11/27/2001 Frankie Meets JR

"At the boathouse, Leo promised Greenlee that they could return to their days as a couple. Greenlee insisted that she has grown since she and Leo were first together. Leo surprised Greenlee with a gourmet picnic basket with the same items that she and her grandfather had eaten for her 16th birthday. As they ate, Greenlee was confronted by memories of her times with Jake and how he painfully told her that he could allow himself to fall in love with her while Leo was still present in her thoughts.

At Enchantment, Chris urged Bianca and Erica to take a few deep breaths before they said anything that they'd later regret. Erica and Bianca wanted to speak and Chris left the office to allow them some privacy. Bianca blasted her mother for always finding some sort of fault with the women in her life. Erica insisted that she was being as critical of the woman Bianca was dating as she would be of any boy. Bianca informed her mother that she was glad that her father had gotten custody of her. Travis, she explained, never had to tell her that he loved her - she could just feel it. Bianca wanted her mother to be accepting of her - and disregard her sexual preference. Erica, however, could not promise that Bianca's sexual identity would not play a factor in the way she handled things. Bianca was likewise furious that her mother had sworn that she would try to accept Frankie. She recalled her mother's words when they were standing by Mona's gravesite. In tears, Bianca stormed out of the office. Later, Chris and Erica discussed how best to handle the situation with Bianca and Frankie. Erica was floored when Bianca revealed that Frankie had told her that she loves her. A few moments later, Vanessa appeared in the doorway. Erica had summoned her presumably to discuss Frankie. Vanessa had overheard Erica questioning if she could have been wrong about Frankie. Vanessa played upon Erica's doubts, saying that she thought that Frankie and Bianca made a wonderful couple.

Frankie took JR back to her room at Cortlandt Manor with the clear intent of having sex with him. JR, innocent and inexperienced, was more interested in the young woman's music collection. Frankie appeared frustrated and angry and JR called her on it several times. Eventually, JR and Frankie shared a kiss and that eventually landed them in bed together. Fresh from her argument at Enchantment with her mother, Bianca arrived at Frankie's room and looked on in horror as she spotted Frankie kissing JR. Bianca didn't realize that the young man with Frankie was JR. Bianca raced out of the room in tears. Frankie tried to get to her to stop her, but she was too late. In tears, Frankie told JR that he had to leave.

JR re-injured his hand during his encounter with Frankie and headed back to the hospital to have it looked at. Jake stitched him up, but called him on his drug use. JR seemed indifferent to the fact that his uncle knew he was high, but did agree to return the next day to talk things over. Tad and Dixie, meanwhile, squabbled over the way that Dixie had told JR about Leslie's reemergence in town. Dixie also revealed that she and JR would be remaining in the house while Tad moved out. Jesse appeared to Tad and urged him to remain patient and not pressure Dixie and JR into anything.

A tearful Frankie called Erica to tell her what had happened. She pleaded with Erica to find Bianca and swore that she was sorry for hurting Bianca. Erica screamed into the phone that she would kill Frankie for hurting Bianca. Frankie sat down at her desk and hurriedly scribbled something on a pad of paper.

Erica drove around town, her thoughts haunted by the phone call that Frankie had made to her. Later, Erica sat down in a chair in Frankie's room with a gun in her hand. A few feet away, Frankie laid face down on the floor."

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