02/23/2001 Leslie Needs A Hand

"Greenlee and Jake paid a visit to a masseuse. As Greenlee moaned and groaned in satisfaction, Jake informed her that he didn't need this type of distraction and that he could be doing "more important things" than getting a massage. "Someone call the waambulance," Greenlee quipped and told him that his present situation proved that he required some rest and relaxation. Jake resigned in defeat and allowed his masseuse to "go at it" then screamed in pain when he did. Jake continued to whine about wasting his time on something so "utterly self-indulgent" but Greenlee could see through him. She told him that he spent his entire life trying to be something he wasn't, then beat himself up over the fact that he couldn't be what everyone wanted him to be. Jake began to get a little agitated and Greenlee asked him what he recommended to his stressed patients. "Diet and exercise," Jake groaned, as the masseuse elbowed his back. He informed Greenlee that this was his first massage and Greenlee asked the masseuses to leave so she could "deal with this yahoo" herself. Alone, Gillian requested that Jake lie down on the floor so she could "walk all over" him. "It wouldn't be the first time," Jake quipped and reluctantly agreed. He screamed out in pain as Greenlee proceeded to take baby steps along his back and assured him that he would "see God" once she got to his shoulder blades. Jake winced and Greenlee fell down in hysterics. They were interrupted by Claire, Greenlee's masseuse, who ran in and informed Jake that a woman had just jumped off the Chandler Enterprises building across the street and that "it looked bad." She mentioned that she knew the woman and stammered that she was a lawyer whose name was "Leslie something." When Jake realized she was referring to Leslie Coulson, he ran out of the room in search for his clothes.

Outside Gillian's hospital room, Dr. Clader assured Ryan that Gillian would make a good recovery and that she still had one healthy fallopian tube left if she wanted to get pregnant again. Ryan asked him if there was a possibility of Gillian having another ectopic pregnancy and the doctor told him that there was, but that she shouldn't try to get pregnant for another three months. When Ryan bowed his head in remorse, Dr. Clader placed a hand on his shoulder and told him that he had done a good thing by getting Gillian to the ER so quickly. Ryan only nodded and entered Gillian's room. Once inside, a groggy Gillian asked Ryan what the doctor had said about her having a baby. Ryan only replied that it was "a no-go for the next three months." Gillian pressed him for more information and asked him if she could get pregnant again. Ryan relayed the information that Dr. Clader had given him and stressed that "in no way did (he) say that (she) shouldn't or couldn't get pregnant." Sadly, Gillian turned her face away from Ryan and wondered if it was her "karma" that had made her lose the baby. She reasoned that she had deliberated about keeping the pregnancy in the first place and had been reluctant to tell Ryan about it. He assured her that they would get pregnant and have a family when they were ready and the two embraced as Dimitri entered and looked on. He offered to come back later, but Gillian and Ryan insisted that he stay. He came to Gillian's bedside and handed her a package which he thought would make her feel "a whole lot better." Gillian beamed as she opened the contents of the envelope to reveal her freshly signed divorce papers. Dimitri told Gillian to get better soon and rose to leave. Gillian quickly asked him if he had heard anything from Alex but Dimitri only shook his head. She revealed that Alex had told her once that when two people are meant to be together, nothing could keep them apart and that this was the advice she took when she reunited with Ryan. Dimitri smiled as Gillian assured him that Alex would come home because she loved him. He kissed Gillian on the forehead and told her that the two of them gave him hope and left. Alone, Ryan marveled at the fact that Jake had signed the divorce papers but Gillian assured him that he had felt hurt and had meant no harm. Ryan smiled and agreed. Quietly, he told her that he was happy that he could marry her again. "Forever," Gillian replied and the pair kissed. Ryan pulled back and told Gillian that he had a surprise for her. He turned around and produced the wedding rings from their first marriage. He explained to a shocked Gillian that he hadn't been able to throw them away and reasoned that when they were re-married, they would be reminded of their previous mistakes so they could never make them again. He nervously asked Gillian to be his wife and Gillian laughed at the fact that he would even have an ounce of doubt that she wouldn't accept. "If I could marry you right now, Ryan Lavery, I would," she told him and the two embraced.

At Wildwind, Edmund played with Sam and Maddie. He looked at a picture that Maddie drew that resembled "the fairies that Alex used to talk about." Quietly, the children wished that they had Alex back and Edmund promised them that he would find her. The phone suddenly rang and Sam went to answer it. Edmund turned around it amazement when Sam joyously declared, "Alex." Edmund rose and told Sam and Maddie to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Alone, he whispered into the phone, "Who the hell is this?" but Alex remained silent. He was about to hang up but she began to speak and begged him not to. Edmund pleaded with her to tell him where she was but Alex refused. "Don't make me regret this phone call," she told him. Dimitri suddenly walked in but Edmund waved him away. "Alex, please," he begged. "Let me help you." Upon hearing Alex's name, Dimitri snatched the phone away from Edmund and implored if it was really her on the other line. Alex answered and told Dimitri that she loved him. As Dimitri returned the sentiment, Edmund set to work on tracing the phone call. Dimitri asked Alex where she was and assured her that they would rescue her, but Alex warned him not to. She told him that if he loved her, he wouldn't come for her. She stopped short when she heard three clicks and asked Dimitri what the sounds were. Dimitri didn't answer and continued to beg her to return home. Alex warned him against tracing her phone call but it was too late: a number had already started appearing on the screen. She demanded that he stay away and hung up. Dimitri put down the phone and told Edmund that she had hung up but Edmund informed him that he had gotten the phone number and knew where she was.

