, she could see little Adam as much as she would like, he adds. Babe refuses to say where they are, so Adam goes with his next approach and shows her a picture of Colby when she was little Adam's age. He tells Babe that he misses his daughter and he just wants to spend time with her, not take her away from Liza. As tempting as his offer is, Babe continues to refuses until he brings up her mother. Adam claims that he will get Krystal released from jail earlier and allow her, as well as Babe, to see little Adam as much as they would like. Babe asks little Adam what he thinks and she says her son is right. She hands him back to Adam and keeps her lips sealed about Liza and Colby's location. Before leaving, Adam tells her that she has made a mistake. Not only will see barely see her son, but her mother will continue to rot in prison, he says.

Di refuses David's offer to let him help her start a new life. As she walks towards the cell bars to leave, David says that he has money. Di is insulted and thinks that he is trying to buy her affections. David tells her that is not what his intentions are and that he expects nothing in return. Di is suspicious, even when David says that he just wants to help her. She tells him no thanks once more, but before she can leave, David slips her his telephone number and watches her leave. Krystal overhears David trying to make a deal with Di and asks him what is going on. David tells her nothing, he just wanted to help. Krystal realizes David is hiding something, but he keeps his mouth shut. Krystal thinks it is about Liza and Colby, but David says that it is not and as promised, he has not mentioned anything to Adam. Krystal warns him that if he does, he will lose her and Babe. David doubts Krystal's love for Babe, saying she is not the woman who used to be willing to do anything for her. Krystal says he is right, she is not willing to hurt other people anymore to help Babe. David feels as though he is the only one looking out for their daughter. He leaves on a bad note with Krystal, who is forced to face the mob of women without Di. The women tell her that it's good for Di to be out of prison, but bad news for her. They begin approaching her with a black cloth, as though as they are going to cover her with it.

Tad and Aidan pay Zach a visit at his casino and ask for his help to find Braden. Zach reminds him that they refused his help last time and told him to go to hell. Tad said that the second part of the offer still stands, but that they need his security camera footage from the night of the murder game. Zach says he gave it all to the police. Aidan tells him he only gave the police footage of the players, not of the other parts that night. Tad and Aidan tell him that they have a theory and the tapes might be able to prove their theory right. Zach decides to help and they begin with footage at the bar where they catch Braden having a drink. Jonathan comes into the bar and has some words with Braden. Braden looks unhappy and pushes Jonathan. They leave the bar and Zach gets the continuation footage outside of the bar. Again, Jonathan seems to be pleading with Braden, but Braden does not listen and only yells at Jonathan. Jamie comes in to find Tad and tells him privately that Adam is on Liza and Colby's trail. Tad calls Liza to let her know and asks them to hang tight.

Ethan tries to call Kendall from his office, but is saddened when he gets her voice mail again. He leaves a message for her to call him as JR walks through the door with glee. JR tells him that he found an inmate who was in jail with Zach and is willing to take their deal. Ethan tells him that he is not sure about lying to Kendall anymore just to get revenge on his father. Ethan decides that he going to tell Kendall the truth because he swore on his love for her that he would not lie, but JR counters that is pure suicide. JR thinks that if he tells Kendall the truth, she will be nothing but hurt and distraught. Ethan says he won't lose Kendall just to get revenge, but JR says that with their inmate on their side, he can have his cake and eat it too. If Kendall were to find out Ethan lied to her and that her family was right about him, JR thinks she would be destroyed. Ethan argues that Kendall told him if he lied about Zach, but told her the truth, she would forgive him. It's a little too late for that, JR says. Ethan asks JR if they can trust the inmate and JR assures him that the inmate will do what they want for not that much money. Ethan tells JR he has to go take care of something. JR warns him not to do anything foolish. After Ethan leaves, JR sits at Ethan's desk and envisions Kendall running in, crying and upset after finding out that Ethan lied to her. JR gives her a hug and she tells him that he was right in the first place. The daydream ends her giving him a kiss.

As Greenlee and Kendall continue to try to overpower Jonathan, he pushes Greenlee against a wall and Kendall to the ground. When Jonathan scurries to get the gun, Lily has it aimed at his face. Kendall tells Lily to give her the gun, but Jonathan fires back-he says that if she does not give him the gun, she will see "red" and hear lots of loud noises. Greenlee pleads with Lily not to listen to Jonathan because he is tricking her. Jonathan tries another tactic and tells Lily that the gun does not belong to her. If she does not give it back to him, the owner, she will be stealing it and she is not allowed to steal because it is wrong, he says. When Lily begins to hand the gun to Jonathan, Kendall jumps in and a shot is fired. No one is hurt, but Jonathan is beyond angry. He demands that they all stand together, but Lily is sitting down rocking back and forth. He lets Lily sit and locks Kendall and Greenlee in another cage next to the one that have been staying in. Greenlee and Kendall tell Lily that everything will be fine as she continues rocking back and forth. Jonathan screams at Greenlee and Kendall, calling them names and bluntly admitting his hatred for them, for all women. Jonathan tells Greenlee he has to kill her because Braden told him to. Greenlee tries talking her way out of a bullet again by praising Jonathan for helping Ryan. She says that they can all be a family again if he stops taking orders from Braden. Kendall pushes Greenlee to keep buttering him up and finally, Jonathan seems that he is not sure what to do. He asks Greenlee when Lily will stop rocking. Greenlee and Kendall say that are not sure, its whenever she feels safe and comfortable enough to. A voice outside says, "I'm here.""

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