03/10/2004 Erica & Bobby Go To Philly

"Adam listened outside Tad's house as Tad and Krystal talked, but he couldn't hear much. Krystal told Tad she spoke with Jackson and Babe can file the annulment papers without anyone ever knowing about it. Tad agreed to doing it that way then apologized to Krystal for what happened at Adam's. Krystal accepted the apology and said they would have no more showdowns. Adam was able to find a spot where he could hear, but only caught the last of the conversation. Krystal said their business was concluded, and the two of them talked about why they had slept together in the first place. Krystal told Tad she wasn't good with crowds so she would leave him to Liza and Simone. Tad got the Kama Sutra book she had given him and handed it back. She took out the worry stone he had given her and sat it on the desk. She told Tad it was a fun game while it lasted and that she had finally met her match. Krystal walked out the door and Tad looked very sad. A moment later a knock on the door interrupted him and Liza swept into the room. She began kissing him and they ran off to the bedroom while Adam still watched from the window in disgust. Twenty minutes later they emerged from the bedroom, pulling their clothes back into place. Liza kissed Tad then left. Tad saw Krystal's worry stone still on the desk and sat down, with a very sad face.

Adam met Mary in SOS. He said he didn't find out what Babe's secret was but he may be able to get the information yet. Mary asked how and he told her his ex-wife Liza was all over Tad. Mary asked if Liza would cooperate. Adam replied "Like she has a choice?."

Reggie was playing basketball in the park by himself when a girl showed up. She complimented him on his ability and he asked her to shoot hoops with him. They began to play but she was able to get some shots off of Reggie. He said it was because she was so fine she distracted him. She said "You're a package but I'm able to concentrate just fine!." Reggie asked if she was new in town and she said sort of. He asked about her family and she said she had no family and no friends. Reggie concluded she was a runaway, which she didn't deny. He said she couldn't stay in the park alone, it wasn't safe. She said she didn't have any other place to go so Reggie said he had a place she could stay and they walked away together.

In SOS Jackson walked toward Erica as he called her name. She and Bobby stopped and Erica looked directly at Jack, then hurried out the back way. Opal told Jack to go after Erica but he refused. He sat at the bar and ordered a drink while Opal begged him to follow Erica. Jack said he couldn't force Erica to turn to him. Opal ran after Erica while Jack took his drink to a table and sat down. Minutes later Tom Cudahy came in and Jack welcomed him. They sat down and Tom said he and Livia were thinking about moving back to Pine Valley. Jack asked Tom for advice on Erica, and proceeded to tell him everything that had been going on. Tom said he couldn't stop her from drinking but that it certainly was a danger signal. Jack said he'd been trying to get Erica to talk about her feelings but she won't open up. Tom told Jack he had to keep trying.

Erica and Bobby took off in his car. He asked if that man in SOS was her friend and she said no, he was more like a stalker. Bobby said he was going to Philadelphia and Erica said she wanted to go with him. They compared stories about what the people around them had done to them and found they had been through similar experiences. Bobby offered to drive her home but Erica refused, saying she wanted to go to Philly with him. He handed her a ball cap to help disguise her and said for the night her name was Desiree. He told her that they were going to a hotel in Philadelphia to play poker with some high rollers who had played at the casino in Vegas where Bobby had worked. At the same hotel Ryan and Greenlee discussed how they would get a room for the night. Greenlee offered up her credit card but Ryan said no, they were doing it his way. Greenlee got excited when she realized Ryan wanted to run a con. She said Leo had told her all about them and she would be Ryan's pigeon. She went to the concierge desk and said she needed help with the ATM machine. The man left the desk to help her and Ryan began snooping through the drawers. He found an envelope and stuffed it in his jacket. He signaled Greenlee that he had what they needed so she pretended she found her lost ATM card. Ryan showed Greenlee the letter in the envelope. It said that "Tony the Traveler" an internet travel expert, was going to be making a surprise visit to the hotel sometime in the next month. Ryan decided to pretend he was Tony and get the room comped. He ran out to buy a disguise. Meanwhile Erica and Bobby arrived and Bobby asked at the desk them to ring "Mr. Moore's room." After speaking with Mr. Moore they headed upstairs, but Erica needed to stop at the ladies' room. She passed Greenlee as she went in but Greenlee didn't notice her. Bobby tried to chat with Greenlee as he waited but she blew him off and walked away. Erica and Bobby went to Mr. Moore's room, and before going in Bobby told her about the men they would be playing poker with. Erica was very excited to play poker and said she'd played a few times when she was younger. They walked into the room and Bobby introduced her as Desiree to Pug Moore and the other men. They were delighted to have her join them. Pug got her a drink and the game began. Downstairs Ryan returned dressed like "Harry Potter on steroids" according to Greenlee. They went to the front desk and tried to check in under his name "Mr. Smith." No reservation was found and "Mr. Smith" got very agitated with his assistant. She said the confirmation number was in his wallet, which he probably left in the car. "Mr. Smith" went to the parking garage to pretend to look for it, while Greenlee gave the desk clerk a sob story about how she would lose her job as assistant to "Tony the Traveler" if they didn't get the 2 bedroom suite he had reserved. Another clerk over heard them and said they were expecting "Tony the Traveler" and of course would comp them the suite for the night. When Ryan returned the clerk also comped them dinner at the hotel's restaurant. Ryan took the keys and they headed to their room. The poker game came to a close with Erica having won a lot of money. They decided it was time to leave and Pug invited "Desiree" to play with them anytime. As Bobby and Erica headed out the door Ryan and Greenlee stood in front of their door to open it. Just as Greenlee got the door open, Erica and Bobby stepped into the hallway. The four of them just stared at each other.

At BJ's Anita ran into Aidan, who invited her to share a piece of chocolate cake. He apologized for butting in between her and her husband. Anita said maybe she and Aidan should stay away from each other. Aidan didn't agree."

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