Alex sat with her head in her hands and hoped aloud that the pair wouldn't come looking for her. Suddenly, a man approached her from behind and angrily asked her what she had done.

Leslie hung to David's wounded arm and begged him to raise her up. "You stabbed me, remember?" he asked her, and told her that he could barely feel his arm anymore. She pleaded with him to use his other arm to help her but he remained still. "Please, David!" she screamed, but her cries went unheeded. Leslie slipped further down until he loosened his grip and she plunged to the ground. David cradled his arm as he turned around and came face to face with Tad. Tad peered down over the ledge and cringed as he saw Leslie's body. Dixie suddenly called out for David and the pair ran to her. When he saw Dixie's teary and half-closed eyes, Tad immediately accused David of doing something to her. A frustrated David informed him that Leslie had tried to kill them and had sprayed mace in Dixie's eyes. Tad assured Dixie that Junior was fine and told David to see if he could help Leslie, but David refused. Tad scooped Dixie into his arms and declared that he was taking her to the hospital. David suggested that they take the back way to avoid the body but Tad ran out anyway. Alone, David gathered his coat and listened to the sounds of the police sirens from the cars that Tad had requested as back up.

Tad, Dixie and David arrived at the hospital. Dixie was put on a stretcher and when David went to examine her, Tad pushed him away. The nurses and doctors took her to an examining room and Derek arrived as Tad and David bickered back and forth. He advised them to tell him what had happened at Chandler Enterprises and told Tad that when he went to meet them, they had both left. Tad informed Derek that he should interrogate the "good doctor" and David sat down as he described in detail what had happened that night. Tad gave him a skeptical look as David told Derek that he couldn't hang on to Leslie any longer and she slipped. David looked shocked as Tad asked him if he had done all he could to help Leslie and demanded that he tell him how much he wanted her to live. David explained again that Leslie had been holding onto his wounded arm and that everything had happened in a "heart beat." Tad remained cynical. Derek handed David a napkin and suggested that he have his shoulder looked at. David reminded Tad that the he was the reason why Leslie had almost killed his wife. Tad lunged for David, but Joe suddenly appeared and pulled him back. He told Tad that he had just seen Dixie and that she was going to be all right. Joe informed Derek that Leslie had been caught on videotape stealing Libidozone from David's office. David quickly chirped in that Leslie had been the one who'd spiked the punch bowl at Ryan's yacht party. Tad remained dubious. As David cradled his arm, he told the trio that the guilt had gotten to Leslie and she had confessed of drugging the partygoers right before she fell to her death. Skeptical, Derek asked if Leslie had really confessed to a crime as she dangled over a ledge about to die and David agreed that she had. He challenged Derek to think that she wasn't crazy, considering what she had done to Dixie and Junior that night. The detective warned Tad and David that they weren't through yet and he went to speak with Dixie. Alone, Tad told David that it was convenient that the woman who was to blame for drugging the yacht party couldn't speak up for herself. David smirked as he reasoned that, after her last stunt that night, everyone would agree that Leslie had been the culprit. David wondered why, after the Martins spent months investigating, Tad wasn't pleased with the outcome. He told an angry Tad that he could no longer "try to poison Dixie" against him, but Tad replied that he didn't need to fear the strength of his marriage. David taunted him as he told him that this would be determined when Dixie requested her first visitor. "If I was a betting man, I'd be rich tonight," David smirked, "because I sure as hell wouldn't be beating on you."

In the examining room, Dixie fell asleep under the sedative and dreamed that Leslie was in the room trying to smother her with a pillow. She jumped awake and whispered for Tad, but David came rushing in instead. He assured her that Leslie wouldn't be back because she was dead. Dixie asked how Junior was and David replied that he was fine. When she mentioned Tad's name, David told her that she could see him when she woke up and he left. Outside, David stopped Tad from going into Dixie's room. Tad assured him that he didn't care if he was a doctor and that he wasn't going to stand between him and his wife. David coldly replied that Dixie didn't want to see him and had told him that herself. They began to argue but were interrupted by Jake and a team of paramedics who wheeled Leslie into the ER on a stretcher. David asked Jake why he hadn't taken her to the morgue. "Do I usually bag a cadaver in the ER?" he replied. David looked down at what appeared to be an unconscious Leslie, wrapped in a bloodied neck brace. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and glared at David."

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