02/07/2005 Lily Spies On Jonathan

"Babe, Jamie, JR, Kevin and the baby all met at the clinic to perform the DNA test. They all postured and stated their claims to the baby and brought up all the attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

Kevin tried to get Babe to agree to let him have custody and he'd do what he could to reduce the charges against her and allow her to be in his life. She refused and told him she'd fight for her son and get custody before he cuts his next tooth.

Ethan showed up at Kendall's and informed Zach his gaming license had been pulled after the Commission found out Zach was operating a casino with a false identity. Zach could only ask him how it felt to flex the Cambias muscle. Ethan said he would make Zach proud as the rest of his life slipped through his fingers. Zach left and Kendall seemed disturbed to overhear Ethan threatening someone's job on the phone and to learn he reported Zach to the Commission and was gloating about it. She reminded him that she feels better after stopping her vendetta against her mother. Ethan surprised Kendall with a large bathtub full of champagne, dozens of roses, lots of candles ...all set up in the middle of the living room. He promised her anything she's ever wanted. She asked him to forget about Zach.

Zach watched Edmund in the bar, bribing a waiter for dirt against Zach. Myrtle and Opal showed up to gamble and take their minds off all the baby troubles. Zach came to Edmund and offered to help with his story. Edmund refused and Zach threatened to get to Edmund before he could get to him. Opal and Myrtle looked on.

Bianca arrived home, stunned to find Jonathan holding Miranda.

Lily was in the hall, dressed as a janitor, taking notes on her surveillance of Jonathan. Bianca was terrified as Jonathan told a fairy tale about how bad people in the kingdom were jealous of a beautiful princess. Bianca demanded Jonathan hand Miranda back to her. Jonathan got smarmy and apologized for scaring her and was incredulous she could think he could hurt Miranda. They discussed Maggie and Jonathan reminded her that Maggie chose him. Bianca vowed to stand by her friend, no matter what. Jonathan left and kicked a radiator in the hall, causing it to malfunction. Jamie arrived and fixed things while Jonathan slipped away. He was there to see Bianca and ask her to drop the charges against Babe about Miranda. Bianca said no. Jamie explained he wasn't asking for Babe, he was asking for the baby, the same way Bianca fought for Miranda.

Aidan and Anita enjoyed a romantic dinner and were surprised to get a bottle of champagne, compliments of Maggie. Maggie defended Jonathan and was hostile about his therapy, saying he was only doing it for Ryan. Aidan told her that she was not the first woman Jonathan had hit and the last time had been worse. Jonathan arrived and stopped by to tell Aidan and Anita there were no hard feelings and that he was seeing a therapist. Neither of them believed Jonathan was sincere. Maggie was shocked to hear Jonathan say he had to stop by Bianca's before dinner. She demanded he leave Bianca alone. Jonathan was angry and Maggie noticed he'd pulled the petals off the rose he'd brought her. She asked if he'd ever hit a woman before. He became even more angry at her for ruining their special romantic evening. She apologized profusely. Jonathan threw a fit with the waiter and stormed out, taking Maggie with him. Aidan had a plan to get through to Maggie.

Lily called Aidan in the middle of a panic attack in the lobby. He calmed her down and she told him about her surveillance of Jonathan. Aidan told her she shouldn't be doing detective work and offered her a job to organize his office if Jack approved.

In the nursery, JR excitedly told Adam that Adam III would be sleeping at home soon, as soon as he's dealt with Kevin Buchanan."

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