01/25/2005 Maggie Gives Jonathan Her Answer

"Kendall pays Aidan a visit at his apartment/office. She wants to hire him to investigate Jonathan Lavery or, more to the point, get dirt on him because she thinks that he's behind Greenlee's poisoning. Aidan has no interest. He thinks this is just another attempt of Kendall's to make trouble for Ryan. Kendall ignores his snide remarks and forges ahead, explaining to him why she's so convinced that Jonathan is the guilty party in the poisoning. As Kendall relentlessly argues why he needs to accept her offer of employment, Aidan makes his way to the computer. Frustrated with her constant chatter, he tells her to be quiet so that he can do his work...taking the first steps to investigate Jonathan. Kendall is thrilled. She happily leaves minutes later. Shortly after her departure, David and Krystal show up demanding to know the whereabouts of Tad. Aidan is less than pleased to see them. He flatly refuses to help them, having absolutely no sympathy for their concerns over Babe and the baby. They leave empty handed.

Ryan is hurt over Greenlee's suspicions that his brother was the person who poisoned her. He feels that Greenlee just doesn't understand Jonathan so he tries to give her insight. He tells her that his stepfather was a cruel man who would bring out the strap to show the brothers that they couldn't be loved but that while he succeeded in breaking Braden, he failed to do the same with Jonathan. Jonathan is like Ryan and fought back. Ryan admits to Greenlee that Jonathan has issues but that he's not evil. Certainly not evil enough to poison her. Greenlee is sympathetic but unswayed. As Ryan opens a bottle of wine, he tells Greenlee that not only is he still looking for the person who poisoned her but that he has a lead. Greenlee is surprised but quickly disappointed when Ryan tells her that his suspect is the woman who does all the dirty work for Zach Slater. She's even more convinced that Ryan is on the wrong path when she learns that Bobby Warner is behind the lead. She points out to Ryan that she was poisoned over a period of time which would mean that the hitwoman had to have had access to her on several occasions and that Greenlee would have noticed her. Ryan dismisses that argument by suggesting that because she's a professional hitwoman she would know how to remain below the radar. Greenlee goes on to remind Ryan that Bobby Warner was willing to take money to seduce her which clearly means that for the right amount of cash he'd say anything. Greenlee's attention is momentarily diverted when she notices the wine they'd been sipping and asks Ryan if it was from Jonathan. Ryan confirms that indeed Jonathan had given him the wine which prompts Greenlee to set her glass down. Ryan is annoyed. He tells her that the wine isn't poisoned and he refuses to be pitted against his brother. Greenlee tries to calm him down, explaining that it isn't her intention of turning him against Jonathan but that she simply doesn't believe Jonathan is innocent. Ryan reminds Greenlee that when they found the pills at Kendall's condo, Ryan was convinced Kendall was guilty but that Greenlee believed otherwise. When she asked Ryan to trust her, he did. That there are two people in the world that he trusts implicitly and those two people are Greenlee and Jonathan. He wants her to return the favor, to trust him when he tells her that Jonathan isn't responsible for poisoning her. Greenlee takes a moment to gather her thoughts then assures Ryan that if he wants her to take his word for it that Jonathan didn't do anything to harm her then he can consider his word taken. Ryan's relief is evident as he draws Greenlee into an embrace.

When Maggie arrives home, she's happy to find Jonathan there. She starts to talk to him but realizes by his continued silence that something is amiss. When she asks him what's wrong, Jonathan picks up a knife and tells her to go ahead and take it. To use the knife to plunge it into his heart and finish the job she started when she betrayed him by talking to Greenlee about him. Maggie is flabbergasted. She has no idea what Jonathan is talking about and tells him as much. When he accuses her of discussing the possibility of him poisoning Greenlee with her while they were at their apartment celebrating Ryan's birthday, Maggie defends herself. All she had done was show Greenlee her watch. Jonathan is unconvinced. Maggie becomes increasingly anxious and upset as the argument continues while Jonathan is holding the knife. When she asks him to hand the knife over to her so that she may put it away Jonathan is offended by the implication that she fears what he would do with the knife. He tells her that he can't be with a woman who is afraid of him and flinches every time he's near. Maggie is devastated. She tells Jonathan that she loves him and begins defending him against all of the accusations that the people around them are making. Jonathan is appeased. He is also moved to propose to Maggie. When he suggests that they runaway and elope, Maggie's response is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Bianca. Jonathan begs Maggie to ignore it and to not let Bianca intrude on their private moment together.

