04/04/2001 David & Dixie Arrive At The Award Dinner

"As they walked up the pathway to the turret at Wildwind, Gillian and Ryan discussed their upcoming wedding. Ryan was still worried that Gillian would be upset that they weren't going to have the "wedding of her dreams", but Gillian assured Ryan that as long as he was her groom it would be the wedding of her dreams. Ryan picked her up and carried her over the threshold of the turret and they walked up the stairs together. At the top of the staircase, they looked around and wondered who's belongings were there. Gillian said Dimitri had told her that no one used the place since his father had died. Bart barged in yelling "Freeze!!" and pointed a gun at them. Startled, they jumped back in fright. Anna followed Bart in and stopped him from further harassing the soon-to-be-newlyweds. Anna realized quickly that she had to pretend to be Alex and told them that Bart was a new security guard. She told them that she and Bart had been walking the grounds when they saw the light on in the turret and decided to investigate. Anna (Alex) sent Bart downstairs, telling him she knows the intruders, though she couldn't for the life of her remember Ryan's name. Ryan told "Alex" that it looked like a squatter had settled in and she said he was probably right and she'd call security right away. She told them to go on down to the main house and see Dimitri. Before they exited, Ryan picked up a prescription bottle and asked if it was Alex's. Anna admitted that the bottle was hers and plucked it out of Ryan's hands. Gillian asked her if she was staying in the turret. "Alex" admitted that she comes there to read, take naps, relax and be alone and that she keeps some medicine there just in case. Gillian told her she shouldn't be alone if there was a chance of a relapse of her virus and Ryan agreed. "Alex" told them she carries her cell phone with her but they told her again she shouldn't be alone, she should be where people could help her if she needed it. Ryan asked her if Dimitri knew that she came to the turret alone and she said no and that they shouldn't tell him either. Ryan asked if her virus was contagious and she said it was but not anymore. He then asked her what the name of the disease was and "Alex" was dumbfounded for a moment. She finally came up with a name, "Manias", which she said was also the capital of the Amazon. Ryan said he'd never heard of the disease and Anna explained that was very rare and that's why it took so long for a diagnosis. She changed the subject by asking Ryan and Gillian about their wedding. Ryan told her the ceremony would be held tomorrow, which prompted Anna to note how relaxed they looked, considering all the things they probably still needed to do. Gillian told her they were just going to "town hall," keeping it nice and simple. "Alex" smiled and said that their plan sounded nice, but she asked if that was what they really wanted. Ryan and Gillian looked at each other sadly. Gillian said yes, it was what they wanted, as long as they can be together it's all they want. "Alex" apologized for prying but Gillian told her it was ok, she was family. "Alex" got excited for them and their wedding and told them how much they'll learn about each other once their married. Ryan reminded her that they'd been married before and "Alex" quickly covered her tracks by saying that this marriage would be the one that counts.

In the living room of the main house on the Wildwind property, Edmund and Alex giggled about the surprise waiting for Ryan and Gillian and how the pair has no idea that they will actually have the wedding of their dreams. Alex offered to help Edmund, but he said he had everything under control. She then thanked him for letting Anna stay at Wildwind and Edmund told her there was no need for thanks because Anna is family. Alex apologized for always disrupting his life, but Edmund teased that he really didn't have much of a life before Alex came along. David and Dixie walked into the living room, interrupting Edmund and Alex. Dixie told Alex she just didn't feel right about accepting this award without her. She told Alex she just had to come with them but Alex refused. Dixie said Alex deserves the award more than she does but Alex told Dixie that she truly deserved the recognition herself. Alex insisted that she should stay home and recuperate. Alex asked to speak to David alone and Edmund offered to walk Dixie to the car to wait for David. Alex congratulated David on the award and he graciously admitted Alex's contribution to his research. She told him that he deserved to be honored but not to walk around free. David demanded to know what Alex wanted. She said she cares about Dixie and that she knows that David's wants and needs come first and Dixie's will always come in second to him. Alex told David that he thinks he loves Dixie but what he really loves is having such a pure hearted person believe in him. David said that Dixie sees him for who he really is but Alex said Dixie only sees the part of him he lets her see. Alex insisted that Dixie wouldn't love him if she knew what he'd done. He was sure that she'd still love him. Alex told David to give Dixie what she deserves, a life without him in it. David just scowled at Alex and walked out.

Meanwhile, at the turret Ryan said he and Gillian should turn in, they had a big day ahead of them. Gillian said she'd like to spend the night at Wildwind and convinced "Alex" to go back to the main house with her. As the three of them started down the stairs Edmund came bounding in calling for Anna. They all stopped and Ryan asked Edmund, "Who's Anna?".

