04/12/2004 David Gives Greenlee Advice

"David visits Greenlee at her penthouse. H carries in a package he found left on her doorstep. Inside is the rusty metal box Greenlee found in the mine shaft and left behind at the motel room in Philly. Greenlee tells David Leo sent it to her about a month ago as a sign about Ryan. David's advice is to dump both. Box aside, it is Ryan that David is there to discuss with Greenlee. He warns her to stay away from Ryan and Kendall because regardless of what they say it is not over between them. Greenlee asks David to assure Kendall there is nothing romantic going on between her and Ryan. David tells her she's going to have to convince him first. As they verbally spar over Greenlee staying away from Ryan, she hears music coming from another apartment and goes downstairs to investigate.

Reggie shows off his pad ­ paid for by Jack, of course ­ to Danielle. After bragging about the sound system he offers to show her the bedroom. Danielle suggests he has ulterior motives. Reggie plays the respect card. Just as he convinces Danielle he's not like other guys and they start to make out on the couch, Greenlee bursts through the door interrupting them. Greenlee chews Reggie out for taking advantage of Jackson being out of town. She asks if he's even got protection. Reggie asks her why he would need a gun. Greenlee is not amused and warns him not to drink, do drugs, or have sex and if he does any of those things against her advice to be careful and keep the music down so no one calls the cops. Greenlee goes back upstairs. Reggie unsuccessfully tries to recapture the mood with Danielle. She wants to wait so it will be special when it happens. The only word Reggie hears is "when" so he's still hopeful. Danielle kisses Reggie goodnight and goes to bed. Left alone on the sofa Reggie swears "the wrath of Reggie" will get even with Greenlee when least expected for her interruption.

Kendall shows up at Ryan's carrying a few beers and some "gourmet" chow as a peace offering. More than once Kendall thinks she should have stayed away. Ryan is happy to see her though. They discuss their past and future over corndogs and beer. Kendall asks about Ryan's plans now that he is again head of Cambias Industries. After all, he could live anywhere Cambias has a power center. Ryan tells her the power center is wherever he is but there is one thing that would keep him in Pine Valley. Even though he can't be hands-on with all the enterprises, Fusion, Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises are all local. The chance to be hands-on with those companies might keep him around. Kendall is glad he's sticking around for any reason and tells him he's the only one who can fill that apartment. Ryan thinks it needs furniture and asks Kendall to go shopping with him sometime. Still beating around the bush about her real reason for being there, Kendall has one more concern. Since she owns Erica's part of Enchantment and part of Fusion, she worries whether she and Ryan can be close personally and still work together professionally. Ryan thinks so and is definitely interested in finding out. Ryan tells her he wants her involved with both companies. Kendall is very okay with that and starts to leave. Ryan tells her she can't leave yet. Kendall stops in her tracks waiting for a big move from Ryan but all he does is thank her for the beer, corndogs and company. She leaves and they stand on opposite sides of the door thinking of one another.

Edmund and the guys continue their pool game. Maria walks in. Edmund thinks she's there to break up the party. Instead she joins them. As all of them are sharing drinks, Tad confides to Aidan about his efforts to track down Erica and about her leaving on Palmer's jet. Aidan asks if he has the registration number of the plane. Tad gives it to him. In a few minutes Aidan returns with the advice to check Vegas. Later Tad proposes a toast to his new "defective," uh I mean "detective," partner. Tad and Aidan cut out leaving Maria and Edmund alone. Sitting on his lap, Maria confesses her worries to Edmund about him surviving surgery. Edmund tells her he's worried about losing her and the kids and about surviving the next 30 to 40 years, surviving, not living. He tells her he has to have the surgery so he can fully live again. Maria tells him she's with him all the way.

Bianca picks "Bess" up from her hospital crib and tells her she's safe now because she's with her mommy. The nurse in charge of the nursery catches Bianca holding Bess and is about to have her escorted back to her room by security when Anita steps in and vouches it is okay for her to be there holding Bess. They leave Bianca alone rocking Bess. Outside, the nursery nurse coldly tells Anita that she believes in "all kinds of justice," implying that the "death" of Bianca's daughter was more than likely divine retribution for her killing of Michael Cambias. Anita tried to set the nurse straight, but the nurse said that she didn't need to "kowtow to Dr. Grey's sister." She angrily said that there were plenty more deserving people who were turned away for the position Anita now held. A doctor came in and told the nurse she was needed for an emergency c-section. Later the doctor, the nurse, and Anita escort newborn twin girls into the nursery. The nurse gasps and runs out of the nursery. Anita looks over to Bess's crib and noticed that it was empty."

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