03/22/2004 Babe Calls Paul

"Unaware that Ryan and Greenlee had information regarding Babe and Bianca, an angry Kendall told the pair that they'd picked the wrong time to try to cause trouble. Ryan finally spoke up, saying that he had spotted Babe's car along a riverbank. Naturally, JR and Krystal questioned now Ryan knew that the car belonged to Babe. Ryan then explained that he'd had the highway patrol call in the plate number. He then reached into bag and pulled out Babe's pink knapsack. Kendall spoke up, asking if there was any indication that Bianca had been with Babe in the car. Greenlee said nothing, and instead opted to hand over Bianca's purse. Both Erica and Kendall recognized the person as Bianca's. Erica took the purse and wrapped her coat around it, then held the coat close to her chest. As the realization that something horrible may have happened to the two young women hit, Kendall lashed out at Erica for "killing" her sister. Kendall argued that Bianca never would have gone out into the storm if it had not been for Erica's cruel words. Jack and David both told Kendall that it was neither the time nor place to lay blame. JR asked Ryan to take him to the spot where he'd found Babe's car. The others made plans to search the entire stretch of Route 32, the road where the car had been found. Erica asked that she be allowed to help with the search, but Tad told her that it would be best if she stayed at Chandler Mansion and waited for news. Erica and Krystal sat next to each other on the sofa, each devastated over the possibility that their daughter had been killed.

Adam retreated to his office and tried to call in favors to help track down Babe and Bianca. He was told repeatedly that the local authorities were stretched too thin because of the storm and that he would get no special favors.

In the cabin, a woozy Bianca began to shiver uncontrollably. She struggled to sit up and noticed that the fire in the fireplace had just about burned out. She tried to get to her feet, but her vision was blurry and she was too weak to stand. She laid back down and prayed that Babe would return with help.

In David's cabin, Babe pleaded with Paul Cramer to fly his medical helicopter to the cabin and rescue her and Bianca. Paul believed that Babe was trying to pull another fast one and refused. As Babe continued her pleas, she was hit by another contraction. Meanwhile, on the other end of the line, Joe Martin passed by the nurses' desk and instructed Paul to hang up the phone. The phone line, he stated sharply, was for emergencies only - not personal calls. When the line went dead, Babe began to panic. She tried to redial the hospital, but received a recorded message stating that all circuits were busy. Babe tried to remain calm, telling herself that Paul would come through for her. Finally, she decided to try calling her mother at Chandler Mansion.

Krystal quietly went through Babe's knapsack, laughing slightly when she found a plush cow inside. She told Erica that she never understood Babe's fascination with cows. The phone rang and Krystal picked up the phone hoping to learn something about her daughter. On the other end, Babe readied to beg her mother for help. Before she could say a word, Babe tripped and pulled the phone cord out of the wall. Without a way to communicate with the outside world, Babe decided to trek back to be with Bianca.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Jamie and Maggie arrived to ask for Paul's help in locating Babe and Bianca. Paul refused, saying that he had urgent business back in Llanview. Paul and Jamie - who had had a previous physical encounter over Babe - traded words. Joe happened upon the argument and asked if there had been new information about Bianca and Babe. Jamie shook his head and Paul headed out to return via chopper to Llanview.

At the side of the river where Babe's car had washed up, Ryan watched as JR slipped inside the car to look for clues to Babe's whereabouts. JR found a pair of fuzzy dice and fought to hold back his tears. A short while later, Tad arrived on the scene. JR told the two men how excited Babe had been when he'd bought her the car. He then denied that Babe's disappearance was anything like his mother's. Dixie had been pregnant when her car crashed in Switzerland, presumably killing both her and the unborn child.

David and Kendall returned to David's cabin, hoping to set up a central command spot for the search effort. Kendall was not at all optimistic about finding her sister alive, something that struck David as odd. David looked around his cabin and assessed the damage that he believed had been caused by the storm. When he spotted the frayed phone cord on the floor, he realized that someone had been in his cabin. David pressed the redial button and was connected with Krystal at Chandler Mansion. David didn't want to get Krystal's hopes raised too high, so he said only that he felt they were hot on the trail of the missing women. Overhead, the sounds of a helicopter's blades were heard.

Babe returned to the cabin and found a lifeless Bianca still clutching her baby. Bianca was still alive, but barely breathing. Her cold body had turned a ghostly shade of white. Babe went to add another log to the fire, but was hit by yet another contraction. Babe sat on the floor by the fire and prepared to deliver her own baby. The door to the cabin swung open and Paul Cramer raced to Babe's side. Over the next few minutes, he helped deliver Babe's baby. After making sure that both mother and child were okay, he turned his attention to Bianca. Bianca, he assessed, had lost a lot of blood and her condition was quite serious. He made his way to his helicopter to phone ahead to the hospital. Before he made the call to the medics, he called his sister, Kelly, and told her that he had found a solution to her problem. "Good news, Kelly," Paul said with a little reservation. "I've got a baby for you."

Later, on One Life to Live, Paul made secret plans with Kelly to have her meet him at the cabin so that he could give her one of the babies."

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