03/11/2004 Edmund's Homecoming

"Bobby and Erica meet up with Ryan and Greenlee in the hall. Ryan asks what Erica is doing there and she says she could say the same thing. Greenlee tries to stop Erica from walking away because she wants to apologize for what she did in the courtroom. Erica doesn't really want to discuss anything with her. Ryan asks Erica to step inside his room so they can talk in private. Bobby attempts to stop him, but with a look from Ryan and a held-up "it's okay" hand from Erica, he backs down, leaving him alone in the hallway with Greenlee.

Greenlee tries to intimidate Bobby, telling him that he needs to leave her "father's fiancee" alone. Bobby comes right back at her with "What if I don't?"

Inside the room, Ryan asks if Erica is trying to hide - and she admits that she just wanted to get away from being Erica Kane for one night, with all that happened. She quickly turns the tables on him and says that she thinks he is hiding, because of Kendall and her inability to commit. He denies it and says that the situation with Kendall spurred his leaving, but it was because there was no reason to stay. She asks him if he is still in love with Kendall.

In the hall, Greenlee tells Bobby that she's got him all figured out - pompous money-grubbing jerk that thinks he can play Erica for the fool. It seems that out of some newfound loyalty to her father, she is trying to protect Erica from Bobby. Bobby shoots back that he has never disliked a woman until now.

Erica and Ryan talk more about Kendall and everything that happened and how it has affected them and their relationships. Erica is preparing to head back to Pine Valley, but she says that she will miss Ryan. He gives her a secret number (one that the viewers can't see) so that whenever she needs him, or if she just wants to talk, she can reach him - he will be there.

Despite Greenlee's "efforts", Bobby stands strong and he and Erica leave together. Going back to the same old predictable Greenlee, she starts yelling at Ryan for letting Erica go. He tells her that she always has to try to control everyone and what they think and do. She says that she was just trying to help, and Ryan says that Erica didn't need it. She continues to rant, trying to "understand" why he wasn't more upset. She zeroes in that they had talked about Kendall and started demanding that he tell her what Erica said. Ryan retires for the night to get away from her.

Kendall, Bianca, Babe and JR attend a Lamaze class together. Bianca and Babe are equally scared about the upcoming labor. Babe, as always, has a bunch of "Mama says" things that are supposed to help. For example, "Mama says" that singing "99 Bottles of Beer" helps pass the time with labor. She also says that even though it hurts, the pain just melts away when you get to hold your baby. Even though Bianca thinks Kendall is going to pass out halfway through labor, both Kendall and JR vow to be there every step of the way for the moms-to-be. They part ways.

Bianca marvels on about how much her life is going to change, and then she mentions that she is going to meet with Marian tomorrow to sign the papers for the house she wants to buy. Kendall says that she can't buy that house because she has a surprise for her. The surprise turns out to be Kendall showing Bianca the place that Ryan bought. [Note: it isn't actually shown, but you can tell what she means via the description].

Bianca wants to know why Kendall won't live there instead of the condo - which is mere feet away from where Michael lived and where the nightmare began. Kendall confesses that living with that would be much easier than living where there was a constant reminder of who and what she lost. Kendall admits that while she still loves Ryan, she abandoned the relationship because he couldn't say the words when she asked him to conform that he didn't conspire with Greenlee against her. She said that trust is easy for a lot of people but not for her, and she needed to hear the words. She couldn't just trust him. Bianca said that she didn't want her to end up like Erica - and that she had worked through all of the issues and she was sure that Kendall could work through them as well. She could get Ryan and her life back if she wanted it badly enough.

Kendall says that all she needs to know is that Ryan and Greenlee are together now and she never wants to see Ryan again. She says that if Greenlee ever comes back to town, she will make sure that they don't travel in the same circles because Greenlee reminds her of how she lost Ryan.

Babe and JR go to SOS so that Babe can feed her guacamole craving. JR tells her that after hearing Bianca talk about having a daughter that he hopes they have a girl. If they do, he wants to name her Elizabeth after his maternal grandmother and his sister that died a few years ago. Babe says, "Elizabeth Chandler - sounds like an angel to me."

Edmund's homecoming is today, and Anita is there to greet them. There are stairs at the front of the house and Anita helps Maria get Edmund inside. When they get to the living room, there is a romantic and intimate dinner for two. Anita explains that Aidan took Mama and the kids to a nice hotel with a lot of activities and fun things to do. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Maria and Edmund's first wedding and she wanted them to celebrate. She also tells then that she had the servants set up the downstairs bedroom for them. She leaves them to have dinner.

Edmund is grouchy, but Maria forges ahead and proposes a toast: to no more lost time. Edmund suggests that they watch their wedding tape. They do so for a while, but as the minutes pass, you can see that Edmund is becoming more and more uncomfortable watching himself walk around on the tape. He turns off the videotape and says that he's tired. Maria tries to help him, but he's angry and won't let her. He leaves her staring at their wedding photo.

After Edmund is in bed, and they are preparing to turn in, Maria starts to get in bed with him. He says that she would probably be more comfortable sleeping upstairs. She said that she wanted to sleep with him, but he said no and sent her away.

Jack and Tom Cudahy are still hanging out at SOS when Brooke shows up. She says that she was there to pick up take out and perhaps get a glimpse at her son, who merely left a note and took off to hang out. The three commiserate about having kids, more specifically Reggie and Jamie (in the here and now). Tom assures them that even though his son experimented with everything under the sun and got in more trouble than the law will allow, he is a shining example. He is poised to graduate with honors from Stanford. He said that his son gives them hope that kids can grow into civilized, rational people.

After Tom leaves, Jackson and Brooke talk about the research that Brooke has done about the possible upcoming surgery for Edmund. Jackson is worried that being this intimately involved will hurt Brooke. He realizes that it's hard to just stand by when the people that you love are in pain. Brooke said that just because things don't work out doesn't mean that you stop loving the person. She just wants to help.

Reggie brings the Mystery Girl to Greenlee's place and says she can stay there because his sister is MIA. She sees a picture of the family and he tries to explain how Greenlee is his sister and Bianca is his cousin but almost his sister. Mystery Girl thinks it's very "Diff'rent Strokes." They talk for a while about the troubles she is having with her family. He convinces her to stay for a while because they still need to have a re-match."

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