03/19/2004 Miranda Is Born

"Anita and Maria go back to Wildwind after the storm has passed and see Bobby talking to Edmund. Anita asks Bobby why he is there and Edmund tells them about the oak tree hitting their home. Edmund says that Bobby arrived just in time to get the kids out of their rooms. Maddie and Sam run downstairs to greet Maria and excitedly tell her about the tree crashing through their window. Sam even praises Bobby rescue methods and when he asks who he is, Bobby explains that he is married to Anita, which makes him their uncle. Bobby and Anita go upstairs to play with the kids, leaving Maria and Edmund alone in the living room to talk. Edmund tells Maria that he is upset he could not help his kids and had to watch someone else do his job. Maria insists that they should be grateful the kids are safe and just let the incident go. But Edmund is determined to have the surgery and tells Maria his mind is made up.

Bobby and Anita go downstairs and start talking about Sam and Maddie. Their discussion prompts Bobby ask Anita about them having their own children one day. Anita admits that she has always wanted a family, but isn't ready yet. He asks Anita to go with him to Las Vegas, where he has accepted a new job. Anita asks Bobby about Tracy, the co-worker he cheated on her with. Bobby tells Anita that he wishes he could take it back and wants to save his marriage. Anita points out that a baby won't save their marriage and she will not have one with him right now. Bobby tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away and tells him to go to Vegas without her.

Kendall goes to see Erica and ask her if she has heard from Bianca. Erica tells her no and gets worried when she realizes that something is wrong. Kendall asks Erica if she is actually afraid that Bianca is hurt and of course, Erica admits that she is. Kendall doesn't seem to believe her and they begin to bicker over how Erica treated Bianca, before she left town. After Kendall leaves, Erica looks at a picture of her mother, Mona and asks her to keep Bianca safe.

Mary tries to comfort Adam and tell him that his grandchild is safe. However, Adam is not comforted and begins to tell Mary some of his fondest memories of JR. He talks about how he loved being a father and that JR was always a great kid. Adam turns to Mary and says, "What if I never get to see my grandchild?" Shortly after, family members start arriving, trying to figure out a way to find Babe and Bianca. Even Erica shows up wanting to help. Jackson suggests that everyone splits up in teams and look in different areas of Pine Valley. Jackson asks David how the cabin roads are and David says that last night, they were pretty bad.

Reggie is holding Danielle in his arms behind Greenlee's couch, when Jackson comes in, looking for him. Reggie gets up and Danielle stays hidden. Jackson reams him for not calling home when the storm was so terrible. Reggie apologizes and tells Jackson they he watched some television and chilled out at Greenlee's place during the storm. Jackson accepts his apology, reminds him to always call home, and informs him that Bianca and Babe are missing. Reggie volunteers to help Jackson with the search and tells him he will clean up Greenlee's home first. Jackson gives him two minutes and leaves. Danielle stands up and offers to clean the apartment up so Reggie can find Bianca. Reggie thanks her, tells her she is welcome to stay there, and leaves. Danielle tells him he will find his sister and promises to be there when he returns.

Ryan and Greenlee end up a stream, where they see Babe's abandoned car crushed beneath debris. Ryan goes over to investigate and pulls Bianca's purse out of the passenger's seat. When he digs inside the purse, he finds a wallet and Bianca's ID inside. Greenlee begins to panic and tells Ryan that they have to save Bianca. Ryan sees a pink purse floating near the car. Greenlee starts to go in the water, but Ryan tells her not to because the current is so bad. She calls 911 and Ryan gets the pink bag. When he opens it, he sees Babe's ID inside. The rescue team arrives and decide to look downstream, but conclude that if anyone was in Babe's car, there is no way they could have survived the storm. Ryan asks the rescue team to let him deliver the news to the family and they agree. Ryan gets on his bike, ready to head back to Pine Valley, when Greenlee stops him. She tells him she is going to go back and at least be there to support Jackson. She says she deserves all the verbal lashing that she gets, but also needs to help her father find Bianca. When they arrive back in town, they stop at Adam's house, where Kendall is startled to see them.

Babe encourages Bianca to keep pushing because the baby is almost there. Bianca is exhausted and doesn't want to push anymore, but with Babe's help, she gives birth a beautiful baby girl, Miranda. Bianca is overjoyed as she holds Miranda in her arms and praises Babe for her wonderful coaching and delivery. Although Bianca insists she is fine, Babe tells her that she is going to go find help and needs a doctor. Bianca tells Babe to be careful and while she is gone, she talks to Meredith. She tells her how much she loves her and that she will always be there for her to protect her. She begins singing a lullaby to Meredith. Bianca tries to stay awake, but she keeps floating in and out of consciousness. Babe manages to find her way to none other than David's cabin. When she realizes no one is home, she breaks his window with a stick and goes inside. She picks up the phone and is relieved to hear a dial tone. She immediately calls Pine Valley Hospital and tells them franticly that she needs help. When the nurse tries to transfer her to another department, Babe asks to speak to Paul Cramer. When Paul gets on the phone, Babe tells him that she needs his chopper right now because Bianca is in danger. Suddenly, Babe grabs her stomach and screams in pain."

- Soap Central