02/20/2004 Erica Confesses

"Tad continues to question different men at the bar, but still comes up empty-handed. Krystal sees Tad showing a photo ID to the customers at the bar and immediately assumes he is after Babe. She gives Tad a verbal slapping, but Tad shows her that the photograph is of Erica, not Babe. Krystal inquires about why Tad is throwing Erica's picture around, but he will not tell her anything. Krystal realizes that he must be trying to find an alibi for Erica and when she asks "what's in it for you?", Tad simply says that "Erica is a friend." Krystal implies that Tad will get sexual services from Erica as a pay off, but Tad tells her that isn't true. He and Erica are friends, not friends with benefits. Krystal seems impressed with Tad's kindness and wishes that he would help Babe, instead of trying to drag her down. Krystal leaves and when Tad questions another man, he denies seeing Erica. However, Tad suspects that the man was lying, which almost lead to a fist fight, until Krystal intervened, worked her charms on the man, and led him away to dance.

Bianca is at the hospital, preparing to check out, when she has another vision. She remembers Michael answering the door and inviting a woman inside. When the woman goes inside, an agreement starts and Michael tells the woman, "You will do what I want you to do." Bianca's memories are interrupted when Maggie comes in. Bianca asks her if she has heard from Reggie, because he was supposed to call her when he found out what was going on with Erica and the trial. Disappointedly, Maggie tells Bianca she has not heard from Reggie and asks her why she is so worried. Bianca tells Maggie about her visions of a dark haired woman wearing a black coat with a high collar. Lena comes to visit and when Bianca leaves to get her papers signed, Maggie tells Lena about Bianca's visions. She even accuses Lena of being the murderer to spend more time with Bianca. Lena reminds Maggie that she did try to poison Michael, but she did not kill him. When Bianca walks back in her room, she senses the tension between Maggie and Lena, but Maggie quickly suggests they leave the hospital and go back to their apartment. However, Bianca refuses to go back home and threatens to call a cab if Lena and Maggie did not take her to the courthouse.

When Erica takes the stand, Jackson immediately asks for a recess. When the judge tells him that he has no power to call a recess, Jackson deems himself as Erica's attorney. Erica tells the judge that she does not want a recess and wants to take the stand. Jackson pleads with Erica to rethink her decision, but Livia starts to question Erica on the stand. Ms. Frye asks Erica what to clarify what facts she left out in her first testimony and Singer immediately jumps up to announce that Erica is just creating a ploy to make Kendall look innocent. The judge denies Singers request to not question Erica and Ms. Frye continues. Erica admits that she did go to Michael's house with David to give him the castrating drug and that David did knock Michael unconscious. When he was unconscious, she grabbed his gun and was ready to shoot him, but David stepped in front of her. She ran out of the condo with Michael's gun and seemed to lose time after that. She tells the jury that she wasn't sure what happened during those hours she blacked out, until she remembered. She remembers returning to Michael's condo later that night and standing outside, near Kendall's house. She had the gun in her hand, and when Michael opened the door, she froze. When he started moving toward her, she shot him. "Kendall did not murder Michael Cambias. I did," she said, stunning not only the jury and crowd, but also Ms. Frye.

Singer tells the judge that Erica's confession is a way to get a mistrial and a stunt that Ms. Frye knew about. Livia told Singer and the judge that she had no idea Erica was going to confess to murder. The judge decides to take a short recess and consider whether or not Kendall's trial should continue. During the recess, Jackson whisks Erica away in his office and demands an explanation. Erica continues to say she is telling the truth, but Jackson does not believe her. He tells her that he saw her Last Will and Testament, so he figured she was up to something, but never something as drastic as confessing to murder. He even points out that Erica may be trying to forget about Bianca's pregnancy by making up a false story. Erica tells Jackson about hiring Tad to find out what she did during the black out and about the strange woman who described a woman similar to her leaving Michael's condo. Jackson tries to tell Erica that there are a million woman who are her size, her height, have dark hair, and own a black jacket, which could make anyone a suspect! Adam interrupts and tells Erica that she didn't kill Michael because the person she shot was him, not Michael!

Aidan and Kendall are huddled outside the courtroom. Kendall is worried about Erica's confession and says, "Erica was never supposed to confess." Aidan tells Kendall not to worry and make sure Erica does not say anything else under testimony. Kendall spots Ryan and takes the time to go over, say some nasty words, and inquire where Greenlee was. Ryan gets annoyed at her insecurities and tells her that whether she believes it or not, he cares about her, Erica, and Bianca.

Jackson doesn't buy Adam's story and Palmer comes in to verify it, followed by Kendall as well. With everyone in the room, Adam tells them that he and Palmer went to Michael's condo that night with a gun. When they arrived, the door was unlocked and he was not home. Adam decides to leave and is shot from behind. He turns around and sees Erica, in a trance-like state, saying "Why won't you die?" She didn't know it was Adam. Erica got frightened, dropped the gun, and ran. Adam said he took and gun and hid it to protect Erica. Palmer confirmed Adam's story and said that they made up their other story to protect themselves and Erica. Palmer, Adam, and Jackson leave when Bianca comes in the room. Outside the courtroom, Reggie asks Jackson how they are going to help Erica and Reggie repeatedly says that she is not the killer. Jackson figures out that Reggie had something to do with Michael's murder and tells him to fess up!

Erica tells Bianca that she killed Michael, but Bianca does not believe her. Suddenly, Kendall says that she the killer and she was really scamming everyone so she wouldn't get convicted. Kendall adds that Erica's story doesn't make sense. If she shot Michael from the door, how could his blood have splattered on the wall? Bianca and Erica don't buy Kendall's story either. Erica tries to leave but Kendall stops her and begs her not to say any more because she is so close to a mistrial. Suddenly, Erica and Kendall begin to argue and Bianca starts having a flashback. She remembers the woman slipping a gun in her purse, heading to Michael's, and rapping on his door. He answers, invites the woman in, they get in a major argument with Michael telling the woman he can do whatever he wants to her. A shot is fired, the woman rushes out, shuts his door, and Bianca finally sees the face of the person who shot and killed Michael Cambias. The face was her own. Bianca gasps and looks at her sister and mother with tears in her eyes. She tells them that she shot Michael -- she is the murderer. "

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