01/21/2004 Jack Proposes To Erica

"Greenlee and Ryan went to the hospital to see Edmund. Before they went in they stood in the waiting area and Pablo showed up. He told them there was no change in Edmund's condition. Ryan moved away so Greenlee could talk to JP. Inside Edmund's room Tad talked to him, making jokes and telling him that Maria was waiting for him. Tad and Maria stepped outside the room and Tad gave Maria encouragement to hang in there. He told her if she needed anything to call him and he left. Maria went back in the room. Greenlee and Pablo talked about Edmund and then stared into each other's eyes. She asked if he'd be leaving Pine Valley soon and he answered "As soon as I can." Ryan watched and then came over. He sent Greenlee in to see Edmund while he got in Pablo's face. He told JP to stay away from Greenlee because he was the worst thing that ever happened to her. Ryan ordered him to stay clear of Greenlee or "I'll make sure you do." JP agreed and Ryan joined Greenlee in Edmund's room. Tad came over to JP and said he couldn't believe what he just saw, and asked if he was going to take orders from Ryan concerning the love of his life. Tad said Ryan was moving in on Greenlee but Pablo refused to do anything about it. He said Edmund got shot because of him and he was going to focus on helping Maria. Tad told him he could do that and get Greenlee back at the same time. Meanwhile Greenlee offered to do anything to help Maria, even take the kids shopping, which made Maria laugh. Maria stepped into the hall and Ryan joined her. He told her that he stayed with Edmund at Wildwind for a while and that one day he walked in on Edmund talking to a picture of Maria. Ryan said Edmund was telling Maria about the kids and Edmund had said he was never going to let Maria go. This brought tears to Maria's eyes and she hugged Ryan. Greenlee came out of the room just in time to overhear this. Maria went back into Edmund's room and Greenlee said she was surprised to see Ryan's "marshmallow filling" coming out. Ryan told her no one would believe her if she told them and then said it was time to go to court.

In Jack's office Erica began to get very panicked about testifying for the prosecution. Jack tried to calm her down but she was worried she would "slip the noose" around her daughter's neck. Jack told her they'd get through this together but she was sure Michael Cambias would try to avenge his murder. Jack tried to convince her otherwise but Erica was distraught. He told her to look forward, towards the future but she said she had nothing to look forward to. Jack handed her a bundle of tickets, one for every member of their extended family including Kendall. They were all to go to the Riviera together. Erica broke down in tears and said it was so sweet of him to include everyone and to be so confident that Kendall would be set free. Jack turned on some icicle lights he had strung up around his office. He took her in his arms and told her to pretend they were at the boathouse in the summer and they danced for a minute. Then Jack sat Erica in a chair and he kneeled in front of her. He held her hand and said "Erica, will you marry me?" This brought Erica to tears again. But she stood up and asked him what was really going on. Jack said he loved her and wanted to marry her but Erica believed there was something he wasn't telling her. Jack promised there was nothing he hadn't told her but Erica didn't believe him. She asked why he was asking her now and Jack said because he still loved her. He asked her again to marry him and then kissed her. Erica was afraid that every time Jack looked at her he remembered that she had kept the secret about Greenlee from him. Jack said he forgave her and that everyone makes mistakes. Erica finally fell into Jack's arms and said yes to his proposal.

Kendall and Bianca talked before Kendall went to the courthouse. Bianca told her about the dream she had and that she was sure she had some information that could save her. Kendall told her it was just a nightmare but Bianca insisted that she knew something that would help Kendall but put someone else she loves in terrible danger. Kendall told her to just focus on the baby and let Livia and Jack take care of the legal issues. Bianca said she thinks that the night Michael was murdered she may have been at his condo and might have seen who really killed him. Kendall begged her to forget it and get some rest. As she got ready to leave Kendall told Bianca to start working on a name for the baby and jokingly suggested naming her Kendall. After Kendall left Bianca sat on the sofa and watch the news reports of the trial. She heard Michael's voice telling her she "has to find it."

Kendall arrived at the courthouse just as a reporter began questioning the prosecutor. He told her he was sure they had enough evidence to get a conviction. Kendall made a scene and the reporter ran to her and Ms. Frye, who was trying to get Kendall to be quiet. Livia said she was sure they'd get an acquittal due to lack of evidence. Moments later the opening arguments were heard from the prosecutor. He told the jury the state will prove that Kendall Hart Cambias fired the shot that ended her husband's life. He went on to describe the crime and what they believed happened the night of the murder. Kendall sat motionless with her hands over her "pregnant" belly. When he was done Livia told the jury that the state's case rests on a trumped up time line that was manipulated by Ryan Lavery. She disputed all of the state's evidence and said Kendall did not murder Michael Cambias, but asked "Who did?" She began listing all the possible reasons someone wanted Michael dead, including all those who loved Bianca, those people who's companies were taken by Cambias, ect. This implicated most of Pine Valley. Finally she said that the one thing they could be sure of was that Kendall did not murder her husband.. At the end of her attorney's speech Kendall looked very pleased. The judge ordered a recess and an investigator came in to talk to the prosecution. He told them that Reverend Lomax had gotten away, which was a blow to their case. Kendall answered her cell phone and it was Aidan, telling her the same news. She thanked him profusely then hung up to find Bianca sitting behind her. Bianca said she couldn't stay away. She told Kendall she was sure Ryan was going to come through for them concerning the paternity test. Kendall agreed as Ryan and Greenlee came in the courtroom. He waved at her and she smiled. They got together and Kendall thanked him for coming. Ryan said he would've come even if he didn't have to. She didn't understand until he said he'd been called to testify. Kendall got excited that he was going to defend her but then realized by the look on his face that he was there for the prosecution. When the court came back into session, the prosecution called Ryan to the stand.

At the hospital Maria went back into Edmund's room with a get well card Sam and Maddie had made. She read it to him and described the pictures. Then she leaned in close to him and whispered over and over "Wake up, wake up, wake up." She turned to sit the card on the table next to the bed and when she turned back Edmund's eyes were open. Maria grabbed his hand and asked "Are you back?." Edmund tried to speak but couldn't so Maria told him to squeeze her hand, which he did. Maria cried and laughed as she said "Welcome home!.""

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