04/02/2004 Bianca Visits Babe

"Jackson goes over to Erica's place and finds a note addressed to him. He reads it and when he sees an empty wine glass on the coffee table, he shakes his head in disbelief. Taking the note with him, he leaves and heads over to the hospital.

Krystal and Tad are on their way with "Bess" to see Babe, when Adam stops them and says they are not taking the baby anywhere. Adam tells Tad that he can't interfere with his grandchild's life because he is not family. Tad reminds him that although Jamie isn't the father of this baby, he is as much as a father to JR as Adam is. Adam continues to insist that he won't let Tad in Bess's life while Tad tells him that Bess is a part of Dixie as well as JR. Tad tells Adam he will protect the baby and make sure she doesn't end up to be an Adam Chandler clone.

There is no way Kendall will allow Greenlee to step foot in Bianca's room and she makes that perfectly clear to Greenlee. While Greenlee is pleading to talk to Bianca to share her sympathy, Krystal and Anita walk by with "Bess." The women pause a moment with Bess and then continue to walk on. Greenlee and Ryan go to a waiting room to talk privately while Kendall visits her sister. Greenlee asks Ryan to give Bianca a necklace that Leo gave her to remind her that Leo would be so happy about her baby. She adds that it will give Bianca comfort and let her know that Leo is watching over Miranda now and keeping her safe. Ryan is touched by Greenlee's gesture and tells her that when the time is right, she should be the one to give Bianca the necklace. Greenlee says that there will never be a right time for her and Ryan says that she will know when the time is right and to just speak from her heart, like she did with him. Ryan gets a call from the lawyers at Cambias Enterprises and he tells Greenlee that he wishes he never met Alexander Cambias because he wants nothing to do with the company. Greenlee says that Alexander saw something in him, something great and he shouldn't worry about taking anything away from Bianca. She says he could do so much good with the company by building hospitals and organizations in memory of Miranda's life. "You can actually make some good out of this situation," she says. Greenlee also tells Ryan that if he has to choose between her and Kendall, she will understand if he chooses Kendall. Ryan tells her that he and Kendall are not together anymore, but Greenlee can see he still loves Kendall very much. Ryan goes to find Bianca and Bobby walks in, telling Greenlee that Ryan's "got it bad for someone."

While Babe is dreaming of her baby, Bianca is dreaming of the moment she first held Miranda in her arms. She wakes up and asks Lena and Maggie to bring Miranda to her so she can hold her in her arms. Lena tells Bianca that Miranda is gone and when Bianca hears Bess crying outside, she asks her friends again to bring her baby to her. They tell her that the baby outside is not her baby, even thought Bianca insists that she knows the sound of her baby's cry. Lena asks her to recall the events of the night before and Bianca talks about giving birth to Miranda, the chopper that rescued her, and then realizes that her baby is gone. Kendall goes inside Bianca's room and Bianca immediately starts talking about the different ways that her baby could still be alive. Kendall tells her not to torture herself with different scenarios, but Bianca says that she can't believe her baby is gone because she still feels her. Kendall tells her that the baby outside was Babe's and when Bianca asks how Babe is doing, everyone gets quiet. Bianca senses that something is wrong and asks them again. Kendall tells Bianca about Babe's infection and says that since David is treating her, she will be just as well as her baby. Bianca tells her that she wants to see Babe and has to talk to her immediately.

Babe is having nightmares and remembers when Paul took her baby and put him in the incubator. She cries out in her sleep to JR, "Paul, please don't take my baby." JR tells Babe that Paul is not there anymore and he will never hurt her. Krystal and Tad bring Bess in to see Babe. JR picks her up and carries over to Babe, but Babe looks confused and distraught when he starts talking about their daughter, "Bess." Babe panics because her vision is blurry from the infection and she can't see her baby's face. Anita tells JR that Babe is delirious and the antibiotics will help sooth her. Bianca comes to visit Babe and JR immediately offers his condolences about Miranda. Bianca accepts them and asks if she can speak to Babe. JR tells her it is fine and steps back. When Babe sees Bianca, she immediately asks how Miranda is doing. No one answers her directly--instead they tell Babe not to worry about Miranda and just worry about getting herself better. Babe asks Bianca to make a very important promise--she asks her to take care of her baby and JR, in case she dies. Bianca says that she is going to live, but of course, she will obey Babe's wishes if something happens. When JR is alone with Babe, he tells her that she is going to be ok and soon, she will be singing her own lullaby's to Bess.

While Kendall waits outside Babe's room, Jackson comes over to her and asks if she has seen Erica. Kendall says no and then Jackson shows her the letter that Erica wrote. Kendall reads the letter out loud, which says that Erica has left town because SHE has suffered so much pain and doesn't want to be found, but will not do anything to hurt herself. Jackson is determined to find Erica, even though Kendall tells him not to. Kendall says that Erica wants Jackson to find her and as far as she is concerned, she doesn't care where Erica is and if she ever returns. Jackson leaves and Bianca comes out of Babe's room. Ryan finds her and immediately gives her a hug. Finally, Bianca tells them that she has to see Babe's baby.

Krystal breaks up the Adam and Tad verbal lashings and takes Tad to the nursery so he can hold the baby. Krystal assures Tad that she will teach Bess how to outsmart Adam before she even gets her first tooth in. Tad starts talking about all the tea parties, beauty parlors, and stuffed animal parties he will be attending with Bess. He also tells her that Babe is going to be pull through the infection and be ok. Tad even feeds the baby, although he is a bit nervous about burping her."

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