01/26/2005 Maggie Gives Bianca The News

"Trying to get some information on Jonathan via the internet, Aidan seems to hit a dead end. His attention is temporarily diverted with the arrival of Lily who has stopped by to visit with him. She begins talking, saying things like "Dude, check you out. You rock hottie. Where's your bling?" Aidan is amused but puzzled and asks her why she's talking like that. She explains that she hears Danielle using similar phrases and thought it was cool. Aidan tells her that he prefers Lily when she's just being herself. While Aidan goes to rid himself of an ink stain on his hand which Lily had pointed out, Lily makes her way to the computer. By the time Aidan returns Lily announces that she was able to 'crack the code' which results in Aidan being able to bring up a record for Jonathan Lavery.

Brooke is visiting Jamie who along with Tad is in jail.. While they are talking David joins them. He wastes no time blaming Jamie for Babe being behind bars and promises not to let Babe go down with him. Brooke is livid. She reminds David of his own complicity in the events that led up to Babe and Jamie being arrested but David will hear none of it and leaves in a huff. Brooke leaves shortly afterwards and runs into Adam in the squad room of the police station. She immediately confronts him about his role in Jamie's arrest. She warns him that she will do whatever it takes to make certain that JR suffers just as much as Jamie if Adam doesn't back off from her son. Adam isn't intimidated. He reminds her that if she should publish anything slanderous about JR she'll end up losing Tempo. Brooke could care less...Jamie is more important.

Erica pays a visit to Babe and reads her the riot act about her actions and treatment of Bianca, her supposed best friend. Babe has little choice but to listen to what Erica has to say. When Krystal tries to stop Erica from trashing her daughter, Babe stops Krystal. Erica isn't impressed with Babe's willingness to hear her out. She instead begins talking about JR and how Babe had absolutely no right to let him believe his son was dead. She points out that it's a pattern with Babe, letting others believe their children are dead while she enjoys parenthood. Babe defends her actions, claiming that JR poisoned her and that he only wants to own his son not be a true father. Erica sees no justification for what Babe did and tells her as much. Just then JR arrives. He is furious about the custody hearing that didn't result in the return of his son. Convinced that the Buchanan's paid off the judge, JR realizes that he needs a DNA test to confirm that "Ace" is his son which is the reason he is there to see Babe. He tells her that in order to save herself, she needs to provide proof that she didn't kidnap a stranger's child but reclaimed her own. Babe sees through his attempt to gather DNA and tells him that she'd rather spend an extra 25 years to life in jail than to see JR with their child.

Meanwhile Adam is doing his best to blackmail Tad into revealing Colby's whereabouts in exchange for both he and Jamie's freedom. Tad has no interest in making any kind of deal with Adam and tells him as much. Frustrated Adam leaves and contacts Llanview D.A., Daniel Colson. After exchanging a few words, Daniel Colson walks up to David and begins talking in a very sympathetic manner about Babe, playing up how he thinks she's just an innocent victim in everything. David is suspicious but listens to what he has to say. Eventually Daniel tells him that if Babe were to testify against Jamie then he would in return offer her a very generous deal. David considers for a moment then tells Daniel that if he wants Jamie then he himself will testify against him. Daniel is somewhat surprised, even more so when David tells him that he can testify that Jamie has killed.

Kendall pays a visit to Greenlee only to discover that Greenlee has changed her mind and no longer is interested in proving that Jonathan drugged her. Suspecting there is more to Greenlee's sudden turn around, Kendall questions her and soon learns that Greenlee is dropping the matter because of her conversation with Ryan the night before when he asked her to trust him about his brother. Kendall presses Greenlee wanting to know if she truly believes Jonathan is innocent. Greenlee admits that, no, she still believes he was the one behind her poisoning. More so when Kendall points out the same flaws in Ryan's theory about Zach's hitwoman, that Greenlee did when Ryan initially told her whom he suspected. Greenlee shares with Kendall the strange exchange between her and Jonathan the last time they were alone together. How he said that Greenlee was everything to Ryan and if anyone wanted to get close to him they had to get rid of Greenlee first. Both feel that this could be the motive for Jonathan poisoning Greenlee. Kendall offers to take responsibility should Ryan find out that the two of them are still trying to prove that Jonathan was behind the poisoning. Greenlee is surprised and asks her why she would be willing to do such a thing considering their history. Kendall explains that she's happily involved with Ethan and wants to find the person who framed him for shooting Ryan and framed her for poisoning Greenlee. Greenlee is more than satisfied. They agree to watch the other's back.

Maggie tells Bianca that Jonathan proposed to her and she has happily accepted. She goes on to shock Bianca with the announcement that they plan to elope to Las Vegas that very night. Bianca tries to convince Maggie to slow things down. To get to know Jonathan before marrying him. She talks of planning a big dream wedding hoping to talk her out of the elopement but it's to no avail. Maggie is determined to go through with the wedding. Desperate, Bianca tells Maggie of Kendall's suspicions about Jonathan but Maggie turns the tables accusing Kendall of being paranoid and a known liar. Bianca then asks Maggie if she said or did something to make Maggie so determined to marry Jonathan right away. Maggie, exasperated, tells Bianca that she's too full of herself if she believes she has that much influence over Maggie's decision to marry Jonathan. Just then Jonathan walks in with a bottle of celebratory champagne. Jonathan doesn't waste time trying to convince Bianca that they are a happy couple. He tells her how much Maggie means to him and then asks Bianca for a fresh new start between the two of them. Bianca accepts with hesitation. He invites her to join them for a glass of champagne then further surprises her when he suggests that she join them as a "best man..or best bridesmaid...or whatever" when they leave for Las Vegas. Maggie is quick to say that Bianca can't just drop things and join them, making it clear she does not want Bianca along for the wedding. As Jonathan goes to open the bottle of champagne he makes some rather curious comments about Miranda being a 'baby mogul who has to keep her board happy so that they won't take away her 'baby caviar. Bianca is somewhat put off by his words while Maggie seems completely oblivious to the undercurrent. Instead she seems determined to get Bianca out of the apartment. When she finally does manage to usher Bianca to the door a few minutes later, Bianca again tries to convince Maggie to postpone marrying Jonathan much to Maggie's dismay. Alone now, Jonathan presents Maggie with a set of Love Knot wedding rings which touches Maggie deeply. Later, Maggie tries to talk about their plans for after the wedding but Jonathan wants to make love. When Maggie pushes him away, claiming not to be in the mood, Jonathan pulls away and starts flipping channels until he finds a gay porn movie with two women. Crudely, he asks Maggie if that would get her in the mood. If she would like to do to Bianca what the two women were doing in the movie. Maggie is offended and hurt as she tells him that she has no interest in watching two women having sex. Jonathan manipulates the argument that ensues to put Maggie on the defensive. She pleads with him to make love to her so that she can proof he is the one she loves and wants to be with. Tearfully she begs him to forgive her.

Back at home, Bianca is greeted by Marian and Stuart, who had been babysitting Miranda. Left alone with Stuart, Bianca confides some of her concerns to him regarding Maggie but is careful to only refer to Maggie as her friend, not by name. Stuart's advice prompts Bianca to vow that she will do what is necessary and stand by her friend. Bianca once again leaves, returning to Maggie's apartment. In the hallway she overhears the argument between Jonathan and Maggie and is moved to reach for the door when she hears Maggie begging Jonathan to forgive her."

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