03/31/2004 Aidan Gives Anita Boxing Lessons

"Tad found Krystal at the hospital crying. He tried to comfort her but she snapped at him and pushed him away. He left as she began crying again. Tad returned a bit later with a plastic cup with some amber liquid inside. He offered it to her after wiping her tears. She said if it was hospital apple juice she didn't want it. Tad told her it was whisky and she took it gratefully. They sat down and Krystal told him about her own mama, and how she was a doormat. Krystal said that made her want to be as tough as nails and she didn't want Babe to see her so afraid now. Tad told her to have faith, that Babe was too much like her mother to let this get her down. Krystal began talking about how horrible she felt about Bianca, Erica and Kendall. Tad told her not to underestimate the Kane women. Krystal told Tad about a friend of hers that lost her baby and how she didn't know how Bianca would possibly get over losing her baby. Tad said "You just do" and then told her how he dealt with losing Dixie and their unborn baby. Krystal was touched and Tad told her they would all find their way through this, just like he did. Krystal said she was going to check on Babe but she was afraid she looked like 100 miles of bad highway. Tad touched her cheek and put a strand of hair back in place and then told "Now you're beautiful."

Aidan offered to teach Anita to box and she accepted. He went to get gloves and told her to remove her jewelry. She had a hard time taking off her wedding rings. Aidan returned with gloves and wrap and got Anita set to box. He showed her how to hold her hands in front of her and how to jab. They laughed and had a good time but when he got too close Anita became very upset and thought he was hitting on her. She angrily threw her gloves at him and started to walk off. Aidan stopped her and said he wasn't hitting on her, "I learned the hard way to stay away from women who love other men." Anita stopped and apologized for overreacting. Aidan accepted and asked if they were still "mates." She said yes and started to walk away. He stopped her again and handed back her wedding rings he'd been holding for her.

Kendall sat in her condo and Ryan walked in the door. He told her she shouldn't have to go through this alone. Kendall said she didn't have the energy to fight with him and Ryan told her "Then don't." He reached out for her hand and she looked at him then put her hand in his. He took her to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth and wiped her face. Then he started the shower for her and got her some towels. She just stood there with tears running down her face. Ryan told her to get in the warm shower and he went into the living room. Kendall undressed and got into the shower. She crouched on the shower floor and cried. Later she got out and put on a robe and found Ryan in the living room where he had started a fire. She sat on the couch and Ryan joined her. He took her towel and rubbed her hair, then brushed it for her very gently. Kendall just sat in a daze. He went into the kitchen and brought back a tray of food for her. Kendall just looked at it and Ryan insisted that she eat something. He sat next to her and tenderly fed her. He got up to put more wood on the fire and Kendall picked up a picture of her and Bianca at the baby shower. She let it drop to the floor and Ryan led her over to the fire. They sat in front of it for a while, then Kendall fell asleep. Ryan got a blanket and covered her, then turned out the lights. He sat in a chair and watched Kendall sleep.

Maria and Edmund went to a movie theater. Edmund sat in his wheelchair in the aisle next to Maria. They laughed, joked and shared popcorn until the movie started. Near the end of the movie the film broke. They waited for it to be fixed and talked about how they would make the story end. Edmund's version had him as the leading man, standing and walking around the room talking with "Betty" (Maria). "Betty" had killed "Vic's" (Edmund) brother to protect him. Vic saw someone at the door and a cop came in, ready to arrest Betty. Maria interrupted Edmund's story, arguing that Betty and Vic belonged together. Edmund told her to make a better story so Maria's version had Vic in a wheelchair and Betty admitted she killed Vic's brother. A cop came to arrest Betty and Vic recognized the man. He pulled a gun on the cop and had Betty frisk him. She found some papers and handed them to Vic. He read them and realized the cop was his brother's dirty partner. The cop runs out and Betty and Vic kiss. Edmund liked Maria's story but said it needed a perfect ending. He had Vic standing and taking Betty in his arms to kiss her. Edmund and Maria kissed and he asked if that was the happy ending she had in mind. Maria smiled and said "Exactly!"

Danielle was in a record store and listened closely to a conversation between the manager and an employee regarding closing up that evening. Reggie came in and she told him it was time to chill out and have some fun before going back to the hospital tomorrow. She put him in a listening room with headphones on and said she'd be right back. She went to the cash register and the employee asked if she was ready to check out. Danielle said no, she couldn't afford the CD and went out the door. The employee looked around and didn't see any other customers so she walked across the room to turn out the lights. Danielle snuck back in and hid behind a display as the employee set the alarm and went out the door, locking it behind her. Reggie came out of the booth into the dark store and called out for Danielle. She popped up and he asked what happened to the lights. Danielle said the store is closed now and Reggie began to get upset. He said he'd call security to come let them out. She tried to stop him and said they should just hang out and have some fun. Reggie explained that he was on probation and if he got caught he'd end up in jail. He said he'd tell security it was an accident but Danielle said it was no accident, that she got them locked in on purpose. Reggie was not happy and said it sounded like Danielle had done this sort of thing before. She just smiled and grabbed his hand. She said it was time to dance and they did start dancing all around the store. They laughed and had fun."

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