02/19/2004 Adam & David Testify

"Adam and David create reasonable doubt by testifying that they were scheming to kill Michael. Erica arrives and is poised to testify on Kendall's behalf. Aidan puts his personal life in order and starts by letting Mia know that they don't have a romantic future together.

Greenlee is haunted by a vision of Ryan, who helps he realize she has real feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Ryan continues to feel that spiritual connection to her. She is fighting her love for him so strongly that Ryan's psychic connection breaks.

Paul confirms to Babe that he will help her prove that JR is her baby's father. But, he adds, when that is said and done, he wants them to continue their sexual relationship and he also wants her to keep him happy with a steady cash flow. Babe tells Krystal about Paul's blackmail attempt and tells her daughter she'll take care of it."

- Soap Central