01/19/2004 Bad Dreams

"A hand rose from underneath the depths of a trash pile at the local landfill. As the hand continued to move skyward, eventually a body was revealed... the body of a seemingly very alive Michael Cambias.

As the night before Kendall's trial lagged on, Michael Cambias haunted the dreams of nearly every Pine Valley resident. He toyed with them, bringing to light their biggest fears.

For Kendall, her nightmare included her eventual death-by-lethal-injection for the murder pf Michael Cambias. Michael taunted Simone, reminding her that she had been the one who'd caused his death. He then told her that no one would believe that she killed him because no one takes the "good time girl" as serious. Adam and Palmer relived the night that the tried to kill Michael. However, when their attempts failed, they were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives behind bars - together. The pair screamed in horror, knowing that they were stuck with one another. Jack's visions had him standing trial before Judge Michael Cambias. Though Jack pleaded guilty to killing Michael, the judge found him not guilty. He then went through a blink-of-an-eye trial and found Erica guilty of murder. Erica was remanded to custody as Jack was shackled to the bench and unable to help her. Erica revisited her 14th birthday - the night Richard Fields raped her. This time, the very grown Erica, was tormented by Michael Cambias. When Erica refused to dance cheek-to-cheek with Michael, Michael vowed that he would find a dance partner in either Kendall or Bianca. The deceased rapist reminded Erica that her daughters knew what it was like to be with him sexually - and noted that they would never turned down the chance to be with him. Lena's nightmare started off light, almost comical. As the host of a talk show, Lena showed viewers the perfect "recipe for murder." Lena explained how she's replaced the allergy pills in Michael's apartment with rat poison. As she took her virtual audience on a tour of Michael's apartment, Michael appeared before her. He blasted Lena as a not-worthy replacement for him in Bianca's life. He then banished her from his apartment as he summoned Bianca to be with him. Reggie dreamt that he was sent away for Michael's death, losing the all of the people he loved so dearly from his life.

As the sun started to rise on the new day, Michael vowed that everyone would pay for doing him wrong. "I'd bet my death on it," he sneered."

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