11/26/2001 Bianca's Wish Comes True

"Laura told him that they were both to blame for what happened and that she wanted them to remain friends. Right before Leo came in the room, Laura was taking her engagement ring on and off saying, "now you see it...now you don't" and after Leo left, she said, "Leo, I will take care of you." Just after that, she heard two nurses squawking about her in the hallway. When she confronted one of them, the nurse told her to watch WRCW. When she did, she found a gossip show showing her wedding and making fun of her and the "baptism" of Leo. Laura shut off the TV and threw the remote. After that, she kept hearing voices in her head laughing at her.

Leo left Laura and headed straight for Greenlee, who was in the middle of trying to set up a date with Jake. He asked to speak with her and took her out to the boathouse, where he told her that he could not live without King Kong in his life. Leo told Greenlee about his meeting with Laura. He asked Greenlee to marry him.

Dixie followed JR to the boathouse to tell him that she and Tad were splitting up. JR told her to go ahead, play out this drama, and let him know when they were back together. She told him it was permanent and he said, something to the effect of, "it always is" When she told him about Leslie, JR let loose his fury on cement weights hanging on the wall behind him. Dixie rushed her son go the hospital to have his hand x-rayed. Jake who wrapped up his hand and announced that the hand had not been broken. As Dixie was explaining what happened with Tad to Jake, JR sneaked away.

Bianca went to visit Frankie and found her in her room with music blaring. Still on the floor was the locket that she had given Frankie... broken. Bianca asked what happened and Frankie said she had no idea. She said she probably knocked it off the desk and accidentally "stomped" on it when she was dancing around the room. Then, Frankie got an eyelash in her eye and Bianca took it out. Then Frankie made a wish and told Bianca that she wished that she could have the strength to tell Bianca that she loved her too. Bianca got teary eyed but had to leave to do some errands for Erica. Once she left, Frankie tried to turn up the music (looked like she was trying to drown out the voices in her head). Finally, she gave up and went to the park where she lit up a joint out in the open. JR appeared out of nowhere and asked her to share a hit with her new friend.

Erica was devastated trying to get through Greenlee's office and thinking about Bianca being with Frankie. She talked to Chris about her frustration and somehow mentioned that she missed her father so much. That sparked a conversation about Erica's father and her birthday and all that occurred with Erica's rape. Chris told Erica to give Frankie a break and that if she really is a con, Bianca will see through it. Erica threw a temper tantrum about how she wanted Opal to plant drugs on Frankie to stop this problem. Bianca overheard this and barged in and asked Erica, "Who do you think you are?""

- Soap Central