Taking a break from going over business reports, Ethan turns on the television while Bianca fetches some pictures of Miranda that she wants to show him. A special news break announces that New Orleans police are closing in on Lt. Governor Buchanan's kidnapped son. Both Babe and Jamie's names are given as the suspected kidnapers. Bianca is dismayed, Ethan is outraged. He listens as Bianca fills in the blanks as to how Babe ended up on the run with the baby but he isn't impressed. He makes no attempt to hide his animosity for Babe and all of the things she's done despite Bianca's claims that she in effect did the same thing when she refused to tell JR about his son after she found out the truth. Ethan isn't as quick to paint Bianca with the same brush as he does Babe, claiming that Babe did much worse than Bianca. Their discussion is cut short when Kendall arrives at Bianca's and immediately starts grilling her about Maggie and more specifically Jonathan. Confused, Bianca asks her why the sudden interest which prompts Kendall to confess that she suspects Jonathan was behind Greenlee's poisoning. When pushed by Kendall if there is anything about Jonathan that she didn't know, Bianca finally reveals to her that he was the one who burned the shirt that could have proven Ethan was a Cambias. Ethan is outraged but not surprised. He stops a furious Kendall from leaving the apartment and going after Jonathan by reminding her that they are better off waiting to see what Aidan uncovers before confronting Jonathan. He tells both Bianca and Kendall that until they talk to Aidan both ladies are to stay far away from Jonathan. Kendall agrees while Bianca remains silent. Bianca quickly gathers up her things then asks Kendall and Ethan if they wouldn't mind watching Miranda while she ran over to her Uncle Jack's to drop off some Cambias paperwork. As soon as they agree, Bianca is out the door. Kendall is suspicious. When Ethan asks her why, Kendall points out that since being reunited with Miranda, Bianca hasn't let her out of her sight once so it's more than passing strange that she would do so now. Ethan brushes off her concern, claiming that they are family so she obviously trusts the two of them with Miranda.

In the hallway, Bianca calls Jack on the cell phone, reschedules her meeting with him for the following day then leaves.

At the hideaway, JR and Adam confront Babe and Jamie. Adam demands to know where Colby is but it quickly becomes clear to him that neither Liza nor Colby are hiding out there. When the police go to place Babe and Jamie under arrest, they tell her to hand over the baby. Babe refuses. The detective informs her that it wasn't a request. Babe is adamant. She refuses to let go of James. Intervention comes in the form of Adam when he asks the detective to step outside with him for a few minutes so that JR and Babe can discuss things. The detective reluctantly leaves, reminding everyone that the place is surrounded so no one had better try to escape. Once the police are gone, JR once again goes to reach for his son but Jamie blocks his path telling him that he would have to go through him to take the baby. Before things can deteriorate, Tad steps between the two. He reminds Jamie that he is no position to make more trouble for himself before turning his attention to JR and asking him if he really intends to keep baby's mother out of his life. Tad also lets everyone know that, as far as the world is concerned, the baby they are fighting over is Ace Buchanan, kidnapped son of the Lt. Governor and that at any moment the baby will be taken into custody and returned to the Buchanans so they all need to work together. JR focuses his attention on Babe and asks her how she could have done what she did. Taking the baby and going on the run. Babe isn't remorseful as she reminds him that she did to him what he did to her when he took Bess away from her. JR points out the difference...that she knew Bess was alive while he believed his son was dead. He then seemingly runs out of steam and tells her that he doesn't want to fight anymore. That he just wants to hold his son. Babe, against Jamie's strong objection, hands James over to JR. Overcome with emotion, JR holds his son for the first time. The tender moment is short lived when Babe goes to take the baby back and calls him James. JR pulls away from her, holding his son tightly, and asks her in disbelief if she really named his son after the man who kidnapped him. Babe avoids answering him, instead asking him to return the baby to her but JR will have none of it. He calls for the police to come back in. When they do so he demands that they arrest Jamie, claiming he tried to take his son and flee with him. It takes a half dozen police officers to subdue a fighting Jamie while a tearful Babe, who herself is being handcuffed, cries out to Jamie. Adam soon joins the group and demands that Tad too be arrested for among other things aiding and abetting the kidnapers. JR tries to then leave with his son but is stopped by the police. They tell him that the baby is Ace Buchanan and he will be returned to his father, the Lt. Governor. Adam quickly calls the Attorney General then hands the cell phone to the detective. The detective quickly rescinds his order and allows JR to leave. Unfortunately JR gets no further than the front door where he is again stopped by Kevin and Bo Buchanan who are there to take Ace home."

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