04/01/2004 Paul Visits Babe

"Reggie calls Greenlee and asks for help ­ they have been discovered at the music store and are in danger of being arrested. When she shows up, Greenlee tries to lecture him ­ but he's acutely aware that he'll be doing time if they book him on any criminal charges. In the meantime, Danielle doesn't seem to be that concerned. She tells the owner that HE should get a lawyer because if there had been a fire, they didn't have an escape route. Then she tells Greenlee and Reggie not to worry because she thinks she can get them out of this mess. She has a chat with Officer Lyman and somehow does the impossible. She's not giving up secrets though. After leaving, they head out to get some breakfast.

They aren't there more than a few minutes when Mia and Simone walk in. They see Greenlee but try to ignore her (they fail miserably). In addition, Greenlee isn't about to let them get away with it. She goes over to their table and starts to apologize again. Simone honestly listens, but Mia is incensed that Greenlee even came over. Mia repeatedly injects digs about Greenlee doing everything she did just to get Ryan, and how happy she must be. Greenlee lets the attitude pass with a "I don't know why I'm still surprised that people think the worst of me." Mia agrees wholeheartedly. Greenlee notes that she and Ryan are not together. Simone wonders if the four of them can get back to the glory days at the beginning of Fusion. Mia thinks it's a dream, that it was meant to be for a moment in time but they let it go. Greenlee is more in tune with Simone, as they both miss the old days.

Kendall wakes up from a nightmare and is surprised to see that Ryan is still there. She is grateful and okay if he wants to leave. He doesn't think that she is okay ­ but asks if she wants him to leave anyway. She doesn't so she goes through the motions of getting him some coffee. In the process, she comes across a brochure for "Adopt-A-Thon", the place where she was going to take Miranda to adopt a dog. She tears up, and Ryan tries to comfort her. Kendall insists that she needs to get it together so that she can be strong for Bianca. Ryan reminds her of the hell that she has been through to help her sister, and says that it was understandable if she wasn't "okay" for a while. He said that there were plenty of people that wanted to help and they would come to her because she knew exactly what needed to be done.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. The man on the other side introduces himself as George Milligan of Cambias Industries. He says that he is here to see Ryan, and that because the former heir of Cambias Industries was now deceased, they had to sign legal papers immediately to get it back into Ryan's control. Kendall flips out and orders the man out of her house. Ryan calms her first and then takes Mr. Milligan outside. Once there, Milligan tries to insist that the papers needed to be taken care of immediately because Cambias would flounder without a leader. Ryan read him the riot act and said the papers could wait. Further, Ryan informs him that if he dared to approach Kendall or Bianca, Milligan will be destroyed.

Heading back inside, Ryan tries to tell Kendall that Milligan apologized, but she was listening and thanked him again for looking out for her and Bianca. Kendall gets ready to go to the hospital and Ryan offers to drive her since he has some errands to run there as well.

When they get there, they talk for a few more moments about Ryan setting it up with the staff so that neither she nor Bianca are bothered by anyone from Cambias...and then Greenlee shows up.

JR visits with Babe and assures her that she will be able to hold Bess soon. Babe, delirious, continues to mutter, "not Bess...not Bess..." in an attempt to tell him that she didn't have a girl. JR, unsure of what she is trying to say, just tries to keep her quiet so that she can rest and get better.

David tells Krystal that if she leaves Babe at PVH, Babe will die. This, of course, gets Krystal in an uproar, and she wants an explanation. David explains that the infection that Babe originally had is now worse and affecting her heart. He said that the treatment the hospital staff was using was all wrong. Krystal thinks that David should treat Babe, but JR barges in and says "No way in hell!" A lot of accusations are flung about, mainly about David's character. It came down to Krystal asking Tad's opinion ­ because he is the only one she can trust to be honest. While he hates David as a person, he said that without a doubt, when it comes to the heart ­ no one is a better doctor.

JR is completely against it, and as her husband, has the final word. Tad takes him aside and says that he knows that JR is blending in his feelings about what David did to wreck Dixie's life with the current situation. Tad realizes that this is hard for JR, but tells him that he has to have faith in the people he loves and let David do what he does best. JR acquiesces and they convince Joe to let David have special privileges so that he could treat Babe.

At the nursery, Paul looks through the window at "Bess"/Miranda and flashes back to delivering Babe's child. Adam shows up and tells him to stay away. Paul says he was just worried, but Adam can sense that something is wrong because Paul is acting very nervous. Paul asks how Babe is, but Adam won't divulge any information.

After leaving Adam, Paul goes to Babe's room. She's still mostly unconscious and he starts talking to her. He says that she needs to accept "Bess"/Miranda as her own. He says, "You had a girl" quite menacingly in her ear. Still nervous that she may blow his cover, he looks at her chart and says that the only way he can guarantee she won't talk is if she doesn't wake up at all. He continues the conversation in his head. When he starts yelling in his head, he finally says aloud, "Kelly deserves that baby ,­she'd make a much better mom than you!" At that point, JR and David walk in.

JR takes Paul into the hallway so that David could work with Babe. JR asked what Paul said to Babe, admitting that he heard Paul mention his sister. Paul starts spouting off, leaving no answers about what was actually said. JR tells Paul to just "walk away" so Paul gets away without confessing. At that point, David opens the door and says that Babe is waking up.

While standing over Babe, JR says that he won't forget what David is doing ­ meaning that if something bad happens with Babe, JR will come after David. In his usual arrogant way, David said nothing would because he hates to lose. Babe will be fine now that he is on the case.

Babe starts to mumble "Paul" and JR wants her to tell him what he said to her."

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