In the abandoned storage area, Tad told Leslie she looked beautiful and tried to get her to leave for "the prom". She told him she'd save every dance for him. He tried to hurry her out the door and she mistook his eagerness, saying "You're as excited about this as I am!". Leslie finally gave Tad the key and told Tad that this night would be "magical, a night to remember." As Tad unlocked the door Gordon walked up. He was shocked by their appearances and demanded to know where they were going dressed up like that. Leslie told him it was "A Night in the Tropics", but he didn't understand. Tad tried to cover and get Gordon to play along, "reminding" him that he'd hired Gordon to get Leslie to the prom in style. It took Gordon a little while to get it but finally he agreed to play chauffeur and told Leslie that her chariot awaited her and they left. Rather than taking Leslie to a prom, they drove her to Pine Valley Hospital. As they walked into the hospital Leslie wanted to know where the prom was and began getting upset. She claimed that Tad had tricked her. Tad sent Gordon to find a doctor and then took Leslie into the nearest exam room. Leslie started to cry, saying they were supposed to be at the prom. She said she won't survive this, but Tad told her he just wanted to help her. He said he wanted her to get better but Leslie said no one wants her to get better. She threw some hospital supplies to the floor in a fit of rage while a stunned Tad stepped out of the way. He told her she was sick and needed help. Leslie said Tad didn't care about her, he only cared about his precious Dixie and putting David away. She said she wasn't going to tell the police what she knows. Tad told her she was just confused and she said only because of the lies he'd told her. She said he told her he loved her but Tad said no, he'd always said he only loved Dixie. Leslie cried and her garish makeup ran down her face. She again said she wouldn't help put David away and told Tad he's always going to lose out to David and that he's going to lose Dixie. She then told him he actually deserved to lose Dixie. Joe Martin came running in upon hearing all the commotion and found Tad struggling to keep Leslie under control. He administered a sedative and ran out of the room to call the psyche ward. Joe ran into Gordon and yelled at him for disappearing. Tad walked out of the room and came to Gordon's defense. Then Tad asked his father where Dixie was. Joe told him about Dr. Hayward's award dinner and Tad ran out of the hospital.

At the award dinner Jake apologized to Pat for Greenlee's behavior earlier. He reiterated that their living situation was only temporary. He said he warned Greenlee that if she didn't behave she'd find herself alone. Pat said she felt sorry for Greenlee because she seemed "to be lost." Jake said it was because she refused to ask for directions. In another section of the party Greenlee sat all alone, looking forlorn.

Leo, disheveled and upset, came bounding into the dining room looking for David. Vanessa grabbed him and wondered what he was doing and he asked if she'd seen David yet. She hadn't and wondered why Leo needed David so urgently. He said he just wanted to congratulate his big brother. Palmer said the hospital needed the good press by David's award and Vanessa gloated about David's accomplishment. She asked Leo if he was going to stay and he said he couldn't leave without talking to David. She commented on his less than spruced up appearance and then told him she didn't believe that all he wanted to do was congratulate David and then followed Palmer off.

Liza entered the dining room and spotted Jake. She rushed to him and asked if he'd seen Tad anywhere. He said he hadn't and could tell Liza was worried. She didn't want to elaborate and then spied Leo. She grabbed Leo and demanded to know where Tad was. Leo denied knowing where Tad was and wondered why Liza thought he ought to know where he was. Liza told him that Tad had followed him earlier in the day. Leo was surprised but covered himself. Liza walked away and Leo said to Jake "She's one scary woman!". Jake agreed that she could be. Leo walked away and Greenlee found him. She asked what mess he'd gotten himself into now. She told him she wanted to help, that it was obvious that he was in trouble. He tried to get her to leave him alone but she wouldn't. Finally he told her he did something stupid that might get David in huge trouble. She told him to forget David but he said he couldn't. Greenlee said "So you do care about your brother!" to which Leo replied "Like you care about your father" and hastily walked away.

David and Dixie finally walked into the awards dinner to a flurry of photographers snapping pictures. Dixie looked like a deer caught in a headlight, but David was puffed with pride. Palmer and Vanessa approached and Vanessa expressed her surprise at seeing Dixie on her son's arm. Palmer was disgusted and pulled Dixie to the side, telling her she was being used. This angered Dixie and she walked away from her uncle. Vanessa told David that Leo was looking for him but he wasn't concerned. David asked Dixie to dance, she hesitated saying it wasn't such a good idea. He told her it was their night and she finally took his hand and followed him onto the dance floor. After he took her in his arms he looked into her eyes and told her he loved her and always would. She looked confused, a little upset, and not sure of what she should say. Leo came up and pulled David away. He told David he had to get out of town right away. David said he wasn't leaving and Dixie came up, wondering what was going on. David said it was nothing.

Jake took the podium and said he was presenting the award on behalf of his father. He introduced the Thursten Award winners, Dr. David Hayward and Dixie Martin. Leo still tried to convince David to leave but he jerked lose from Leo's grasp and strutted up to the podium. He began his acceptance speech, going on about saving the lives of loved ones and where love exists in this world you have to hang on, gazing at Dixie the whole time. He then said he accepted the award on behalf of patients, doctors, and his fellow researchers. Then he called up his "partner, assistant and inspiration", "Miss Dixie Cooney Martin." Dixie smilingly walked up front to stand by his side. Tad, Joe and Derek Frye burst in and Tad said "Not tonight Dr. Hayward!". Dixie begged Tad "Can't this wait one more night?" and Tad told her it was out of his hands. Derek walked up and began to read David his rights; David was under arrest."

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